Sunday, January 9, 2011

What now?

Hi All.

Once again, I'm in a strife!

I've been told I can move into a new house that's been arranged by the police on Wednesday, or the latest on Friday. So, that's exciting for me!

Here's the problem:
I've been staying at my nan's house for the past few days, loving the quiet life.
But, recently - WHO magazine was published, and let's just say, there was something published in it which I didn't want to be printed. "Her mother suffers from Bipolar Disorder".
And with those 6 words, I was told to leave my grandmothers.

So, now; Once again, I am stuck with a massive duffel bag -  Full of clothes, make-up, chargers, etc.
The same bag from the airport, which weighed 22kg's to be exact. 
So, with many things to do and people to see today, I am forced to carry around this bag, drop it every 50metres for a break and try and answer calls in between. I can tell you now, It hasn't been the best day!
Mind you, on top of that, I'm trying to find somewhere to stay tonight, as now -
-My entire family has pushed me away.
-Most of my friends are interstate.
And the main factor is: Even if I am offered a place by friends, once their parents know it's me who is staying, "There isn't enough room, sorry!"

That's what I really hate, is when people judge me for what they read and from what they hear.
It's quite pathetic actually, but I can't even begin to imagine how long it would take me to explain my story to each individual, and even still there's a chance no-one will believe it.
That's the thing with first impressions and reputations, they can be tattered so easily, one split second is all it takes, one comment, one photo. But, that's life.

I realise who my true friends are.
In a sense, I feel as though I no longer have a family.
Which saddens me.
I thought blood was thicker than water?

Much love,
Kim. x x


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CKA said...

icoach has never answered the questions above. Just a derailer...

Luke said...

Nice work @Edward. You just schooled iCoach 2.0! Gold.

Anonymous said...

hi kim. be safe and well.

Paul said...

To all Kim supporters icoach 2.0 has based most of his/her arguement on fact.And you are basing all of yours on the word of a 17y old who is a proven lier

i_got_coached said...

Cheers Luke was pretty keen to shut the nerd up (I prefer owned not schooled haha).Paul im not sure if you have followed icoach but only about 10% of what he has said has been acurate. well as acurate as we know according to both kim and the media. The rest had been utter bullshit , the remainder being stuff that remains unclear. Kim is 17 but not so sure about proven liar. "Proven" Sorry i havent come across any lies that have been proved as yet.The whole saga remains up in the air, thats not to say she isnt lying or has lied.

For the record once again icoach is a he who happends to follow v8 supercars, has a keen interest in tv not just oprah either and does follow afl (most likely a saints supporter) after blogging public about his anger after the gf televised ads involving a redcross appeal.

Im dying to hear your response icoach2.0, your very good at asking but not so good at answering.

Braid said...

Kim lied about the provenance of the photos, then when questioned further about them, she lied even more.
There have been inconsistencies in Kim's explanation of the pregnancy. Others have touched on it - the dates don't add up. While it's not a lie to not prove something, there has been no attempt to prove the pregnancy existed. It's funny that the Saints silence means they are guilty to some, yet Kim's silence means that she has been bullied to stay quiet.
I'm not defending iCoach but I can see why he has a hard time believing Kim's version of events. As I said earlier, she has let others fill in the blanks on her behalf, and only after them speaking for her has she come out and backed up their story. That doesn't make sense to me.
I believe she had a relationship with Gilbert. I believe he dumped her and broke her heart. I feel sorry for her in that regard. That's about it. I don't think she is a slut but I think she is playing a dangerous game, is in well over her head and because of the legs this story has got, she has no idea how to get out of it. It doesn't help that people are supporting her blindly. She needs help, not encouragement.

Paul said...

I got coached I suggest you go back and read all the reports again.she admits she lied about the i said go back and read and follow all reports .Not the shit that is going on in fairy land i mean in the real world radio reports and the live interviews she has undertaken on her own free will .And when that doesnt work the story changes just a little bit more .And look at all you people go off on another tangent LMAO . She is playing all of you and you cant see it . As far as icoach 2.0 goes what ever he or she is has more facts than the tiny minority of people that are commenting on this pathetic blog. But what do i care its not my life im going to bed now with my hot sexy girlfriend :-)

Rose Perignon said...

careful, Paul maybe a reincarnated iCoach. A nondescript name like 'Paul' makes it harder to trace him on google.

old said...

This blog and the twitter stuff is all ego crap. Yeah, Yeah, I now that if I don't agree with it don't read it. I only read it beacuse it's like a car crash, I cant look away. This chick is hilarious to read. I cant wait for her to grow up and then one day think. . . . . . . . what the hell have I done and what did I achieve.

Now like sands thru the hour glass let this show resume.

John D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blackmask said...


"there has been no attempt to prove the pregnancy existed."

Firstly I don't know why she'd have to prove and provide medical records to convince the cyberworld.

But, during the whole of the investigation period, wouldn't you have thought it would occur to the education dept, DSS, the AFL or the police to double check that claim? If she wasn't actually pregnant, wouldn't it make sense for the AFL to mention that and discredit her?

She's 17, that's not disputed as far as I'm aware. She has a lot of shit going on at the moment, also hard to dispute. If I'm going to make a mistake, I'd rather it be that I was supportive of a kid who wasn't in need, than ignoring a kid who is.

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

Hey Lovies,
I'm a 70's ish 17yr old Hermaphrodite.
I heard that a group of 20 Taxi Drivers paid Kim a $1,000,000 for a gang bang and then she put it into her Grandpa's Cousin account. Not to mention that she has 2.13 million people following her and if say 2 out o every 68.7 of them give her 5 cents each she's rich!
I just heard that a slut from Myers this time got paid $86 billion dollars for opening her legs to her boss.. what a slut!

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

So I thought I should let you all know that it is reported(by me) ^ that Kim has made over a million dollars off cabbies! Pass it on...

I'm on a horse

Blackmask said...

It's a dead horse right?

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

cant tell from here... too high up

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

Is contemplating making up a new acct with a nice normal name like John, George or Ringo so I can tribble the same crap and make it look like there is one person out there as crazy as me

SystemRat said...

Humm me thinks Hinch's involvement has rattled the AFL given many of the posts here. Good luck Kim and don't let them get to you.

Braid said...


She is playing everything else out in the cyberworld. I don't see why just one of these blogs could be used to answer those questions, posed to her repeatedly. Considering it is a major part of her allegation, and one which is doubtful, why not put up...or shut up.

And I don't think the AFL is in the business of discrediting her. They are staying silent for her own benefit, not theirs.

Braid said...


Accusing someone who posts here of working for the AFL or St Kilda is as pointless as saying that every post supporting Kim is actually made by Kim. It's really just a cop out for people who have a hard time dealing with someone having a different opinion.

oldskool said...

Well done Kim

I can believe that an "adult" goes to your school as a "role model" and fornicates with a 16 yo and the PR spin is that you have the "issues". I can't believe how stupid some are the buy that PR spin.

you have successfully humiliated the AFL into addressing their sex culture of using young women as meat

maintain your rage for all the gils who have been treated as a sex toy and spat out

for all the future sex toys of these cavemen

for all women

to annoy all the cavemen who support the this cave man mentality of the AFl and st kilda

for cultural

For the bullying you have received from the AFL and St k

I hope you maintain the rage and continue to embarass the afl who chose to attack you rather than acknowledging their caveman mentality and punishing their own

THe best part of it is that the bigger mess you make the more appealling your future book deal will become to publishers- keep it up and create cultural change to the meatheads in the afl and nrl and everywhere

you have a rare opportunity to create this change and force integrity to a group who can't hide behind PR spin forever

keep it up until you see this cultural change- you have a once in a generational opportunity to embarrass these clowns into teaching integrity and values to their cavemen employees

Love your work

the afl has become such that only the PR matters and they know this

I hope you get a great book deal one day and it all pays off for your efforts

well done and God bless

Blackmask said...


Why would you encourage her to put her name out their publicly? She's already struggling with family and friends disowning her. Why expand that by ensuring that "everyone", potential employers, associates from other areas of life such as study or whatever she pursues, know that and can give the same rejection?

She's 17 and will need to live her life after this. This will end publicly before it ends for her. Seriously, if she was your daughter and you had to be there to pick up the pieces would you have the same view?

Anonymous said...
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nick said...

Tanya Levine, you are a troll(op) as is Kim, who buy the ways has a fake email
Why do you have this Kim??? Another one of your fantasies?

Zorro said...


Despite what many people think its not the end of the world to take on the AFL. There are people who live and breath outside the AFL . Its no the end of your life, career, happiness to take on these misogynistic men who use woman as throw away sex toys. Kim has a great life ahead of her, plenty of employers would hire her because she did this not despite it. This concept of shaming her into submission has clearly failed.

Those that are hypnotized by the AFL's BS might think life starts and ends with AFL but it doesn't. Many Australians find the code an embarrassment to the country.

So Kim should fight as hard as she feels she needs to fight.

Anne-Maree said...

Here's a couple of question's that I think have never been asked. At what stage of the pregnancy did you have the stillbirth and was it a girl or boy? What did you name this child and which hospital were you in? And did the players know of the photos before the grand final replay?

Blackmask said...


I can normally get through an entire season withut having a clue who's won, who's where on the ladder, or even when finals are, so I'm well aware that there's more to life than the AFL.

She's young, smart, literate, attractive, driven, outgoing and most likely capable of doing whatever she puts her mind to. I agree that this won't stop her getting a job, or having a life ahead of her. So it just seems a bit sad if Kim, with so much personal potential is best known for her exploits as the "St Kilda Schoolgirl".

The AFL and football aren't that important, so for them to have that kind of influence on her identity when she's got so much potential on her own, just seems more than they should be entitled to.

oldskool said...


yes you are right, Kim is 17 and what a position of influence she finds herself in.

If I were her parent, I'd be more disappointed that my daughter has been treated as meat by "adults".
My anger would be fairly and squarely directed toward the AFL and stK

many may sell out from an autographed jumper, however many others also have a bit of understanding that Kim has been told to get in her box and bow down to the AFL and has refused to do so

What is done is done and Kim will still have a life ahead of her and if she chooses she will can live a "normal" life

why intimidate her as STK did by threatening her future

The bigger mess Kim makes the bigger the cultural change

the AFL is not a sacred cow and is very sensitive to PR

Kim has chosen not to sell herself out to the AFl for a an autographed jumper from some caveman

I hope you get a book deal out of this

Maintain the rage

God bless you Kim

Amber said...

Kim, I sent you a message on Twitter. I'm in Montrose out near Ringwood, and have a room you're more than welcome to for as long as you need. My number is 0411518503. Amber xx

Ezmerelda said...

Why would you say it if you didn't want it said in the article? You mentioned you had a manager, surely he/ she would have told you this?! If i was in the position your family was in i would be reacting the same way. Tell the WHOLE truth on your blog if you can't get it printed elsewhere (won't get paid - might be why you havent yet) but at least everyone will know the truth. Your 15 minutes is well ant truly over. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have been following this story with interest as I am a Saints fan - now, before you all jump in and crucify me, I was also once a 17 year old girl that made big mistakes.
I was appalled when the photos of Nick Reiwoldt and Nick Delsanto were released. These men were caught on film in private (albeit stupid) moments - and that moment now threatens to ruin their careers. How would you feel if something similar had happened to you, and you had to go back into work knowing that all your co-workers, friends and family were sniggering because they had see you naked, at your most vulnerable.
Now imagine trying to muster up the courage to face 80,000 football fans, knowing that the majority will have your naked picture on their mobile phones. And these people won't be so polite to snigger - they will taunt, abuse, scream and shout.
The release of those photos will have far reaching effects on those men's lives, careers, relationships and their mental health.
Did they deserve it? Did these men rape a naive 17 year old girl? If they did, they deserve a hell of a lot worse, but so far there has been absolutely any evidence that either of these men were involved with Kim in any way.
One of the players that Kim purports to be involved with was Sam Gilbert - a young, promising, exciting player. As far as I can make out, she had some form of relationship with him and sadly fell pregnant by him. Is this the man she is so hell bent on seeking revenge against?
But she seems to have no feelings of anger towards him at all - when asked if she was going to release any photos of Gilbert she replied: "No, I wouldn't do that to him, LOL."
So then who exactly is she out to get? And what exactly does she want to achieve?

If a crime has been committed then yes - it needs to be examined and tried. But we surely live in a civilised country. Aren't we all innocent until proved guilty? Apparently not. Milne and Montagna will always live with the label of 'rapist' despite it never being formally charged.

Anonymous said...

This is my take on it - A young, fairly attractive 17 year old girl will just be coming to grips with her sexuality and the power that wields. It is a confusing time and it is often hard to differentiate between sex, desirability and love. Couple that with low self-esteem and problems arise.
It seems to me that Kim was defining her sense of self-worth by the attention she was getting from her football idols. They wanted to have sex with her, they were rich and famous, that meant that she was important.
Then they discarded her like a filthy rag when they were done using her. And to make matters worse, she was pregnant. A horrible time - and it is of little surprise that she reacted so violently.
It is a hard lesson to learn but often men do not respect girls that make themselves immediately and overtly sexually available to them. They will be happy to shag them, but they don't marry them.

So then Kim is left alone, confused and rejected. No longer special. Releasing these photos has made her special again. She is being hounded by the media and the public - so special. And all she had to do was destroy a couple of people's lives in the process. Easy.

If she was indeed raped, abused and kidnapped then the perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. But instead of revelling in the limelight she should work hard towards achieving her goal with grace and dignity.
She now seems to be deriving her sense of self-worth from the attention she is receiving from this debacle. Why can't she turn her phones off for a minute despite being inundated with calls from strangers? Is it because she is scared that she might have to listen to her conscience once the calls stop?
So far she appears to be a 17 year old girl with absolutely no sense of remorse or accountability that has been allowed to run wild. She needs help.

sooty said...
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oldskool said...


a few issues here
1. sam gilbert is a no name back up player
2. the photo of reiwolt looked remarkably like a pose to me rather than an innocent photo that he claims was snapped whilst getting out of bed.
3. why do st k players have naked photos of their so called "mates" on their computers.

Was gilbert going to use them as revenge himself in future years? maybe revenge for his future delisting? the mind boggles at the stupidity of the players

Maree said...


I have an answer to all your 'issues'. WHO CARES.

Look at the latest line of tweets from this so called 'victim'

- Goodnight all, I'm sure I'll see most of you tomorrow! x x
- Don't know whether to pull an allnighter or.. Sleep for 3hrs? Too early to wake up! Gag! Saints tomorrow.....
- And the fun begins..
- The saints will be receiving a warm welcome from me in Frankston on Monday - Can't wait ;)
- Can't seem to get on top of things right now. Argh, it's Monday tomorrow, too much plotting for one week.

This girl is nothing but an trouble making, attention whore who deserves everything that she gets. How on earth anyone can defend these kinds of actions is beyond me, and I can only assume the defenders are in the same basket as her.

What the eff does she think she's going to achieve and what is she trying to prove? Seriously - quit while you're behind.

Braid said...


Yes, Reiwoldt is posing for the photo, no question. However, that does not mean what he said was untrue. He said he had just woken up, or got out of bed, in order to explain the nudity. He had to say that because the inference from Kim and others is that she was there in the room with him. She lied, he explained himself. It's really not hard to work that one out.

Braid said...

Can anyone explain the point of attending a Saints training session to drop flyers around? Who put her up to that? Is there no one giving her sensible advice, or is this another one of those things were she is told not to do something, then does it anyway and then comes and has a whinge because another friend or family member disowns her?

Maree said...

@Braid. No, I simply can not explain it. She's digging a bigger and lonelier hole for herself.

Braid said...

I can, in two words. Book publicity.

Braid said...

Kim, what is more important to you now? Making amends with your family, or continuing to remain in the public eye? Your manager, if advising you to do this, is a piece of shit. He/she is using you in much the same way that the Saints players supposedly did.

abs_87 said...

You are such a brat! You do no deserve sympathy for what you have done, you meet guys in a club/pub and they don't treat you great but oh well get over it. What were you doing in the club in the first place if you hadn't of been there none of this would have happened.

I understand that you are hurt because the father of your baby (which is begining to look like another lie and if it is you really need more help then I thought) does not act the way you want him to act, however how do you expect a young male who is not in a relationship with the mother to act (or even when they are) when they find out they will be a father. The common reaction is to hide from it til they are ready to deal with it themselve.

Also please explain why St Kilda footy club and/or the AFL had to do anything to help you. Would it be expected of my partner's boss to help me no unless he was injured at work it would be none of their business or responsibility.

You are just after attention, everything you have done has proved this, and when the attention is waivering you go for more. People should not be supporting you they should be helping you mentally so you don't screw your whole life.

MumOf4 said...

Honestly, she can't help this.

She's got a mental illness and no one is helping guide her to the right path.

Everyone needs to back off and stop feeding her attention.

She might then seek the help she so desperately needs.

... if she doesn't....

she won't be known as the St Kilda girl anymore...

but will be known as the

Fatal Attraction nutcase....

cb153 said...

@Braid. The point of her attending the training sessions is to show her protest against the digusting treatment of her by St Kilda. Good on her, I think she is such a brave, beautiful person and I hope she turns up at every training session to ensure her voice gets heard. It's the only option she has left to bring attention to the behaviours of these scumbags.

Maree said...

cb153 - Seriously? Wake up! For eff's sake!!! She was seeing a guy for a while, he didn't want to see her anymore - So what??? That gives her the right to carry on like this? Get real. I'm so over daft people like yourself. She doesn't deserve to be treated any differently to any other 16 year old that's been dumped.

Mark said...

There are times when it must have been hard to keep going with this thing. I suppose you either had to rely on a 17 year old's strong desire to be famous....or inner strength for what is right. I must admit that I think it's the first. You haven't really displayed much of a grasp of the concept of right and wrong since this thing started. However, even if you are only sourcing your strength on a 17 year old's fantasy, you've done well. I expect that you'll make television after you reach 18. You might even write for newspapers about teenage problems...well done.

Braid said...


Brave and beautiful? By posting some photos online and having someone else tell a story for her? Are you serious?

cb153 said...

Yes, I am very serious. I am sick and tired of AFL players thinking they are gods and treating women like dirt. When are they going to realise that as important role models they are obligated to avoid any sexual scandal at all costs? I've had enough of the AFL. You don't hear of any A-League stars raping and gangbanging women.

Anonymous said...

hi kim...stay safe and well...chin up...take strength in the truths...if what you are doing stops just one sportstar/rolemodel, from taking advantage of women, your task will be luck...

Maree said...

@cb153 - You only get treated like dirt if you act like dirt. And that isn't an AFL issue, that's the real world.

Braid said...


Gee, I wonder why you don't hear about soccer players raping WOMEN!

cb153 said...

@Maree - Like I said, these guys are role models and need to actively avoid scandal, not actively get involved in it. I dont see how she acted like dirt. A real dirty girl would have let them gangbang her.

cb153 said...

@Braid Hmmm - dont know of any gay soccer players. And who cares if there are?

Anonymous said...

‘Irrespective of whether the legal age of consent in VIC is 16, the AFL Policy on Child Protection addresses children for their policy as being Under 18! How then can these footballers be cleared by the AFL when they have breached AFL policy? Not to mention its policy on Bullying.’

Braid said...


You're right, the players need to avoid sex scandals, and Gilbert is an idiot for not immediately deleting the photos. However, as Kim was not involved in the players posing for their photos, then it's not up to her to expose them for acting like idiots in the privacy of their own hotle room.

I assume that is the sex scandal you are talking about.

cb153 said...

@magicman0 Good comment! Why have the AFL cleared a previous investigation of a breach of policy when it is so blatantly obvious that there was one?

cb153 said...

@Braid Avoiding scandals should also include NOT allowing themselves to be photographed posing naked. They are obviously over-sexed exhibitionists. Dawson even had a packet of condoms in his hand.

abs_87 said...

@cb153 - explain please if you would why St Kilda need to treat her in a certain way. She got involved with one of their players they actually do not owe her anything.

abs_87 said...

@magicman0 when you meet someone in a club or at a pub you would expect them to be 18 right, if you find out later that they were not then how can it be your own fault when they represented themselve as a different age - this is why they have not been in trouble with the AFL for.

cb153 said...

Hehehe....I bet this whole business will make any footballer think twice before posing naked before a camera, or even attempt to abuse a women....GOOD!!!!!! Thank-you Kim, you are my hero!

Braid said...

OMG!!! condoms in hand must mean they are about to have sex with each other. There simply can be no other explanation for the photos at all!!!

Ok, they did pose for photos, and they were foolishly kept. They were idiots for doing so. What more needs to be said? Don't tell me you are another one who thinks the photos somehow prove that Kim's allegations are true?

By the way, Kim threatened to reveal more photos today. Firstly, people wonder why the Saints "bullied" her. If she is going to continue to threaten to post photos then the Saints have a right to threaten her with legal action.

Secondly, now that her story is out there, what good would revealing more photos do? Prove her pregnancy? Prove that the club treated her like dirt? She has people's attention, yet she wants to go back to embarassing more people, rather than actually tell her story. Does this seem totally irrational to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

i don't know, (as none of us)do, what the truth is. however a child of 16/17 should not have been dated by an AFL player/s or be in a position to be able to access private photos of other players. I believe that posting the photos was wrong, however i can understand that kim was feeling mistreated by the club and AFL, and perhaps thought it was the only way to bring light to the issues "respect and responsibility policy"- failures...

Braid said...


Kim is your hero? Why? Because she stole some photos and had other people invent a back story for her? Wow, you're easy pleased.

Maree said...


So as role models they're not allowed to date or have sex? Let's face it, that's all they've done to her.

She acted like a drunk stupid teenager, and ever since that her behaviour and self respect has gotten worse and her the public has caught on. I think people felt for her at first, but now she's shown the country what's she's really about, the sympathy has gone, her lies have unravelled and now she is clutching to at straws with boring blogs and stunts like today.

cb153 said...

abs_87 They should have supported her when she was under-aged and got pregnant by one of their players. Instead, after (conveniently for Gilbert) losing one, and then another of the twins Gilbert completely abandoned the poor girl with no thought for her welfare. And now they completely victimise her for her lashing out in the only way she knew how.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

Keep your chin up. You might just be the girl to change the culture - but it won't be easy.

Unfortunately, the players are enabled by the entire system. I've done volunteer work with an interstate team and in the phone call with a club official arranging the work I was asked if I would be interested in 'getting one of the footballers' (politely declined). The club encourages and facilitates their 'easy sex', so it comes as no suprise that there is no respect for women!

Braid said...


How do you know any of that is true? You are choosing to believe her version of events, with no proof whatsoever.

cb153 said...

@Braid I don't think she is going through all this just for the hell of it. Can't you see how hurt and damaged she is?

Braid said...


If she is hurt and damaged, why not do all she can to restore the relationship with her parents? Why do another publicity stunt while announcing she is writing a book? Why does a "damaged" person seek so much online attention by posting her own phone number, leaving herself wide open to abuse?

She isn't going through it for the hell of it, she clearly has her goals in mind. Money and fame.

MumOf4 said...

@cb153 it's pretty obvious you are Kimberly.

Please get off the internet, turn off your phones and go to your nearest ED and ask for a psych assessment.

cb153 said...


Who knows what an emotionly damaged teen is thinking or who knows how she is going to act. And I hope she milks this for all she can. She deserves all she can get for her suffering.

All I care about is, finally, the attention being brought to the abuse of women by AFL players. They are disgusting and need to wake up to the fact that it is not acceptable to treat women like sex objects.

abs_87 said...

@cb153 sorry but explain why the employer of the boy needs to support her. Players meet her and did not realise she was under 18 until after how old would you think someone you meet at a night club would be?
Then she gets pregnant, and the father freaks plenty of non famous fathers do this all the time expecially the young ones. Lets not forget the "father" is only a young man himself so he doesn't want to face the music just yet well it is not his employers responsibilty. Also perhaps he had reasons to have reservations about the parentage.

Braid said...


Excusing her behaviour because she is "damaged" is just a load of shit. Supporting her for making unsubstantiated claims is insulting to women who have had real issues.

cb153 said...

Don't bother arguing with me anymore, I've put my point and support across. There's no need to keep defending my views, I just wanted to let my opinion known.

Braid said...


Sure, but if you come to a conclusion first, then work backwards to find reasons why you came to that conclusion, you look like an idiot.

I wonder if Kim will receive a fine for littering, after being caught on film deliberately dropping pieces of A4 paper on the ground.

abs_87 said...

@Braid if only!!!!

How can someone have a police escort arranged to escort them into a place where they intend to cause trouble - surely she should also be charged with wasting police time!

~Insert Name Here~ said...

you people need to give kim some room to breathe
stop asking her to answer things you need to hear, clearly none of you have her welbeing at heart , you think it but your so far away its not funny..why should she answer anything to you ? after all you would all sit back and watch her go down with things your telling her to do..good thing is, she isnt a simple little girl and whats the bet she has grown alot now..seriously you people need to stop bitchin and telling her you will help her..did all you helpers go to training today ? nahhh didnt think so , you just sit there and whynd her up till she does something silly..clearly not helping !!

Anonymous said...

These blokes are in an extraordinary position of influence and power. It is up to them to know the line between plenty of opportunity and sexual predator.

It is not fair to expect a lone 16 year old fan to have all the skills at hand to deal with mature aged men operating in groups filled with their own self importance.

This girl has done more to warn others and shaken the blokedom more successfully than any other organised positive action initiative.

abs_87 said...

True a 16 year old is not going to be able compete with a mature aged man, however the "father" is barly a man himself and by no means a mature age one at that! Also she LIED and presented her self over the the age of 18

oldskool said...

hi Kim
it appears a small number of borderline illiterates are sold by the AFL PR spin and possibly a signed jumper would do the trick for so many knuckleheads.

Ignore the clowns

i say- This girl is 17 and is doing more to change the caveman mentality of the AFL than anyone else is

with reiwolt's deliberate pose or sorry - accidentally snapped by a mate whilst "getting out of bed" and the fornication of a 16 yo and sharing around of teenage girls and the alleged lies of 20 meetings.

something is wrong with the afl side of the story here


If Kim were my daughter/ sister I can assure you that gilbert and the afl would never hear the end of it.

keep it up Kim and ignore the knukleheads

Maree said...


She got herself into this. All of this is by her choosing. I can not believe there are still people trying with a straight face to defend her!!! You'd be better off arguing that the world is flat my friend.

Guy A has sex with Girl B. Guy A decides not to see Girl B any more. Is there some kind of bizarro world out there where this ISN'T happening hundreds of times a day???

Braid said...


How does the photo prove any allegation that has been made so far?

If the allegations are true, which is doubtful, then yes, what the players have done is deplorable. But as they are so far unfounded, and mixed in with a few lies from Kim (and attention seeking dramas) then any sane person would question what is going on here, rather than believing every word that comes out of the mouth of a mentally ill 17 year old.

sooty said...

lets go one better, lets name all the players involved on that night/s. most males when a female is in a situation and drunk and vulnrable will mass like a pack of dogs on heat

also pass a law where all footballers have a police check before they are allowed at school sports clinic's after all she was 16 at the time as she states.

until then. lock up your daughters, seems they are fair game !!

oldskool said...

yes knuckleheads,

I will be locking up my daughter

in who's language is it appropriate for an "adult ambassador" for his footy club to pick up school girls at school coaching clinics?

in who's language is it appropriate to share around a 16 yo like a piece of meat?

did the cavemen in the AFL not learn from the NRL debarcle a few years ago

plain and simply- what the adults did here is wrong according to any yardstick of decency

Keep it up kim

my advice is stay in the headlines until you get a book deal to set yourself up and expose this sick entrenched culture of afl players

Maree said...

@oldskool - When was she shared around like a piece of meat? And god help your daughter if your advice to this 17 year old is 'Stay in the media'. That's Parent of the Year stuff righ there.

Braid said...

They met at a nightclub, not the school event. Stop questioning peoples sanity when you can't follow a simple story properly without embellishing on the truth.

Just thought I'd add that Joseph Fritzl locked up his daughter too.

jesse-is-a said...

you're a fkn hypocrite deleting peoples comments... ur clearly just trying to cling onto what u mistakingly perceive as fame.. i mean, i hate footy players as much as anyone but i hate more the young SLUTS like yourself that idolize them and act like groupies.. how did u expect to get treated by self-loving meatheads that have no real experience of being adults. you probably got off lightly.. how long i wonder, til u delete this.

oldskool said...

Maree and Braid

you obviously have only selectively read the full story- there was a key in bowl involved according to early news articles.

if you don't like my parenting you can feel free to hand your own daughter/sister/mum over to an afl player of gilbert's ilk. i'm sure a signed jumper would buy you out.

oldskool said...

I would guess by the grammatical errors that Maree and Braid are the same person blogging under different names saying the same thing

Maree A.K.A. Braid- your game is up

Maitain the rage Kim

Great job at training today- well done, keep in the spotlight

twitnixie said...

So ALL her friends were with her at the 'PROTEST' were they? Why aren't any in the picture?

Braid said...


You're only choosing to believe one side of the story, the very thing you just accused me of. You don't know the entire truth and neither do I, but I am not embellishing on anything I have heard to try and make a point. You are, and that is poor. Why do you need to exaggerate so much? Is what you're saying that pointless that you need to add some more to it to give it some legs?

Braid said...


What grammatical errors?

twitnixie said...

add litterbug to her other offensive behaviour

Maree said...

oldskool - No, I think you'll find I'm using the REAL story, not the made up attention seeking, 'woe is me' story.

So by the sound of your comments, there's only 2 types of people out there... Either you're in support of a trampy kid; or you're an avid AFL fan...? Hmm, clever.

And PS - 2 people both using English don't make them the same person.

MumOf4 said...

OMG Kimberly.

Have you no dignity left!!!!!!

How can someone respect you, if you don't even respect yourself.

What did you hope to achieve by this latest stunt?

Why have you once again changed your story?
'Gilbert emailed photos, girl claims
"Sam emailed them to me after I lost my first child at three months, because I was really depressed," she said.

Asked if this was to cheer her up she said "Yeah I guess, just to make me laugh".'

Now hang on ...
have you not been claiming to everyone that you are after revenge because you were DUMPED by your boyfriend because you told him you were "pregnant".

So what IS the story!

THERE IS NO STORY just the fantasy world you are creating, that changes day to day.


Braid said...


I just logged out and logged back in again as you. I hope no one notices or else they will think we are "knukleheads" and I want to "maitain" this for as long as possible.

Maree said...


Thanks. I'd hate to think our big scam of blogging under 2 different names was going to come undone.

Braid said...

For fucks sake, when will the lies from this girl end? Does anyone actually believe this shit? Mumof4, she lost her first child after 3 months - is that consistent with previous comments?

And notice how the reporter fed her the line? She was asked if it was to cheer her up, to which she agreed. Far out, John Edwards would be impressed with the shit going on here.

MumOf4 said...

@twitnixie said...

"So ALL her friends were with her at the 'PROTEST' were they? Why aren't any in the picture?"

Have you not realised yet - SHE lives in a fantasy world. She has created numerous twitter accounts to encourage her - hell she even twittered them meeting IRL!

She has also created multiple accounts to respond to her blog (*waves* to oldskool)

No doubt she'll be posting tomorrow that she had hundreds show up in support of her, and they had one of those massive banners made up - you know the ones they have on grand final day.

Kim is living in la la land.

Can't someone in authority come take her away before she does herself more damage!!!

Braid said...

"She said she had originally been advised to say she took the photos herself..."

Why would anyone advise her to say she took them herself if they were emailed to her? If they really were emailed to her, why lie about it? What the hell would that gain?

And if Gilbert is willing to send her pics to cheer her up, what the fuck does she want an apology for? He was clearly there for her when sad about losing a child. She hasn't claimed he has done anything else wrong yet she wants an apology.

I hope all the dickheads that have defended her blindly can finally see that she has undone all her hard work with this latest set of lies. You've all been conned.

oldskool said...

Yes or no

would like any female member of your family to be treated like Kim?

there is your answer

your use of apostrophes is consistently incorrect.

Braid said...


Explain specifically how she has been treated. Now that we know that Gilbert was there to cheer her up, what else happened?

See if you can explain it without using the term "piece of meat" and "footy clinic".

Maree said...

@oldskool - No family member of mine would ever act as badly as Kim has... Let alone CONTINUE acting like this. She's a proven liar and a tart and if she had any self respect she would slink away to the gutter she came from to let this whole thing pass in an attempt to have some sort of normal life one day. Every comment/appearance she makes, she making things 100 times worse for herself. People who once had sympathy no longer do,and it really is becoming a joke. If it wasn't completely and totally self inflicted, I'd almost feel sorry for her. Attending that St Kilda training by herself today was just SAD.

MumOf4 said...

@Braid '"She said she had originally been advised to say she took the photos herself..."

Why would anyone advise her to say she took them herself if they were emailed to her? If they really were emailed to her, why lie about it? What the hell would that gain?/

Perhaps it was one of her other personalities that advised herself????

I always wanted to be a writer.

This whole saga has given me a great idea for a book. Bet mine will be published WELL before Kimbery's is. :D

MumOf4 said...

Antisocial personality disorder

Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as "...a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.

Signs and symptoms:
* Apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others - CHECK
* Persistent lying or stealing - CHECK ON BOTH
* Recurring difficulties with the law - CHECK
* Promiscuity - CHECK
* Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others - CHECK
* Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights - PERHAPS - she tweeted she was going to confront 13 year olds!
* Poor or abusive relationships - CHECK
* Disregard for safety - POSSIBLY CHECK - she tweets too much information about where she is at any point in time.

Other common characteristics of those with Antisocial Personality Disorder include superficial charm, shallowed emotions, a distorted sense of self, a constant search for new sensations (which can have bizarre consequences), a tendency to physically or verbally abuse peers or relatives, and manipulation of others without remorse or empathy for the victim. Egocentrism, megalomania, lack of responsibility, extroversion, excessive hedonism, high impulsivity, and the desire to experience sensations of control and power can also be present.

sooty said...

maree, mumof4, shame on you both, no wonder woman have taken a step back with womens rights.
great example to sisterhood you show, one example is most defence lawyers want a female jury in any rape case, cannot fathom the reasons, you all backstab sisterhood, 4fcksake try at least support her against males with huge ego's, 16 now 17 is very young, sure shes done many silly things, guidance she needs not sisterhood bagging the shit out of her. i could go on and on but what do i know im just a average male.

Maree said...

@sooty - It's people like KIM who put women's movements back into the dark ages. Imagine how hard it will be if a woman is ever REALLY raped or assulted by an AFL player now??? She will put in the same basked as this trollop and not be taken seriously. All because this loose little girls slept around and didn't like the outcome, so sought REVENGE. KIM DUTHIE should be ashamed for what she's done to woman's movements and rape and assult victims all over the country and for years to come.

MumOf4 said...

Narcissistic personality disorder

The narcissist is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.[2] Narcissistic personality disorder is closely linked to self-centeredness.

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) - CHECK
2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love - CHECK
3. Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions) - CHECK
4. Requires excessive admiration - CHECK (although has probably created twitter and blog accounts to do it to herself)
5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations - CHECK
6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends - CHECK
7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others - ABOSULUTELY CHECK!!!!
8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her - PERHAPS
9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes - CHECK

MumOf4 said...

@sooty sorry to break it to you - Kimberly's actions are the ones that are setting women's rights and sisterhood back back to the dark ages.

Just being female does not automatically gain the support from other women.

Kimberly probably equates having a successful MALE partner as someone who defines who she is as a person, and was probably planning on piggy backing off on their success. Tell me how this does not undo what a lot of women fought for?

Kimberly is yet to grasp the concept of self respect. Until then, she's not part of the modern 'sisterhood'.

Ken said...

tanya - I loved your book, but I think your support for Kim is niave. Listen to her radio interviews. She is full of contradictions and lies. Her behaviour is misguided and foolish. 270 wrongs don;t make a right. Listen to her interview with Amber Petty explaining how this all went south.

sooty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken said...


Antisocial and Histrionic PD's probably get a run as well - although I personally believe they are most commonly best conceptualised as post-traumatic disorders colliding with biological vulnerability.

Maree said...

@sooty - I'm truly sorry for what happened to your family, but astounded that you talk about what your daughter went through in the same sentence as what this girl has done. I'm afraid I fail to see the comparision to someone getting raped, to someone trying to malicioulsy destroy lives out of revenge for being dumped.

sooty said... state you are astounded that you talk about what your daughter went through in the same sentence as what this girl has done.

let me tell you, all the abuse this young girl is recieving is no difference to my daughters abuse and she has never frequented twitter etc telling her story. if only i could explain more indepth but i choose not too, hence i will remove my last post knowing how some derange guys have a field day.

Smitten26 said...

Hey Kim,
I'm really sorry about everything that has happened to you. I do wish you all the best and I have no idea how to help you but if I could get in touch with you I'd offer you a couch to sleep on. I can't imagine being ostracised the way you've been from your family and people that you once called friends. But in the end, see it as a way to prove who your true friends are. I know it sounds like such a cliche but it's soooo true!
Wish you all the best and I would love to be your friend although I'm sure you're probably a lot more distrusting since everything that has happened.
Lots of love and I wish you all the best for 2011! Will keep following your blog and can't wait to read your book :-)

Maree said...


The difference is, that Kim Duthie has created all of this for herself. She could have dealt with this like a normal person, but she chose to and continues to choose to play this out in the public eye. She is craving the attention and doesn't care whether it's good or bad. And NOTHING about what has happened to her is about being a victim. She slept around and got dumped. Happens to A LOT of people everyday. But normal people don't react like her out of purely and simply REVENGE.

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

Everyone seems to think that if they argue till there Blue in the face they will change the opinions of others. You all just keep using the same arguments on each other.
People think Kim is brave and fighting for her rights while others think she is a silly little attention seeker.
Over 300 comments and no one has changed there opinions yet. Just agree to disagree.

Braid said...

Here's what I don't get. Kim's supporters believe every single one of her allegations (despite her not being able to say anything specific) and when the Saints and their players ignore them, they get accused of staying silent out of guilt.
I have asked a number of questions to Kim, Derryn Hinch, a few other supporters of hers on twitter. I'm not asking for proof of anything, I am just asking for explanations when the story just doesn't add up. The silence from them is deafening. None of them bother to respond, yet the carry on spruiking her message. Can they see the writing on the wall, that they have all been conned, and in order to save face they are runnig off with their fingers in the ears?

sooty said...

@maree, hey i agree in some of what you say, but tell me how she should deal with this like a normal person?

Finding Melissa... said...

Great to see you and all your supporters at training today... oh wait you had none.

In regards to your tweet "banners were good" is throwing unwanted pieces of paper on the ground littering the area good?

Now you claim that the pics were emailed to you and NOT taken by yourself? Why lie?

If your family, your mother and father who brought you into this world, the people who know you better than anyone else does reject you why do you expect us to believe you?

Close your legs and grow up child.

Any supports can you answer me how you can still believe her after she lied about how she obtained the pics? Answer me that one before you slag my comment.

MumOf4 said...

'She has also told the Herald Sun the St Kilda Football Club has been paying for her to stay in city hotels, and has continued to socialise with players.'

yet in this very blog, Kimberly has said:
'2. Provided me with Counselling, Accommodation and Support Services?
Oh, okay? This is news to me.

I'd LOVE to know when I was offered counselling! I was never offered counselling, accommodation, support services, counselling with my parents? Nothing!'

once again, another example of her stories changing.

sooty said... will find she is talking about the AFL

Anonymous said...

This is so woeful....but incredibly fascinating at the same time....- KD clearly needs help, but the supporters on her side appear to be hysterical as well.

Anonymous said...

so very sad...kims latest words...

twitnixie said...

Derryn Hinch

in 1987 publicly named an 8 year old child in a sex abuse case. His 'reason' - the child gave 'informed consent' Yes I said 8 YEARS OLD.

In 2005 he wrote that a 20 year old male school teacher should not be in trouble for having consensual sex with a 15 year old.

In his book, he was proud to say he slept with a 15 year old.

If this is who is supporting this slag, good one. The above shows what type of person Hinch is. Hypocrite with double standards.

With people like him supporting her, she will rot away somewhere - thank goodness.

twitnixie said...

She should rename this this to - The small girl, with a big twat.

Maree said...


Easy! Like every other teenager that gets dumped. Cry to your friends, eat chocolate, hug it out and move on.

v-cam said...

iCooch and Ricky Nixon. 1) We have a weiner and 2)Whoever it reall is is doing their best to try to disect everything Kim says or does in order to frustrate her.

Why would you need to do that unless you had a vested interest in making that happen? Hmmm.

Hi Ricky. You and your whole operation smells like trash. You will lose a lot of money this year in sport. Your life will end up in the gutter. You don't have friends you only have "networks". Kim will end up head and shoulders above you and you will have regretted EVER getting on radio trying to degrade her with all your lies :D

twitnixie said...

The slag will end up with all the friends she has. Hang on, they were all with her today were they not. All none of them.

Where were all the posters here who pretend they support her.

parent said...


"You only get treated like dirt if you act like dirt. And that isn't an AFL issue, that's the real world."

You really think so?

So explain why people like Anita Cobby, Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins were so horribly raped and killed. And explain how the girls in the Lebanese gang rapes in Sydney deserved it. And so on.

Why aren't two men who were aged 21 and 23 when they fucked a 16 year old girl treated like the contmeptible dirt they are?

It fascinates me how those who condemn Kim as a slut etc choose to ignore that it takes two to tango.

It disturbs me that those people choose to focus on the sexual acts of a sixteen year old girl to the exclusion of her then 21 and 23 year old male partners, both of whom had presumably been through the AFL Respect and Responsibility program which put her off limits.

The fact that people choose to view and condemn Kim in isolation from the actions of the adult men who happily fucked her says all we need to know about the balance we can expect from such critics, and perhaps about their blind allegiance to SKFC.

twitnixie said...

The slag would have garnered a lot more support from me, simply by telling the truth. As it is, her story changes from day to day, apparently according to the weather or tides, who knows.

Is it still a 16km walk from Frankston Train Station to Mummy & Daddys house slag? Just another untruth to garner sympthy from those who know better, but would rather push their own agendas.

Where were you all today when the slag was trying to pick out her next victim at St Kilda. Hang on, that's right, you were all supporting her from your Computer chairs.


parent said...


"The slag would have garnered a lot more support from me, simply by telling the truth."

Exactly what "lot more support" would you have provided if Kim had told the truth?

Would you have got out of your computer chair and been down there today supporting her?

Why do you say she was down there picking out her next victim?

Do you think Gilbert and Armitage are her victims?

What made them victims? Their lust? Or did she rape them?

How do you know what is the truth?

What are your sources of information to determine what is and is not true?

Could you enlighten me on why your pejorative use of the term 'slag' should discourage me from forming the obvious conclusion that you are hostile to Kim and lack objectivity?

I look forward to your balanced and objective replies.

oldskool said...

hope this article sheds some light on what they have done to a 16 y.o. girl as a piece of meat.

What is that about the keys in the bowl

Braid said...


Funny you couldn't read the line after her story about the keys. It says the relationship ended once news of the pregnancy broke. Yet today she claims that Gilbert sent her nude photos of his team mates when she miscarried. Which part of that is meant to make sense?

Why exactly do you believe everything that comes out of her mouth when she is still clearly lying?

Braid said...


I guess the irony is lost on you that you are demanding proof from someone else yet you have totally avoided answering two very straightforward questions I have repeatedly asked you. You're another one who has come to a conclusion, based on who you want to believe, and then attempted to work backwards to justify it.

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

love her or hate her the one that needs to do some kind of talking here is Sam! At least half responisble for dickileaks and the situation Kim is in now. Wonder if he will ever step up and take some responsibility.

I don't think she said she was still going out with Gilbert when he sent the photo's after the miscarriage, just that she txted him saying she was down and he thought it would cheer her up.

Tanya Levin said...

@Ken, yes you're right I need to do more research here. My interest is not really very much about whether Kim Duthie is a narcissistic pathological liar or a heartbroken teenager or both.
Certainly the AFL is full of sociopaths, but whether that is the nature of footy players or the nurture of the AFL culture or both remains to be seen.
What is fascinating for me is the abuse of power on both sides.
Do men in their early twenties or older have the right to date 16 year olds, lavish them with attention and flee the minute the girl gets pregnant or bored? Hell yeah. The law, the society, the patriarchy, if you will supports it. Happens all day long.
Only difference is these men are supposed to be:
role models for our children, particularly the male ones
expressions of good sportsmanship both on and off the field (if you want to bring nick darcy in to this, for example)
able to be trusted with the power and status that society gives them
If they cannot be trusted with this power, then they should go under those new bikie laws perhaps. Clubs that deal in illegal drugs, crime, and women disposals are under watch. So should the AFL.
So, when said young broken hearted maiden picks her heart up off the floor, she retaliates against not just the relationship that has soured, but the source of his romanticism. His money, his looks, his brotherhood, his hero status.
That is what is being lashed out at, in my humble opinion. Kim Duthie feels revenge, but she cannot fully articulate the events of last year. In ten and twenty years time she may see herself as a feminist or post post modernist or maybe a woman scorned. Maybe her generation will be so very very public that she will have no regrets at all.
Kim cannot imagine the magnitude of what she has taken on. I just keep thinking Sally Anne Huckstepp. But I'm old.
What I enjoy is her determination to face the word 'slut' and 'whore' and do what she can in her limited power to say something. She's not getting support. She's surrounded by vultures, most of whom will be gone, if she ever steps out of the public eye.
In the mean time, these innocent wide eyed young men do not respond with distress at having been accused at such atrocities. No. They don't beg us to believe that they care for women. That they are smart enough to check ID because teenagers are by nature, precocious. They don't give a damn.
They hate her for fighting back, in whatever spoilt brat way it might be to others.
I am enthralled that people born in 1993 may not care what you call them or what photos get out there. They say bring it. And that there is a mafioso of huger proportions than possibly bikie gangs. More powerful overall than any of that Underbelly stuff.
And it's called Australian sport.

Braid said...

@Still Coaching

Have a think about it. He supposedly dumped her when informed about the pregnancy. That is what she wants the apology for, right? But now she is trying to say that they were on such good terms a few months later that she told him she needed cheering up, so he sent her naked photos of his team mates, which she tried to claim she took only a few weeks ago. That makes no sense at all!

Where did you find out that she texted him?

twitnixie said...

her victims are the poor males who have NEVER wronged her

She acted like a slag - got treated like a slag - end of story.

Offering group sex on a first 'date' is not an encouragement for ANY male to want a lasting relationship with her.

twitnixie said...

how strange - my previous post has been deleted.

I Coach2.1 (Still Coaching) said...

nah dont quote me on that, I dunno if she txted him, cant remember where I heard about the sending of pics... to many articles/blogs/tweets to keep track
I know a girl that bf left her when she told him she was pregnant and they still talk now. I don't believe any one from either side to be honest. Its all in the best interest to say its all on the other

parent said...


"her victims are the poor males who have NEVER wronged her"

How do you know that?

Did you get that from SKFC or are you an SKFC player or official who is better informed than the rest of us, who are reliant on news reports?

"She acted like a slag - got treated like a slag - end of story."

Define slag.

Define how men aged 21 and 23 years old treat a slag.

Justify the men's conduct.

"Offering group sex on a first 'date' is not an encouragement for ANY male to want a lasting relationship with her. "

What is the source of this allegation?

Tell us why any decent man offended by such an offer would subsequently have any relationship with such a slag?

Are you working out these questions for yourself, or being fed them by SKFC?

Rather like Hinch's allegations that Kim was coached by SKFC during a police interview.

parent said...


"I guess the irony is lost on you that you are demanding proof from someone else yet you have totally avoided answering two very straightforward questions I have repeatedly asked you. You're another one who has come to a conclusion, based on who you want to believe, and then attempted to work backwards to justify it. "

You've had your answers.

Not my problem if you don't like them.

As I said in another blog. I'm not going to engage further with your trolling.

Make sure you get paid for your astroturfing. The SKFC wind is blowing away from you now. SKFC has realised that a major commercial organisation beating up a homeless child doesn't help its brand. And you, iCoach and the rest of your ilk aren't helping it either. Keep it up much longer and SKFC will hang you out to dry. Which would be bloody funny to see.

oldskool said...

an absolute lack of values and integrity has come back to bite the players

- the sad part is they think they are the victim

What I see in Kim is a girl who knows no other way to deal with the foul treatment she has received from the STK club and the AFL

st k and afl you got what you deserve here and I hope it stands as a lesson and hurts you into changing the barbaric caveman culture that so many of your employees indulge in.

not all of us buy the pr spin

parent said...


You still haven't told us what support you would have given Kim.

Or were you just doing a Dal Santo and playing with yourself when you made that comment?

twitnixie said...

1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax.

2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasent situations.

3. Physical trash

parent said...

@twintixie dixie prixie whatever

"Where were all the posters here who pretend they support her."

Were you there to heckle her, little man?

parent said...


"1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax.

2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasent situations.

3. Physical trash "

Higly irrelevant and completely uninteresting.

Answer the question: What support would you have given her?

oldskool said...

Braid A.K.A Maree

i can imagine that stk are hoping you will shut up and stop adding fuel to their PR Nightmare

may the nightmare continue for STk

thanks Braid for stoking that fire

maybe you could share you girlfriend around to stk players- (read the referenced article in my previous post)

if she is young enough they might play pick the key with her too

P.s- stk are the most losing club in AFl history and if not for reiwolt and 1 or 2 others would get no where near a final even with their years of draft concessions they still can't win a flag

parent said...

@twindixie or whatever

"1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax.

2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasent situations.

3. Physical trash "

My apologies.

I thought you were talking about Kim.

I didn't realise that you were talking about the adult men who fucked her.

I commend you on describing them so aptly.

Clear, concise, and to the point. 10/10

twitnixie said...


Only dimwits use lessor words when they have already lost their arguement.

Let us revise

I took the photos in a Hotel in Melbourne
I must have taken the photos in a Hotel in Miami
I must have received them in an email from Gilbert, AFTER he dumped me.

I walked 16km - one way - from Frankston Station to Mummy & Daddy's house.

I lost a baby at over 21 weeks, but I didn't have to register the birth & death, or have a burial like other people have to.

I'll SAY I drank a bottle of vodka and lay on the footpath - when I really belong in the gutter.

I find it OK to rubbish my Mum in a low quality magazine.

The Police are giving me a whole house to myself. Bugger the poor families - some with children - who have waited for months for a roof over their heads.

I am a litterbug and proud of it.

Scum, and she is proud of it, because idiots like you tell her she should be.

But hey, don't turn up to support her at St Kilda training like ALL her other friends did - hang on that was NO ONE wasn't it.

You show your IQ by trying to mangle my Nic. It is less than your shoe size.

twitnixie said...

'Define slag.'

you asked me and I did - and you still whine.
My support was in messages and emails, until I realised she was full of shit.

What is the fairy tale today, seems to be how the slag operates.

parent - I don't think so.
after all - you support Derryn Hinch who announced the name of an 8 year old on TV in a sexual abuse case, AND whinged about about a 20 year old having sex with a 15 year old, getting into trouble, AND bragged about having sex with a 15 year old himself.

Says everything about you.

oen82 said...

Kim, most normal people know sports stars are not normal people. I just wonder in the end why u can't just wake up tomorrow and just walk away from everything and everyone. It's a bit hard to walk away from your mother and father but you can certainly forget the later if you try. Just pack your life; change your name and move somewhere else. What's holding you back? I tell ya now; nothing. Not your friends, not the media, nobody...just u and ur brain. What u got a home loan? kids? bankrupcy is free. Get out of this s*it while you maybe still can before nobody every marries you and stop sleeping with men randomly (you know it's true) join something stupid like a church or book club where people pretend they are educated and not sex,money and power hungry animals. Stop living in this crap fantasy life and world people like you think they want to be in kid. Go have a normal life; simple life...eay 2 minute noodles YOU WONT DIE TRUST ME.stop buying crap shoes and anything you can think of made and china..go shop at salvation army...start from scratch and be happy having dignity and feed ur brain some knowledge not...this rubbish of fame and fortune. Just stop all this only you can; delete you profiles left right and centre...don't worry you won't be the last girl to be f*ed around by an afl player or players or rich famous guys...yes its u and its hurting your life. admit that at some stage ur the one that took the decision u have taken in ur life in order for all this to become THIS.
Just stay away from people and guys in general until u find innear peace and joy from SIMPLICITY! and yes again that does mean eating 2 min noodles...this is all in ur brain trust , nobody else really cares; only you can stop it NOW so just do it and thank me later in ur prayers when ull be happy in 10-20 years with a "normal" content life everyday. trust me.STOP!

Melli said...


03 ** 9* 12 *4

Do these digits look familiar to you?

Digits are funny things aren't they icoach, they have an uncanny way of finding themselves scattered all over the place in no particular order.

I think it's time you left young Kim alone, don't you?

Zorro said...

The SKD supporters just dont seem to get it

its happened because of poor discipline on the SKD side

the players are sleeping with children, when any man sleeps with a 16 year old unprotected commonsense says they should expect trouble

the players are binge drinking and taking drugs with young woman, if you do this commonsense says to expect trouble (3 accusations or rape)

the players are having sex with each other and taking photos on tour (the only explanation of the photos' that have been released)

commonsense says that anyone who takes photos of themselves having sex should expect trouble

trolling for sex by text creates trouble (just ask Warnie)

the culture that St Kilda is supporting creates trouble of the players and woman, even if Kim shut up tomorrow it would happen again

the narcissistic personalty disorder accusation applies equally to many of the players

many football clubs around the world face these kinds of issues, there are well established methods, ploices and procedures to stop it happening.

while St Kilda refuse to put these into place this will continue

the St Kilda culture has to change equally for the protection of the players as much as the woman

separately to this episode there are much deeper issues that still exist within the game with respect to drugs , these issues are still as rampant as they were in Cousins period

fans can bleet all day long here about its the girls fault, the reality is that when these issues are managed the way they are, when young sportsmen are allowed to the create the AFL version of The Hangover ever week, when very young women are pursued in the way that they have been the problems will keep arising

We just have to have a journo interview 20-30 more woman and get them to tell their stories of group sex, drug taking, binge drinking and rape

maybe a journo could alos get some disgruntled ex AFL players to talk :)

a journo who did that would blow the lid off the AFL

those of us with some inside knowledge know that Kims story (whatever parts are true or false) are only the tip of the iceberg

the AFL needs to re think their protocols, policies and management of their teams

till then these kinds of things will continue to happen again and again

Paul said...

Lmao @zorro who is saying she was raped ?

Melli said...

Her name is Kimberly Duthie, she was a promising 16 year old school sports captain and rising athlete who represented her country both nationally, and internationally and was far from the poor white trash stalker scrubber our media describes.

Here in her local communities notice board, they celebrate her just 5 months before the St kiddy fiddlers lured her from her school playground with a bag of boiled lollies.

Melli said...

Carolyn Webb, from the Age co-edited the following....

The Age is an official partner of the St Kilda FC, Carolyn Webb works for the Age, and is an AFL nut.

Her objective was to make Kim appear as silly as possible.

If someone advised Kim to go down to the oval with those posters, this and said she'd have the support of a certain jurno, media... then now might be the time to think twice before being barraged by this mongrel teams official partners.

Braid said...


You have NOT answered the questions. The reason I don't like your answers is because you haven't provided any. That is why I keep asking. You spend the best part of a few days avoiding the questions, and now that you can see exactly where the questions are leading, you want to claim I am being paid by St Kilda. You are absolutely gutless.

Braid said...

Can just one person here please tell me what the foul treatment Kim is supposed to have received at the hands of the football club? It keeps on being said, and it's the entire basis for this situation, but I still don't think anyone has mentioned anything specific.

Braid said...


You are an absolute idiot. That entire post of yours is filled with untruths and unfounded allegations. You're accusing others of covering things up yet you see fit to bullshit as much as you want to make a point.

The players did not sleep with children, the players did not sleep with each other, you have no proof of binge drinking or taking drugs so you can't just add that in to complete the triumvirate of bad behaviour, and now you're claiming to have inside knowledge. What an absolute load of shit.

Zorro said...

no Paul but other girls have been by St Kilda players

the point is that the culture of drug taking binge drinking with an environment of young men and woman creates the factors where things happen that all side regret

many of these young men come from different backgrounds, many are unprepared for the adulation and the ego impacts it has on their psychology

lets leave this case for a moment

Lovett a rookie was exposed to the culture and while extremely drunk ended up having sex with someone who thought he was someone else

think about the circumstances where men and women are laying around hotel suites so smashed off their heads that the woman didnt even know who she was making love with

Kim herself describes how she was blind drunk while having sex with Gilbert while others are watching

she describes how players were requesting other sexual favours in the middle of all this

going back to Milne whos situation was apparently similar with the investigating officer claiming that St Kilda officials were able to intervene in the justice system to pressure him into not pursing the charges

clearly there is a culture of ritualized conduct sexual

was Lovett by his background mature enough to cope with this level of drug and alcohol abuse in an environment of habitualized tribal group sexual conduct

the reports of the content of the Dawson initiation video provide further evidence of this culture

yesterday I have spoke directly to woman who witnessed half a dozen AFL players participating in all night multi day cocaine parties over the new year period (not St Kilda)

one of these players is a AFL ambassador and youth mentor

the players are completely out of control

lives are being ruined (both players and women involved)

there are type of protocols, policies and management methods to intervene to stop this that have been proved successful in sporting teams all over the world

implementation of these methods would be beneficial to all involved

setting aside this situation you can jump up and down and blame the the victim, you can denigrate every the victim every time these kinds of situation arises

or you can acknowledge there is a systemic problem and address it

Braid said...

Lovett wasn't a rookie, you idiot. Stop embellishing on your half-arsed story to try and make it sound better.

Braid said...

Its clear that parent and Zorro are former Saints players themselves, who werent good enough to make the team.

If not, they are wannabe groupies themselves who are too fat and ugly to get laid by the team, despite being drunk whores who do favours for money.

No wait, they are Kims manager, who are prolonging this story for their own personal gain. How much money will you make from the book deal? Its time to fess up, guys.

abs_87 said...

grrr my comment was just deleted.

@Zorro -

1)Lovett did not learn what he did at saints, he has been charged with assualt and had an AVO out on him for bashing his girl friend and been caught driving with no licence amongst other convications, doesn't seem like an angel.

2) do you just make a storey up based on some facts that you heard. Firstly it was a team mates HOUSE, second the girl was asleep in the room and the other team mates in a different area. The girl thought it was another person which if you were in your boyfriends bed and had were sleepy you would not think it was some random.

3) Again you just hear something and make up a story, the investigating officer did not say it was a club official, and also the day after the investigating partner said that even without the so called pressure there was never enough evidence. (Also whilst I understand a golden shower can relate to sexual assualt I do not see how it is rape)

Zorro said...


great comeback :)

the risk is not only to woman its to the players

are you are aware that there is widespread abuse of GHB - gamma hydroxybutyrate and meth because drug tests wont reveal its usage after 2 days

are you aware that strategic periods where players know they wont be targeted for drug test are being used for party binges?

how many current AFL players are abusing GHB because it can be cleared form the system in 12 hrs?

as I have suggested you can pretend this is a one off event or you can try and address the deeper health issues that are being created

Lovett was clearly off his head when things got out of control, similarly with Milne, when is the AFL going to put a stop to these binges?

when are the clubs going to undertake a more interventionist policy to look after the health of its players (as suggested by Kennett and Malthouse)

clear the AFL players and sleeping with each other, the evidence shows picture of players masturbating for the camera

pictures of Dawson about to place a condom on his captains penis are reflect what?

sure the apologist would claim it was just done for the camera and he was simply getting out of bed

AFL insiders know better

its pretty naive to suggest that things stop there. while thats not a big deal in its self it reflects the culture thats embedded in the sport

further report of what is contained in the other digital images pretty much proves it

even if Kim didnt write a book the whole culture of the AFL is open to some investigative reporter exposing it all

how many woman and players would be willing to talk to say Four Corners anonymously?

the AFL needs to realize covering up this situation is just feeding it

and they also need to realize the bad publicity could get much much much worse

do they want a Cousins, Lovett, Milne, Tuck and Kim

Zorro said...

oh come on ABS everyone knows how the investigator got pressured via St Kilda runner and police sergeant Hans Harms

inquiring minds should ask why a police officer is allowed to be a runner and trainers with St Kilda ?

why is there secret MOU's between the AFL and the Police?

Why are the AFL and police allowed to consort together to limit criminal exposure to AFL players to the detriment of all woman?

Braid said...


I haver no doubt there is drug use amongst AFL players, just like a lot of young people in the 18-35 age bracket. That is not the issue here. Kim isn't here to expose the drug taking of AFL players - its just an aside to try and paint them in a bad light in order to make her story sound more believable.

Re: the photos. This has been explained to you many times. The photos prove nothing. They do not prove they are about to sleep with each other. Dawson is not about to put the condom on Reiwoldts penis. Reiwoldt said he had just got out of bed in order to explain the nudity, not that he had no idea a photo was being taken. Just because you keep repeating something, it does not make it true.

Zorro said...

and yes ABS Lovett is not angel

that highlights the fact he should not be exposed to situations he is unlikely unable to handle

binge drinking and drug taking exposes players with pre dispositions to all kinds of manic behaviour

if for instance you expose a person with undiagnosed bipolar to binge drinking where ritual hyper sexual activities occur that person may react in ways they wouldn't normally even contemplate

these types of mania's are a common element of sex and crimes of violence

to put it bluntly the drugs and alcohol together with sexual or violent stimuli send people into a momentary fits of madness.

In these situations certain personality types are capable of crimes they wouldnt normally contemplate

while this doesnt exonerate the perpetrators form the criminal behaviour that ensues the AFL have a duty of care to minimize there occurrence by actively dissuading players from participating in these kinds of activities

95% of players are fine, they get drunk, have a good time and wake up the next day with a hangover

the 5% though that cant handle it end up committing crimes

Fevola is another example, a great bloke when sober who turns into Jekyl and Hyde character when under the influence

again and an example of manic behavior bought about by substnace abuse

Braid said...

It's laughable that so many of Kim's supporters have changed their tune in the past 24 hours, especially Hinch. His first two blogs were about the pictures, how they came about, what other things the Saints had got up to, and the court case with the police. All he was interested in was discrediting the Saints based on the pictures and words from Kim's mouth, and attacking them for remaining silent on the issue.

Now that Kim has been exposed for telling lies about the provenance of the photos, and with each lie, her story becomes less and less believable, he is claiming that the real story is about the footy ambassadors meeting her at a school clinic. His words - "Nude photos and videos aside, that is what this story has always been about."

Really, Derryn? Is that is what the story is about, why waste your times concentrating on the photos so much? Why not just ask the questions about the school clininc and leave it at that? You thought there was a story in the photos and you have suddenly realised there isn't (thanks to Kim undoing her own handiwork) so you have changed the tone of your attacks to be about something else.
You must feel quite foolish because you created part of the story for Kim, filled in the blanks when she needed them, and now with one quick comment to the media, she has undone all your hard work.
Nice try in saving face but you look pretty damn silly right now.

Braid said...


What is your point regarding Lovett? Are you saying the Saints are to blame for him assaulting that girl?

Braid said...

So no one can tell me how she was mistreated by the club or the AFL? No one can say what she wanted an apology for? No one can say what actually happened that led to her being mistreated?

Yet everyone just jumps on Kim's side because she has made somee unspecified allegations....

Zorro said...


It a difficult issue. If the Saints knowingly expose players to a culture and environment where ritualized group sexual behavior regularly occurs during group binge substance abuse sessions then any mental health expert will tell you that these kinds of things will occur.

The individual players are obviously still responsible for any criminal behaviour that occurs, what the code and St Kilda need to realize though is that they are contributing to these incidents while they condone and defend the culture.

Players shouldnt be allowed to go night clubbing in big groups after a game. They should have older mentors accompanying them when they do go out. The should have minders making sure they do not get exposed to trouble. The are on the job professional sportsmen and their off fielded behaviour should be monitored and managed.

There is a limit of course to how much you can do this when they are not on tour but while they are they need to be managed in a disciplined consistent way.

They should have randomized drug test implemented at a club level to stamp out the drug takers. While they are on tour they are at work and the players need to understand they are at work. Like Ive said before its a football club not a sex and binge substance abuse club.

MumOf4 said...

Not sure if anyone has listened to her on Nova this morning?

I was just listening to it. I think the questions asked were fantastic and they gave her plenty of time to answer her questions.

She now claims the pics were emailed to her on April 2nd.
So *if* she was pregnant and had a miscarriage and was sent the photos afterwards to 'cheer her up', then it's pretty certain it wasn't an AFL player responsible for getting her pregnant - because if she had miscarried at 3 months like she has also claimed - she would have been pregnant even BEFORE that school clinic!

She has also created ANOTHER twitter account
LukeAudavindo and has posted "@its_k_isabella it would have been nice if they didn't keep talking over you and actually let you speak!"

Too sad and pathetic. Having listened to the interview - she got PLENTY of time to talk. Once again, she has twisted things around in her sad mind and believes what isn't true.

She also now claims her story is that she wants them to apologise because some of the players were sending her messages on facebook.

Once AGAIN her story has changed.

abs_87 said...

@Zorro ummmm I don't believe that the football club exposed Lovett to a situation he could not handle, he goes out with team mates and they have a few, judging by his previous convications it is not alcohol's fault but just his personality.

I find it funny how you comment about players being manic but you cannot see the similiarty between KD and what you have written. However your argument should be not be AFL specific, and I can't stand it when people whip statstics out of their behind. Do you realise how many AFL players there actually are - and you think 5% of them have an issue like manic.

Whilst what you wrote is true, it aint a just AFL based, it is society

Braid said...


When you start a comment like that with "If", and then follow on with an unfounded allegation, then you'll understand why I won't bother responding.

Talk about the incidents at hand, not some fanciful and hypothetical situation please.

abs_87 said...

@Mumof4 - I was listening and just laughing seriously. She made mention on here that the player sending abusive messages was Steven Baker. Now she says she deleted him and Im not great with twitter (yet) so don't know if you can see what she wrote to him but long before she deleted him she was bombarding him with tweets in reply to his tweets and just general chit chat - do you blame him if he was unable to ignore it any longer and cracked one time and sent something abusive.

Braid said...

So she was happy to remain friendly with some players, despite the entire club owing her an apology, but when that player is rude to her again, it becomes the clubs fault again? I am so confused, this continual flip-flopping of the story is making it incredibly hard to follow.

"kate" from Nova summed it up perfectly on twitter. she said to Kim that she really wants to support her but she needs to realise how difficult she makes that.

MumOf4 said...

Someone twittered that her mum was going to be on radio. She seemed to panic and needs money to text her mum.

Now this could be interesting - to hear the REAL story.

Anonymous said...

She's not answering any questions directly - what on earth is she standing up for??? The point has been lost in all her lies and story changes. What could have been a powerful statement for women's rights has become a farcical diatribe.
Women's rights?? She is doing more harm than good. This is a tweet from her twitter account yesterday - do you really want this girl to be a role model?
@JAKO_NO_C @stevenbaker10 Yeah, he dorve past me and smiled, im like wtf?!? im like BAKES YA CUNT!!! and stuck up my finger hah.. classy.

I was googling the original story where she claimed that after having sex with one of the SKFC players (Gilbert?) he then left the room and another came in and had a go for "like, 5 seconds." (Baker??)
That is rape and sexual assault. Why isn't she pursuing this?? Is it because 1. It is another lie, or 2. because she is saving all the salacious details for her book release so she can make money?
Her whole agenda now seems to revolve around getting the maximum publicity for her book, not to stand up for any rights anymore. She has now asked for some phone credit on her twitter page. Begging for money again? The stomach turns. Why is she not being looked after by someone. The girl is a trainwreck.

Braid said...

No, she isn't answering questions directly. She got shitty because Nova dared to ask her questions. It was a fucking interview!!

She has not answered direct questions, nor has she said anything specific to back up her allegations. She has allowed everyone else to fill in the blanks for her.

Maree said...

@parent - What on earth do the people you mentioned have to do with Kim Duthie? Have been following a different story???

oldskool said...

Braid AKA Maree

that you need to resort to language like that in a public forum indicates a complete lack of decency


keep stoking that fire

Braid said...


Sorry, I just got so angry at not knowing where to place an apostrophe that I flew in to a rage.

Read parent's comments, and then you'll see more swearing, used in a graphic sexual context. Pretty disgusting, right?



MumOf4 said...

Chapter 1

So there is this young girl called Jane.

Some sports players were coming to attend a clinic as a part of their PR campaign.

Jane is an extremely impressionable young girl, who measures her success based on the number of mobile phones she has, and the number of facebook 'friends' she has.

She boasts to a classmate that she has connections with these sports players.

Now, these other school girls know all too well that when Jane boasts about something, it usually means she is telling one of her fantasy stories again. They roll their eyes at her, and tell her that they don't believe her.

'But it's true!' she claims.

“Alright then' said one of the classmates, 'Prove it'.

Oh no! She thought to herself. Why do I keep doing this to myself! I'll have to do something about this, so that they believe me.

So at the clinic, Jane tries her best to strike up a conversation with the players. She hopes that if these classmates see her talking to them, then they will believe her.

Of course, there are so many other kids at this clinic, she can't get the players to herself for just a few seconds.

After the clinic, one of her classmates confronts her.
'See! I told you that you didn't know them! It's just another one of your tall tales.'

'It is true!' Jane screamed, and she ran off sobbing to the girls loos to hide.

Braid said...

Were there teachers present at this school clinic?

MumOf4 said...

Now now Braid,

I reserve the right to refuse to answer that question.

I am waiting on the next chapter to be written, then I will answer your question depending on
1) if I am interviewed on radio and fed a story that I can use to add as my own
2) I am waiting to see what the public reaction is, then I can feed more details to twist things around some more.

I thought that would have been obvious!

Anonymous said...

just listened to nova - thought kate and hughesy were brilliant. excellent questions, excellent interviewing and seemed to really have some compassion for this tragic young woman.

Braid said...


hahahaha sorry, I meant the other school know, the one where the entire Saints football teasm raped the girl in front of her classmates and got her pregnant?

But seriously, they would have to have teachers present, surely?

Anonymous said...
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Braid said...
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MumOf4 said...
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Paul said...
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Melli said...
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