Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi all,
I trust that you had a very safe new years, and hope that there's not too many hangovers lingering...!

I spent my new years in Melbourne City, with my bestfriend.
We watched the fireworks at Federation Square, and caught a taxi back to our hotel at 12'30am and went to bed.
Strange? Unlike me? I hear most of you saying.
I figured I want to start this new year with a positive, no hangover, no "one night stand" regrets, no drugs, no clubbing. I feel content, and sit here eagerly writting this blog - Proud of myself.

I look forward to what 2011 will bring me, but I also worry.
I worry, for the fact that not only do I have to fight until I can no longer stand against St.Kilda, I also have to battle-on with 3 other court cases, all linked to St.Kilda somehow.

I need to be stronger this year, no more silly decisions, no more putting myself in bad situations.
I can't blame the AFL or St.Kilda for everything, of course it "Takes two to tango" as most of you say, and I'll be the first to admit that. And in saying that, I'd like to apologise to anyone who may have been hurt along the way.

I'm sure it's hard for most of you to imagine even an 8th of this situation, and it's honestly so hard to explain how one could feel. There's alot of emotions that are involved; regret, love, hope, pain, sadness.
But those are just emotions, and we can change those in a split-second if we really desire to change them, it's possible.

In a strange enough way, I would like to thank St.Kilda for making me grow up faster, giving me life experience; and mostly - opening my eyes to reality, of course... After I was treated with utter disrespect, but that's life, correct?
There's some things in life that we can never change, no amount of money or wishes in the world could turn back time, so we must look forward and learn from the challenges we've faced.

Leaving you with that,
I hope you all are seeing the truth uncovered slowly.. Derryn is doing a great job.
St.Kilda need to be answering these questions, and they also need to realise that I'm not just another girl that they can sweep under the carpet; I stand up for what I believe in. And as I mentioned previously, I will stand tall until the truth is known.

Won't be sitting down anytime soon,

[Wishing you the best for 2011, hoping all your dreams come true. xx]


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DJ said...

Happy 2011 Kim.
Here's to a new year for everyone :)

iCoach 2.0 said...
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Chad said...

Sounds like interesting but hard times ahead.. I just hope there are other girls out there, who have had similar experiences, stand up next to you and help you with your cause.. good luck and happy new year..

Jay Gee said...

I think iCoack may be coaching the Sainters... sad sad being, atleast you kept to the topic of the post... abusing a young teen. Nice- some may say you're walking proof of the above mentioned cases?

Frank said...

Just a small hint - you might want to ask your legal advisor before writing about regrets and giving apologies. It could come back to bite you in court.

onlylisa said...

Everyone has regrets. Anyone who grows to be an adult with a developed self perspective will have things they wish they never did when they were younger. You are not alone.
There will be some who like to point the finger at you and pretend they never made a bad decision. They have no ability to analyse their own behaviour. Ignore them. They'll spend their lives lying to themselves and picking faults in others.

They have way more problems than you'll ever have.

You're growing up. You don't need the attention of a footballer to feel good about yourself.
Move forward and your life will be better.
Good luck xoxo

McNamski said...

iCoach you're a disgrace. Everybody is human, everybody makes mistakes, and it takes huge courage to take responsibility for your own but to still fight for what you believe in.
Kim - good luck in 2011, be true to yourself and know that there are people who are supporting you emotionally, which is really the most important thing. I hope the St Kilda football team get what is coming to them - enough of this mafia style secrecy and protection for these men who are put up on pedestals and get away with blue murder.

indiana61 said...

Hi Kim,
All the best for 2011, may any regrets be small ones this year and know that people care about you.

Anonymous said...

That's really great, Ms D. I think the things you've expressed are positive steps for someone such as yourself whose had a shitty year. It's good you can see growth from the dark. Remember, lotuses grow from mud, so there is lots of hope for you.

Please see a good counsellor to help you. If you meet one that you don't have a rapport with, find another one. Keep trying, keep growing.

You can be better than those idiots at SKFC. They're not worth letting you be brought down. They're a bunch of patronising middle aged men trying to protect their million dollar investment instead of actually changing the shitty culture that is their own doing.

Don't ever have regrets, each decision we make "good" or "bad" teaches us things about ourselves.

Study at uni or tafe (you can go on overseas exchange whilst at university), meet people with positive interests (eg but not weirdos like religious nutters), travel the world, volunteer in the third world or something. Go back to running. The world is your oyster.

Good luck and positive thoughts for you.

chiwuwu said...

iCoach - that was uncalled for and disgusting. Did you feel the same way when Fevola exposed himself to a mother of four?

Furthermore you're a coward. You are posting anonymously on the blog of a person who cannot even vote yet. Such a hero, but truly a weakling.

You are a perfect example of football truly produces.

Frank said...

I assume that most of the people who rant against Kim are about her own age or younger, and they amply demonstrate that it not a good idea to take at face value what a teenager says or does. Children need protection, not abuse.

Veronica said...

Good girl, standing up for what is right is much needed in this society of ours. My advice is talk to Stephen about his legal team assisting your lawyer - he is a good person and a very good lawyer. I'm proud to count him a friend.

I've written about this a few times on my blog now, about what is happening and how I think St Kilda are handling it from a PR perspective. I think the next few weeks will prove interesting, with the silence we're already seeing from mainstream media.

Stand tall. Let your friends support you insomuch as they can, and keep writing.


Anonymous said...

kim - derryn says you're the same girl that constable luke donaghue slept with, but on your formspring you answered "whos that?" when asked about him. either derryn's screwing up the facts or you're lying... please answer this!

Jon Dell'Oro said...

+1 sikonat & onlylisa, my thoughts pretty much exactly.

Life can be tough but our own reactions to it are up to us and it can strengthen & enwise us if we are both tough and compassionate to ourselves.

All the best. Jon

Phuckae said...

You seriously don't get it do you? Have fun in court you dumb fuck. You fucking deserve everything that comes to you. Coach is right. Dumb fucking slut.

Frank said...

Why are you so fired up, Phuckae? Are you personally involved? Try anger management.

kitkat2507 said...

Wow! there are some seriously nasty people out there. You have to wonder how much the AFL pays them to be such trolls.

Good luck for 2011 Kim. Ignore the scum that follow you around just to post filthy things, Is there some way you can delete their rhetoric?

Mimi said...

well written article Kim, more power to you!
you hve a lot oƒ people on your side as many oƒ us are well aware oƒ all the "issues" that pathetic club have swept under the carpet.
i hope you continue to receive support.
that club are nothing but egotistical, unsuccesƒul bullies. karma 4 them.
love Derryn's articles also. at least he's not 'scared' or 'starstruck' to say something.
stay strong x

Mimi said...

ps, ignore the haters, morons are prob saints peeps ;)

Rene said...

If it were just the ramblings of a young girl without any foundation it would have been swept aside.
The fact the creepy crawlies, the low lifes, the pervs, are creeping out of the woodwork and uttering obscenities .. only underlines the validity of you comments.
The defensive actions, the reliance on legal action, what happened to good natural communications, the ability to respond logically, without the insults and the biased myopic comments.
Does anyone really believe it didn't happen?

blackmask said...

Lovely writing again Kim.

At the time the decisions you made, for whatever reasons you had, were the "right" ones. Hindsight is always perfect, but you didn't make the choices and decisions you did planning to have multiple court appearances, hurt, or any of the other consequences that have happened.

You did what was "right" for you at the time, so maybe rather than having regrets see the experiences as learnings. As you said, it's life experience and that will help get better consequences in the future. :)

Good luck with 2011

Nick Crowe said...

I hope all these people like iCoach 2.0 very clever. I hear there was a food label iSnack 2.0 and that didn't last long.. hopefully you will follow suit and get extinguished very soon too. And Phuckae chiming in with a cheap one. You two should run away and join the cicus because you two "hide behind a screen names" are absolutely clowns. Bozo and Douchebag I am sure you will take off.

Having a go at the poor girl. I hope this happens to your kid or you one day whethr you can conceive legally or by IVF and see what it is like on the other side when people try and belittle them... Good riddance to Kim for standing up and not taking this bull shit.

All these people who abuse Kim should seriously get a life. It is one thing to come out with little cheap ones but it is another thing to hide behind a screen name in doing so. I emailed KIm supporting words the other day. I hope other people have too.

Nick Crowe! No screen name needed here

willy said...

Proud of you Kim and your stand is a beacon for youth. This homoerotic posing suddenly has the culprits as the victims. I saw a wrong report. I am a lawyer and there are plenty of us prepared to help. You are not alone and without people like you then these thugs bulldoze the community and squash the weak. You are an agent of change.
Well done. We cheer you loudly in Sydney.
Chris Murphy
Murphy's Lawyers

shelldrake said...

For those calling names such as slut, bitch etc... do you personally know Kim? I doubt you do.

Maybe Kim is having us all on and things are perfectly fine with her family? Maybe be what ever she writes is just a big con to suck us all in?

Maybe she works and has an income or money saved (some of us can actually save money) maybe her friend paid for the taxi, hotel room and all expenses? Maybe Kim is just writing this for the attention and to keep people captivated?

Do we really know the answers to all of these questions? Unless you personally know Kim (Which I dont) you should keep your mouth or in this case fingers quiet.

Good on you Kim, you keep telling it like it is and stay focused.

aussie sportsfan said...

Hi, it's a shame that whoever iCoach 2.0 is ought to remember their boss was dumped by a "slut", as you put it, by that dork from "Scrubs".
And oh my, phuckae, advertising exotic vietamese women & russian ladies??
Critics have such a dark past.
As I said the other day, Miss Duthie, "give me half a day".
Talk soon. You will win in the end.

parent said...

I'm not sure what iCoach 2.0's point is, as it's obscured by the copious poison dripping from his comment.

About all I can glean from his comment is that he is obviously profoundly disappointed at not being a taxi driver who got a blow job in lieu of a fare. There's nothing wrong with that if that's all he aspires to in life, but it's hardly Kim's fault if he can't pick up a suitable sucker in his cab.

Or maybe he just wanted to significantly lower the standard of mindlessly vituperative attacks on Kim, to make his soulmate Phuckae look less bad.

parent said...


Interesting how you pop up here with your usual hostile comments, but failed to answer my question in comments on Kim's last blog about the video you claimed was circulating about her in AFL circles.

It intrigues me how people who claim to have all sorts of evidence about Kim fail to produce it.

What should that tell us about their reliablity?

Maybe they're as unreliable as Riewoldt's absurd explanation about how he just happened to be photographed as he got out of bed naked? Clearly posing and with an idiotic teammate, purely coincidentally, ready with a franger packet as a prop?

I suppose that just confirms your view that Kim is a liar on everything and SKFC is as pure as the driven snow and truthful on everything in this issue?

parent said...


Google 'sub judice rule'.

Sarah said...

@Kim - Good luck in 2011 - this public life is destructive - I hope you have a clean, quiet 2011!

@icoach 2.0 (and @Phuckae equally)

You are a low, loathsome human being. If Kim is so beneath you, why did you even bother posting?

And what's with all the sexual frustration-fueled invective?? Hell hath no fury as an anonymous loser scorned? Was it Kim personally who knocked you back, or is it just all young, attractive girls who won't sleep with you, even when you're the last guy in the club? (And you're just taking out your frustrations on Kim?)

Either way, do us all a favour and get back to m*sturbating over the girls like Kim who knock you back time and time and time again...

parent said...


As I said in my response to your first blog, my now 17 year old daughter went through very, very bad times as a result of being sexually exploited by a local footballer.

She's made a lot of bad decisions and done a lot of stupid things as a result, and nearly destroyed herself and her family in the process.

You seem to be going through something similar.

Like my daughter, you also seem to be realising what you've done and trying to change. Once that happens, things get better.

It won't happen overnight, no matter how good your intentions, but you can recover from this.

Sometimes it will be two steps forward and one step back. Sometimes it will be one, or no, steps forward and two or three back.

But the fight you've shown so far shows that you can survive this, no matter how long it takes, and come out bigger and better at the other end.

As for SKFC threats to destroy you financially until you're 30, you can have judgments entered against you for unlimited millions of dollars and walk away from them free and clear after three years by going bankrupt. It's not the end of the world. A barrister called Garfield Barwick was bankrupted early in his career in the 1930s, but he went on to be the Commonwealth Minister for External Affairs (now Foreign Minister) and Commonwealth Attorney General, and later the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia in the 1960s and 1970s.

parent said...


It hadn't occurred to me that iCoach was suffering from a knockback.

I didn't think he was that far advanced in his relations with women.

Fitzy said...

Hang in there Kim. Lots of people wish you well.

sarah said...


LOL - it's possible that we're both right!!

Thank you also for your intelligent, insightful and I think helpful posts - I'm sure Kim has read them and my goodness, she's not the only one who has learnt something from them and been moved by them...

parent said...


You may be correct, being that we agree that iCoach and Phuckae are just a pair of nasty wankers.

Thank you for your positive comments on my posts.

Kim seems to be emulating my daughter's commendable and positive attitude of viewing her adverse experiences as a source of change and strength, and using them to inspire her to achieve her goals.

I would rather encourage Kim to pursue the positives for her future rather than condemn her for the negatives in her past.

I might even take the same attitude to certain football players, if they'd had the guts to admit what they'd done and shoulder the responsibilities which come with it.

Jacques said...

I count 2 negative (and disgraceful) comments and about 30 positive. That should show you how many people are on your side. Keepyour chin up and keep up the good work! Cheers

Anna said...

Truth? Hard to know what that is when it changes all the time. The reason you have so many court appearances ahead of you is because you need to face the consequences of your actions. Theft and cyberbullying in the name of revenge does not make it right

Frank said...

"parent said...
Google 'sub judice rule'."

Yes. People (or person under different handles) have been posting very similar questions to Kim all over the internet. I suspect it might be a deliberate attempt to get her into trouble. Glad to see that she never responds.

Mrs J said...

Kim, As you are a young attractive girl it is easy to become caught up in a situation based on poor judgement involving men.
I hope that 2011 is a better year for you, maturity brings with it wiser descisions.
Eg. Is it wise to want to associate with a man that keeps soft porn pictures of his team mates on his pc? I think not....Is it wise to want to associate with a group of men that practise male bonding by way of posing with each other in soft porn shots? I think not. In 5 years you will look back on all of this and think my god! what a bunch of freaks!
As St Kilda judge you, Australians are also judging them. It is going to be way more damaging for St Kilda and its players to pursue this issue heavy handedly.

The Anti-Mainstream said...

I really don't like that stalkers are now suddenly the victims. If you're going to nightclubs pretending you're 18 and older and chasing after footballers (hey where's your responsibilty?)what do you expect to happen? Clearly you are "mature enough" to factor this in? If you offer "your services" in this kind of environment, what the hell do you expect to happen? Did someone hold a gun to your head? Take some responsibilty for your actions. I don't know any 15/16/17 yr old girls who want and whose parents allow them to be doing this kind of thing all night, every night (not to mention flying around Australia being a groupie). Please get psychiatric help-you really need it.

willy said...

Hey Anti & Mainstream where did you get your licence to kick kids and judge youth by your cot rules? This is about confused sexuality in an older group of exhibitionist adult narcissists who claim a victim in their nasty male play then cry foul when they are beaten by someone with singular, unique character and strength.

There they go, bullies running off sobbing 'boo hoo help me to Mummy world. Ah bullies to the weak ever cowards to the strong.

Kim you're a legend!

Zorro said...

you sound pretty mainstream anti Mainstream lol

So we live in an era where footballers can do what they like with 16 years olds they meet at coaching clinics? they can fend for themselves ? they deserve what they get?, whether that be twins or investigating coppers that get them drunk while pregnant so they can have a go as well?

and these guys run around on their holidays holding their dicks?

Kim you will live through this, you will learn your own lessons, lots of people will tell you the lessons you need to learn by their rule, dont do this and do this, forget them all just learn your own lessons, stand up for what you believe in , admit your mistakes, be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy life

These wanker footballers are showing us who they really are. So are Saints management.

I would you to release more pictures :) rub their nose in it, if the courts make it to hard for you to do get them to someone who doesnt care and is willing to stand up to them

hugs to you and good luck


Random Audio Dude said...

Somebody said it before me, but the St Kilda guys are clearly weirdos. Kim, wish you all the best for 2011, and hope you have the strength to keep up the fight until the truth comes out. Hinch is asking the right questions. They need to be answered. All this shit with the AFL and other football codes must stop!

Random Audio Dude said...

The Anna dude needs to explain the theft and cyber-bullying charges. But I bet he/she won't.

Random Audio Dude said...

Anti-mainstream is clearly a sick football fanatic. Nothing of what the dude said explains why footballers are into group sex and homoerotic photos. Nothing of what he said explains why footballers crave groupies and when they get them chuck them out if they are too much trouble. Nothing of what he said explains why he would bother posting comments on this blog. Oh, hang on a minute, St Kilda is probably paying him.

Amy Andrews said...

Phuckae's comments make you wonder. "coach is right". Could this be the st.kilda football coach talking or just another dead head AFL football coach. The AFL is a disgrace and you wonder how much of a media stunt it was to have Fevola arrested, when footballers do a lot worse and don't get arrested. He gets arrested for being a public nuisance and its news worthy. Yet, here is a far bigger story and far bigger crime and social issue, and does the news cover it? What about all the other footballers' crimes that go unpunished. eg. Stephen Milne rape case, where two former detectives left the police force because they said that the case was derailed. Isn't that more news worthy? Or the cosy relationship between the AFL and the police and their memorandum of understanding - how come in this case with Fevola, he didn't get afforded the same protection.
Not justifying Fevola, but it seems to me that it seems rather staged to deflect attention from this case and giving the public the impression that the AFL is cleaning house, when clearly it is not - otherwise it would answer the hard questions about this case.

The AFL makes Australians look like a backwater of white trash, druggies, drunks, perverts, paedophiles and sex addicts. It's a shame that Australians don't see that and boycott the game until the AFL cleans house.

Anna said...

Hey Random Audio Dude,
Happy to explain comments. I was referring to theft of private photos from someone's computer and cyberbullying by posting those naked images for the world to see. It's very easy to simplify this issue either way (big, bad footballers or stalker girl etc), but as a mother, I'm really frightened of the message this type of behavior is sending to other teens...That is that it is OK to distribute naked photos of someone on Facebook to exact revenge on another person. There are teens who have committed suicide over this very thing.
To Kim, I really hope that you can just move on with your life right now and stop fighting. There are clearly no winners here, just huge lessons to be learned on both sides. Anger and revenge are so destructive. Nothing is worth carrying that around with you.

Zorro said...

anna Ive got 5 health adult children and I deplore your attitude. The message is sends is that if you think you can live one life in public and another in private think again. If you think you can shag children in group sex sessions and not have it become known then think again. So the biggest crime here is cyber bullying and unauthorized distribution of weirdo photos? The idiots want to prey on school children and all you can do is talk down to the child? . The only crime you can see has the footballers as victims? and your concerned about the message its sending to young teenagers? it sounds like you have a pretty sick morality and certainly not someone who should be giving advice to young woman. There are a whole lot of very outraged morally and ethically sound people who think how the Saints have behaved is outrageous. If Kim wants to fight these idiots with the tools she has at hand then who are you to talk down to her? If the players want to have group sex with children then they reap what they sow, imagine how many of these children have not spoken out? 10s, 100s, 1000s over the years?

parent said...


Your point about cyber bullying is a fair one, but my understanding is that what started Kim's cyber response was Kim's image being posted on the internet months ago, apparently by a St Kilda player. Hinch refers to another image of Kim being circulated among St Kilda players and players from other clubs. St Kilda and the AFL can't handle a sexually exploited child turning the tables on them and not submitting to their bullying. They've got nothing to complain about: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Your comments about stopping fighting, anger and revenge apply equally to SKFC, but it's last public statements were to announce that it's going to destroy Kim by legal actions and destroy her financially until she's in her 30s. SKFC is just as vengeful as Kim, but with less reason as it's merely a corporation which can't suffer the personal hurt Kim has.

SKFC and the AFL have gone off the air since then, which suggests that they don't have answers to Hinch's questions which put them in a good light and that they're realising that public opinion isn't going their way as they've handled this issue disastrously.

Phil said...

Anna, What's the photo of Kim you refer to. This is the first I have heard of it, but it cetainly changes any good image I had of the St Kilda players if its true.

Random Audio Dude said...

Anna, you need to prove the photos were stolen. If you can't do that then nothing you say has any validity. I asked you to prove your allegations. You did not.

And while you are thinking about this, can you please explain what on Earth those AFL players were doing taking naked pictures of each other. Doesn't that strike you as even just a little weird, so weird in fact that anything else you say seems somewhat trivial in comparison.

You, like other posters, really do look like you are getting paid by St Kilda to come on soft and heavy at the same time, a new tactic apparently to back down from the full on St Kilda bullying that has been happening.

I ask you one more time to prove that the photos were stolen. If you can't do this, then you need to stop posting, as everything you say is based on the premise that the photos were stolen.

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parent said...

There is an, as yet unproved, assumption that Kim stole the photos.

It has been conceded by Gilbert that she had his permission to use his computer, upon which he knew the images were stored as data.

Can one steal data in those circumstances?

Check out the law on theft in Victoria (Section 71, Crimes Act and following$FILE/58-6231a222.pdf ) and see if you can make out a case for theft.

TheFeech said...

Any parent who praises Kims efforts is a poor parent. By 16 my sisters and the majority of my personal friends (females) new sex, let alone group sex was wrong.
Children learn morals from parents. If they think something like group sex, releasing photos of people they have never meet, ect is ok, they have learnt it from the parents who should never have had children in the first place.
Kim, I hope you suffer till you are 30-35 like the reports say, as most people do. (Most people do not sit on the Internet commenting on blogs lol - Im boring, so I do)

Amy Andrews said...

TheFeech. Yes, it is disturbing that teenagers are so sexually active but you probably don't know all the facts to judge.

Australia has the highest rate of teenage abortion in the world.
About one in four Year 10 students and half of all Year 12 students have had vaginal intercourse.

A young girl seduced by footballers and with the culture of alcohol and drugs, she really didn't stand much of a chance. The footballers should have known better than to prey on the dreams of a young girl and the fact that she got pregnant suggests just how naive and inexperienced she was, entering the adult world of AFL football, like a lamb to the slaughter. It's the AFL and footballers that need to be held to account. Shame on you The Feech for posting this attack on this young girl. I am sure she has enough guilt for bad decisions made but as a society, the AFL and footballers should be held to account because she met them at a school sanctioned sports clinic and somehow managed to get up to Sydney and meet them again.. Do you blame a paedophile or the victim? Do you blame a kid who thought she was in love or the adult man who preys on that dream and exploits her for everything he can get and then dumps her like a piece of garbage when she is pregnant and then uses the AFL media machine to discredit her.

Braid said...

Random Audio Dude, you need to prove that people are being paid by the St Kilda Football Club. If you can't do that then nothing you say has any validity. I asked you to prove your allegations. You did not.

Time and time again, you accuse someone of having an agenda as soon as they post something you disagree with. My take it that if the photos weren't stolen, then she would have simply told people that she took them straight off Gilbert's computer, and not pretended she was actually the one with the camera in her hand. Considering you are blogspot's resident detective, I didn't think that would have been too hard for you to work out.

I ask you one more time to prove that anyone here works for St Kilda. If you can't do this, then you need to stop posting, as everything you say is based on the premise that any person that disagrees with you is a paid employee of the St Kilda Football Club.

By the way, if your response is along the lines of St Kilda somehow paying me type this to discredit you then you're a bigger idiot than I first thought.

Braid said...

I'm just wondering here, if Kim fell in love with just a regular man, who wasn't a "high profile" AFL player, and then he dumped her and she felt used, how exactly would she be getting her revenge? Would she approach his employer and the leader's of that industry? Would she run to the media and get them to fight the battle for her, inventing stories based on nothing more than her allegations?

Or would she just do her best to move on, like we all have to do at some stage when things don't go our way? I know those sorts of circumstances are difficult but it doesn't mean you have the right to prolong the saga for months on end.

markmark said...

Well said Braid I had to build many bridges in my life.

blackmask said...

Well said Braid.

Kim, you keep saying the truth must come out and you stand up for what you believe in.

What truth? I realise legally being explicit with the truth could be a problem but really, is there anyone who didn't know that teenage groupies throw themselves at footballers, or that testosterone fueled young men take up those offers? Is it really a surprise to anyone that there is an alcohol and drug sub culture? A "cover up" as it's being called? Every industry tries to avoid brand damaging issues appearing in the media. That's not just the AFL that's business in general. So what truth are we all going to be stunned to see?

And, what do you believe in? I thought this was about revenge? You believe in revenge? What's going to count as a win in all this for you? AFL loss of media, St Kilda financial collapse, Gilbert's head on platter?

Right now you have an amazing opportunity available. Start networking and making long term contacts rather than playing a role of cyber superstar @its_k_isabella. If you genuinely want to make a difference then sort out these court cases and put them behind you, go and study media, PR, law, and when you've had a chance to grow up a bit, get a job at the AFL and work to change the culture from within.

iCoach 2.0 said...

That's good advice blackmask, but I don't think she is capable of studying. She's clearly uneducated and only after a quick buck by stalking and then demanding money from high profile people. Besides, even if she did somehow get a degree, who would ever employ this slut? NOBODY.

Maree said...

You are right when you say 'thats life' . I hope by now you realise it's not just afl players who will treat you badly if you carry on with absolutely no respect for yourself. People in all walks of life will treat you badly if you behave the way that you do. And trying to play the 'victim' is an insult to people who truly have been victims to genuine situations. You're a disgrace and embarrassment who has put womens groups back about 15 years, and for what? Revenge for getting dumped? Good for you.

iCoach 2.0 said...

Well said Maree. I suspect that those few who are supporting what she did are simply immature teenagers themselves. Those pretending to be parents are clearly not parents, because no parent of a teenage child could support such sluttish behaviour. She can't see it, but she has ruined her entire life by all this. This is the internet, and her actions will haunt her for the rest of her life. She will be completely unemployable for life, other than to serve as an unnamed extra in porn movies. She couldn't even star in a porn movie because anything she put her name to would be doomed.

blackmask said...

iCoach, please don't help me.

She's very clearly literate and educated. Her pre wayward teen years would also suggest that she can be focussed and apply herself. So if she wanted to she'd be very capable of studying and excelling in whatever she wanted to do.

This isn't going to make her unemployable or ruin her life at all. With some maturity on top of this experience, she'll have a lot to contribute.

Braid said...

Hasn't she got a misspelt word tattooed on her arm? Not sure about you but I'd say that literacy isn't her strong point.

blackmask said...

lol, "Sucess is the best revenge" that might say more about the literacy of her tattooist. At 17 tattoos are illegal so she probably didn't go to the best of the pack.

She says it's deliberately misspelt because everyone has imperfections.

Braid said...

And you believe that?

matt said...

"I hope you all are seeing the truth uncovered slowly.."

What truth is that??? Why don't you blog your story? There is no truth only lies and questions

I feel sorry for the girls who in the future do get raped and abused by AFL players..They will be simply painted with the same brush...attention seeking slut... they will be the true victims.
You are doing more harm than good!

Look at all your fame... 90 members on this site, 2000 on your facebook.. god knows how many on twitter..lets say 3000... Wow out of a country of 20 million i'd say your doin pretty well!

iCoach 2.0 said...

Tattoos at 17 are illegal. Sex at 15 is also illegal. Extortion, fraud and stealing is illegal no matter the age. But hey, she doesn't let simple things like the law effect her actions.

blackmask said...

@Braid lol, no I believe her tattooist was a dill.

Frank said...

LOL - if a girl has sex at 15 with a guy who is 20-something it's the GUY who is breaking the law, not her. Add to that Duty of Care and the guy is revealed as a total fool.

matt said...

@frank, Are you saying she was 15? The silly girl wants revenge,why not go to the police and tell them she was 15.. that would bring down the club...But alas she can't because it's not true... nice try

kitkat2507 said...

Happy New Year Kim.

No matter what the nasties say WE NOW KNOW THE AFL AND THE VIC COPS ARE BED BUDDIES!

"The AFL's secret police deal on league identities made the sporting body a criminal investigator and urged police to stay quiet about it.

The uncensored contract, obtained by AAP on Tuesday, states that Victoria Police could not comment on its own investigations into any AFL player, coach, board member or even staff without consulting the league.

The football body was also given permission to "investigate matters of illegal betting" and other serious crimes from drug trafficking and domestic violence to sexual assaults.

Advertisement: Story continues below The police-AFL "relationship" was struck so both could investigate "any criminal activity that would be prejudicial to the interests of the AFL", the contract says.

Once the league had obtained enough evidence through its internal criminal investigations, it was obliged to hand over its files to police.

Likewise, officers under the deal were required to co-operate "by providing to the AFL information that may be relevant to any possible criminal offences".

matt said...


Zorro said...

I love these so called moral woman like Maree and icoach who in comments here use terms like "slut" to describe a 16 year old girl having group sex with grown men.

The same child that lost twins to these St Kilda footballers is called a "slut" by those offering moral superiority and guidance. This is the same child that got drunk with the investigating officer and slept with him.

The same people that suggest that anyone that finds these footballers behavior disgusting are teenagers themselves. The same people that dont question why grown men are having homosexual parties while away.

These same people dont question any of this.....or why grown men want to hang around a hotel room and masturbate together? is that really as far as things went ? or is that just what we have photo evidence of?

Why are grown men taking pictures of themselves masturbating and keeping the pictures ?

You go for it Kim!... and take zero notice of these idiot detractors that want to slander you. Many mature adults feel how you have been treated is disgustingly

Amy Andrews said...

icoach 2.0 you seem to be intent on calling Kim a slut. What's your problem - you seem emotionally connected?

Don't you understand, that Kim has no choice but to fight this, she is fighting because it is St.Kilda that is suing her. Why doesn't she counter sue them for distributing photos of her, breach of copyright, emotional distress, etc..? But she isn't counter suing them, she's defending herself. Though it would certainly give them a kick up the pants if she did counter sue them.

There is a lot she can't say on this blog because these cases are going to court but is it fair enough that a girl meets footballers at her school, somehow ends up in Sydney in their hotel, close enough to get access to lewd photos of them, gets drunk, gets pregnant, gets dumped, picked up by a policeofficer for shop lifting maybe because her life is so screwed up after her rendezvous with our esteemed footballers, then the police officer offers her Dad counselling for her, but instead takes her to a nightclub, gets her drunk and has sex with her, she loses baby, has 20 meetings with the AFL, all the while the cosy police and AFL work out a way of covering up this mess by discrediting her and not fully investigating, as it usually the case with any incident involving footballers and the infamous memorandum of understanding between the police and the AFL, and now she has the media to contend with, who are happy to be complicit with the AFL and paint her either as a victim whose lost her mind or a callous gold digger come slut. The police cannot even conduct the interview with her properly after her principal reported the incident to the education department and the AFL media people have the gall to blame the Education Department.
Who exactly started the situation? If there was any doubt that the footballers could not restrain themselves from having sex with teenagers, still at school, they should not have run a sports clinic for teenage girls.
There is a strong link between familiarity and trust. In this case, this girl was in an environment of trust when she was introduced to these footballers. They came not as just any man off the street but as role models to her school. Whether she pursued them like a bedazzled teenage groupie or whether they pursued her and got in contact with her after the clinic, only show the gravity of their crime. They should NOT have gone anywhere near her, let alone introduced her to group sex, drugs and alcohol, get her pregnant, and then cover up their asses with lawyers and AFL heavies.
A picture tells a thousand words and those lewd photos of the St.Kilda football players tell their own story. A story of irresponsible, overpaid, drunks that use women as their sex toys.

You might think, if this was just some girl and some boy, what's the big deal? But it is a big deal because the footballers are not boys, they are men, that come into schools to show a duty of care. They should have shown restraint, not got her pregnant and introduced her to their R+ culture and then tried to brush off responsibility by calling her slut, distributed trophy photos of her, then when she got her revenge on them, they hire their big gun lawyers to sue her for any money she makes for the next 15 years.
IF the behaviour of the AFL and the Vic Police does not make you sick, then you have no moral standards at all. There are many Australians who are disgusted by these events, (not just teenage girls) and want to see justice and change in the culture of both the AFL and Victorian Police.

blackmask said...


She's playing a legal battle, not a moral one.

Treating someone disgustingly is not illegal
Having sex with a 16 year old is not illegal
Fooling around naked with team mates is not illegal
Masturbating together is not illegal
Not deleting a photo as asked is not illegal
Having homosexual parties, as you call them, is not illegal
Being a misogynist twat is not illegal

If she goes to mediation and loses and finds herself paying for the next 15 years, assuming that's even made public, it will be sad and unfair, but then I'll go on with my life. At the end of the day I log off and tomorrow I have a choice whether to continue taking any interest in this scandal.

She's 17 years old, and as I said in my previous post, quite capably of succeeding in whatever career she wishes to pursue. Whatever the truth is, she's clearly been hurt. There comes a time when these guys need to lose their influence on her life.

It's important she learns to pick her battles and it seems to me very unfair to encourage someone, especially a 17 year old, to take on a battle I personally wouldn't.

blackmask said...


There is no magic bullet for culture change. It takes years, it's stressful, it's draining, and at the end of it some people will pay a personal toll that a 17 year old can't possibly foresee. Kim has started it, she's given it a trigger, but it's now up to adults, AFL, media, public to make sure what she's gone through isn't in vain.

She can do her bit to change the culture by not being destroyed by it, by being successful, as adults, that's what I think we should expect for her.

parent said...

Today, as I and two other lanes of traffic were taking off on a green light at a major intersection, I saw a man on a mobility scooter attempt a U turn on a ramp to the pedestrian crossing. He rolled his scooter and fell into the gutter on the corner, where he was at risk of being run over. He could not get up. He wasn't even moving.

Several cars stopped as soon as they could. The drivers ran back to help him.

He should be thankful that some of the judgmental, unforgiving and heartless people commenting on Kim's situation weren't there.

After all, he was coming from the direction of a pub about fifty metres away, so he must have been an alcoholic of no worth to society who deserved to fall over and be left in the gutter because he couldn't even manage to walk, to be run over by some arrogant moralist with contempt for those who fall over in life and then left to be flushed into a drain with the rest of the gutter garbage.

Also, it was entirely his own fault as I could see what was going to happen as he started to execute too sharp a turn on too steep a slope at too high a speed on a vehicle with too high a centre of gravity with too narrow a wheelbase and too narrow a track.

Still, I'm glad I stopped to help. I'd rather help someone who falls into a gutter and wants to get up again than delight in the causes of their fall; condemn them to the gutter for the rest of their life; look forward to them being run over, treated as garbage and flushed into a sewer; and bolster a weak and judgmental personality by looking down on them.

I'm also pleased to say that most of the cars in a position to see what happened pulled over to offer help as soon as possible.

It confirms my belief that in real life the decent people are in the majority, but on the internet anonymity allows a lot of small-minded, nasty, bitter, bigoted and intellectually inadequate people to spew their unreasoned bile and create the impression that they are in the majority. Which, on the internet, they seem to be.

parent said...

@Amy Andrews

I agree with your comments and general positions.

It distresses me to see so many people getting a buzz out of condemning Kim when they do so from self-appointed positions of moral perfection which, in their view, entitle them to jusge and look down on her. Judge not lest ye be judged, and all that.

I expect that, if we knew all there is to know about Kim's moralistic critics, we'd find them something less than morally or otherwise perfect. And, if exposed as morally imperfect, they'd be begging for the understanding they won't give Kim.

parent said...


You said "There is no magic bullet for culture change. It takes years ..."

I disagree.

Put an effective commander in charge of a military unit and he or she can change the culture in weeks.

It just requires ruthless weeding out of unsuitable elements and ruthless discipline of those who stray back upon the previous unwanted path.

The reasons it doesn't happen in the AFL are:

1. The clubs and the AFL don't really want to change the culture. They just want to change the window dressing the public sees, with feel good statements about respect for women and so forth. What they're really trying to change is the management of public perceptions of the AFL and its players. It's a public relations exercise, replete with women in positions of apparent responsibility in this area. But do any of those women have power to say "This player has offended AFL policies on respect for women and must be banned."? Or suspended? Or anything? No.

2. There is no ruthless discipline. The players are too valuable to the clubs to be kicked out for bad behaviour, whether it's sexual abuse of women or drug abuse or anything else. It's only when it becomes a serious public relations problem that anything approaching firm action is taken, such as Fevola's latest conduct, but never ruthless discipline at the first sign of trouble, which will in almost all cases discourage further trouble.

blackmask said...

I don't agree it's that simple, it takes time to make the changes, but for arguments sake lets say it is.

Even with outside pressure, if the leadership and will isn't there, if the consequences aren't going to happen, if it's not going to happen from within then it's not going to change. As you said "the reasons it doesn't happen in the AFL".

As I said in a previous post "it seems to me very unfair to encourage someone, especially a 17 year old, to take on a battle I personally wouldn't."

dawn said...

I'm waiting for her to be on the cover of Zoo magazine after she turns 18!
Anyone want to start a book on it!

Zorro said...

I dont see how shes a long time loser, the threat to impoverish her for 15 years is complete BS bullying, she has no assets and very little income, they are well aware they have very little financial leverage on her (other than gutless attempts at intimidation on a naive)

It would very unlikely that the courts impose anything punitive on her long term unless does something in contempt of an order.

All their bluster just covers up their fear of more things being exposed . The AFL position is extremely weak and they know it.

iCoach 2.0 said...

You say that she has no income. Are you sure about that? Just the other day she made a post where she was begging for all her supporters to give her $80 by way of bank transfer into an account she had set up. She claimed she needed it to pay for a crappy $80 a night motel room. Yet the next night, she posted how she spent the night in a 5 star hotel in the city, and spent the night roaming around town in a limo checking out the fireworks. So she clearly has an income, but she clearly knows how to blow it too (excuse the pun).

Braid said...

Your analogy makes a nice bed time story, but it's not relevant to this situation. If the bike rider had fallen off his bike through his own stupidity, blamed the pub for getting him drunk, then tried to blame all the other pubs up and down the street while playing the victim card for being too young to be actually drinking and driving, then we'd have a comparible situation. If that was the case, I'd like to know exactly how judgemental you'd be towards the person who has themselves to blame for finding themselves in that situation.

Braid said...

@Amy Andrews
"A picture tells a thousand words and those lewd photos of the St.Kilda football players tell their own story. A story of irresponsible, overpaid, drunks that use women as their sex toys."

I'm sorry but that is 100% wrong. Those pictures in no way tell that story. It shows some guys, in the privacy of their own rooms, doing things which you may or may not agree with. It says nothing of them being drunk or overpaid, and it certainly does not indicate anything even close to how they treat women.
Just by looking at those photos, how could you possibly come to that conclusion?

MumOf4 said...

@parent and @Braid

I have my own analogy. :)

We have a 16 year old male named Ken.

One night he is out late, and as he walks past a supermarket carpark, he spies a shiny trolley sitting in the trolley bay, underneath a set of lights.

Ken loves to break all the rules and live close to the edge, he lives off adrenalin, so he takes the trolley from the car park, hops inside, and rolls down a road known to locals as deadmans drop. It's ok though, he thinks to himself, there is a playground at the end of this street, I can land softly on the bark and will be fine. I've done it before, I can do it again. I can then brag about it on facebook.

Rolling down this hill with incredible speed, he approaches the playground. Suddenly the trolley hits a pothole - something he hadn't considered.

The trolley jolts and the end tips up, and poor Ken is sent flying through the air.
He lands awkwardly on a parked car, that was next to the playground. If this car hadn't been there, he might have escaped unharmed.

Now poor Ken is lucky to be alive, but will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He is after his revenge, and who does he go after?

*His parents? - they should not have allowed him to be out at that time of night.

* The supermarket? - if someone had done their job properly, the trolley would have been safe inside, and not outside in the car park.

* The trolley manufacturer? - they have made a product that was shiny and this is what tempted him TONIGHT for his thrills. Other times he has done this stunt, it wasn't the shine, but that is not the point to this very incident.

* The local council? - if they had maintained their roads, there would have been no pothole.

* The owner of the parked car? - they were parked in a no parking zone, so breaking local law.

* Facebook and his friends? - he really only does these things so he can show off to his friends via Facebook.

* Himself? - but wait - he is ONLY 16, so one cannot expect him to have foreseen the foolishness of his actions. Plus we live in an age where people no longer have to accept personal responsibility. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.

In the end, he decides to go after the supermarket, after all, they are a large national chain with millions of dollars, what's a payout going to do to their bottom line - probably very little.
Unfortunately the supermarket refuses his demands, so instead of seeking other means, he finds some embarrassing photos of the checkout chick, and threatens to go public if they don't pay.
He refuses to distinguish between this girl, and her employer - they are one and the same to him.
She's not innocent because she works for them. That's how he justifies it in his head to himself.

Phuckae said...

Dickileaks slag is threatening suicide on her Twitter account.

Phuckae said...

Ha ha ha ha. Attention seeker. She'll be accepting donations not to jump soon.

MumOf4 said...

According to the facebook account in her name, she is also Justa_journo82 and hey_goober on twitter.

Interesting to see how low kim is prepared to go in all this attention seeking. I am afraid we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what she is capable of doing.

She is obviously crying out for help - why haven't the men in white coats come collect her?

John D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Braid said...

I hope that those that have been defending every action and comment from this girl can now see what sorts of attention seeking games she is capable of. Ask Greg Stafford.

blackmask said...

It's still not determined whether her accounts been hacked, but lets say it's all for attention. She's on twitter, what is the problem with giving her attention?

matt said...


Best yet!

Mrs J said...

We arn't discussing an adult here, Kim is a teenager.
Life is full of emotion at that age, this is precisely why adult men shouldnt have sexual relationships with teenagers.
Teenagers are generally very prone to acting before they think. Nothing new there!
It comes as no surprise that after a few drinks a teenager that has, as alledged - lost a baby - feels overwhelmed. God forbid, adults never get over it. In regards to the analogy of Ken by Mumof4, how about if we change the players in this scenario and exchange them for a teacher having sex with a teenager. As a mum of 4 would you approve? would it be the teenagers fault or the adults fault? But in an incidence involving footballers and a club that has already admitted it has payed for counselling (so they obviously feel responsible) it is the teenagers fault??
If someone is hurting emotionally, can they not seek attention?

Braid said...

You're right, there is nothing wrong with seeking attention, whether it be medical attention, or some drunken ramblings on twitter. Everyone has the right to do so.
What they don't have the right to do is ridicule other people along the way by inventing stories, particularly when those people are in the public eye. She has brought more attention on herself by linking herself to the Saints, and she's sat back and lapped up the attention, despite her foolishness costing her a relationship with her parents.

Zorro said...

Absolutely Mrs J

Lets ask some more questions. Was Kim drunk when she had group sex with the players?
Were there drugs involved?
If so who procured the drugs and/or alcohol and will they be charged with providing a minor prohibited substances ?
So lets get this straight, two absolutely low life grown men visit a school where they make the acquittance of a 16 year old student, they later ply her with alcohol and both have sex with her , getting her pregnant with twins.
They then denigrate her , which at some point sparks a police investigation, where she is played with drink again and screwed by the investigator. Who is acting under a secret memorandum of understanding with the club.

During the process she gains access to team members computers and ships a bunch of photos to her own email address.

The photo's reveal that not only do St Kilda ply young children with alcohol and molest them as a team, abandoning them when they get pregnant. They also engage is touring gay sex parties while they are away.

I would suggest the management of the club should immediately resign . They have completely lost control of their team. How many other employers sponsor touring masturbation sessions between their employees (and who knows how far it really goes). How many employers try hush up their employees pregnancies with teenage girls?

So the club met the young lady 20 times ? What the hell did they talk about? Whats was the agenda of the meetings? What was management trying to achieve with these meetings? Were registered psychologist involved? Did Kim have representation?

Michael Nettlefold you should resign immediately , you might think its your job to run a footballers sex circus and too cover up for them so they can continue on their orgy of child and homosexual sex parties, but the jobs about running a football club not condoning this kind of lunacy. Your should change your title to "Club Pimp" instead or President.

Jeezus can you imagine the sledging next year from the other teams ? The Saints are odds on to be wooden spooners and Michael you should have put a stop to it months ago. You have turned the Saints into the laughing stock of the AFL and set the club up for failure of the worst kind.

The problem is of course that you condone and encourage such behavior. How many of these parties went on during 2010. How many young girls were gotten drunk and gang banged. How many of the players are sleeping with each other?

of course she is seeking attention and suspect a lot of people are glad shes bought this grotty football club kicking and screaming into the light, so that we can all see the values they stand for.

Braid said...


"The photo's reveal that not only do St Kilda ply young children with alcohol and molest them as a team, abandoning them when they get pregnant."

Please explain how the photos reveal that.

Zorro said...


Shes got every right to expose ST Kilda as the grotty travelling child and gay sex party they are, if players want to get children drunk and then gang bang them, then denigrating them after losing their child then they get what they deserve. Which St Kilda player will be charged with providing alcohol to her? Were there other drugs involved? How many other underage girls were drinking?

Michael Nettlefold is a Club Pimp not a President, most of the AFL is disgusted with St Kilda and their actions.........and from the twitter feed shes seems to be seeing her parent regularly. Michael you should resign immediately, you have totally lost control, St Kilda is a travelling gay and child sex party. Supposed elite athletes preying on children from coaching clinics. St Kilda should be banned from all schools in Victoria immediately

Can you imagine the sledging next year ...? Jeezus St Kilda for the wooden spoon.

St Kilda PR people can sit on these feeds as long as they like and denigrate her but they are off with the fairies. St Kilda cant win a war against a child there are to many men and women with morals who will stand up and speak.

Braid said...


For a start, gay sex isn't illegal. If you have a problem with it, thats entirely your problem.
Secondly, the rest of your straw man argument is based on nothing but her unproven and inconsistent allegations, and your tall poppy syndrome.
But as you say, there are plenty of men and women who will speak up on this issue. For the sake of intelligent discussion, I sincerely hope you aren't one of them.

Zorro said...

Braid is undeniable that two St Kilda players had sex with a 16 year old girl during a dunken party binge after meeting her at a coaching clinic.

The photos reveal that St Kilda has turned into coven of bisexual or gay footballers.

Together they reveal a club that lost its moorings, a team of sex obsessed fools who have no values or standards.

What happens on these trips behind closed doors boogles the mind.

Can you imagine a bunch of golfer, firemen, surfers, cricketers, accountants......or any other group of men all taking their cloths off and masturbating with each other on a work sponsored trip?

Zorro said...

lol Braid mate :)

its a fucking football club not a sex club!

I dont care who they have sex with , being gay or straight has nothing to do with it, either way I would suggest that its not a very smart way to run a football club. Running a club like a Caligula's bath house is plain dumb from a business point of view.

Now its out in the open its exposed the club, the players and the brand name to complete ridicule.

Braid said...


How is it undeniable? Because she said so? And because there is a photo of two guys naked or half-naked, then that somehow proves her allegations? Are you kidding me?

I'm not saying I would want to be a part of those activities but for you to continually say that the photos somehow prove that they had group sex with her is the only thing that boggles the mind.

Braid said...


If you don't care who they have sex with, why are you so concerned with attacking the players and the club for being caught half-naked with each other? Why you do refer to them as the "grotty travelling sex party"?

I'll ask again, how do the photos prove that they had group sex with her?

matt said...

This is about taking responsibility of your own actions, be it the girl or the AFL
The players did not force her to have sex, nor did they force her to drink, or force her to take drugs.
She plays the child card when it suits her. Her credibility is shit. Her own admissions, be it on face book , twitter or any other medium suggest that she is a drug and alcohol abuser which has a history of shoplifting.
Now you will say “ but everyone makes mistakes” But where do you draw the line… Someone aged 16 steals a car… do you stick up for or do you punish him? Does he blame the owners because they left the window open?
“ Who is acting under a secret memorandum of understanding with the club.” Check the date of it 2009 not 2010
If a teacher or policeman have sex with a child do you sue the police or the Dept of education or do you sue the individual ? Why isn’t she trying to take revenge on the police? Didn’t she have sex with one?
Everyone tries to pass the buck and the AFL (which is known for its corrupt morals) is an easy target. These photos mean nothing. Even if they were gangbanging each other. Are you homophobic?
People like you try and sway the public by taking focus off the real issues and start going on about gay, masturbating football players… When simply that is the indirect fallout of the real issue… Teenage girl (legal) hooks up with football player, gets pregnant, gets dumped and then finally revenge…
Have you seen her You tube videos… hilarious! Hope they use them in court to prove her character!

blackmask said...


On the history there were many opportunities by all concerned to avoid this and there were some bad decisions all around. But ridiculing her, dragging her name through the mud, now doesn't change any of that. She's 17, she's going through a lot and if she want attention then it's not a huge investment for me to post something.

How many people have blogs, facebook, twitter accounts with no following? They are by design a social tool. If any other teenager, or adult for that matter, had started posting like she did to their few dozen followers chances are people would have ignored it or joked along. There's an assumption that every time Kim posts something she's looking for attention or there's some drama. She just has 12,000+ people putting their own spin on what she's saying...attention, depression...just maybe some of her tweets are just a 17 year old being a 17 year old.

Mrs J said...

If a teacher or policeman have sex with a child do you sue the police or the Dept of education or do you sue the individual ? Why isn’t she trying to take revenge on the police? Didn’t she have sex with one?

In this day and age. The department involved generally distances itself from the immoral behaviour of one of its own. This includes suspension, internal and external investigations.

Not covering it up and offering counselling to the minor, who in any other situation apart from AFL, is generally perceived as the victim..

Mrs J said...

previous was @ Mark

blackmask said...

@Mrs J

The police investigated the incidents. She's 16 therefore legal, and it was found no wrong doing from a legal perspective.

On the other hand Andrew Lovett, also St Kilda, was sacked when formal charges were laid.

Morally there's some questions to be asked, but do we really want employers sacking people because they don't agree with their legal behaviour in their private lives?

matt said...

Mrs J

Not covering it up and offering counselling to the minor, who in any other situation apart from AFL, is generally perceived as the victim..

Could you elaborate?

Braid said...


I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are you trying to say that she is just a normal 17 year old, making her daily tweets and blogs about life in general, and just because she happens to have 12,000 followers then it has spun out of control?

matt said...

12,000 followers... wonder how many actually support her and how many love to watch a good trainwreck in progress..very sad indeed.

Mrs J said...

She was 16 when the alleged events occured.It has already been made public that under AFL's own code that they percieve anyone under 18 as being a child.Is this not correct?

under section 5.1 AFL Child Protection Policy- A child is a person under 18 years old

Is this not correct?? It is the AFL's own policy.

So regardless of any personal opinion you have, this is there in black and white as the policy that the AFL work under. Isnt the person that had a sexual relationship with Kim when she was 16 an AFL player over the age of 18?

Mrs J said...

Did we see in the media at the time that one of AFL's own adult players had broken the AFL policy by precurring sex with a person that is deemed under their code to be a child?
Did we see the AFL distance itself from that player and condem their actions.....Nooooo!
The AFL swept in under the table but provided counselling.....some would say - thats a cover up.

Braid said...

Agreed, at the very least, the football club should have punished the player for the indiscretion, providing that he knew that she was under 18 prior to engaging in a sex act with her.

blackmask said...


I assume you read her tweets? Going to city, drinking vodka, spent christmas with family, watched fire works NYE, much of what she writes is pretty normal stuff.

lol, a part of her life is far from normal 17 year old, that's given her a high profile, but that's just one part of her life. Take out the high public profile aspects, and I've known other kids who've been through and do the same things. The difference is they confided talked and confided with people they knew, not 12,000 strangers analysing a 140 character text bite.

Zorro said...

Sack the President of the club who wants to run and defend a sex party circus and not a footy club

Sack him for bringing the club into disrepute through his handling of the matter

Pick another Captain he now cant lead a team on the field because he is the laughing stock of the AFL

Ban the players from group sex and sex with each other while on team functions/ events

Ban the players from having sex with anyone under 18 years old (as per Mrs J's point)

Heavily fine anyone thats broken Section 5.1 and if they did get anyone pregnant then release them form their contract

Put them all through a safe sex education process so they dont get woman pregnant

Implement strict drug testing policies immediately in the off season (all this sexualized behavior smacks of illicit induced drug mania bloke on the grog dont tend to get their dicks out together)

Payout Kim for her pain and suffering on the basis she cant blog about St Kilda or do anything related to this again (maybe hold some money back to be paid only if she complies with the undertaking)

Pay all her mental health and counselling bills for the next 3 years

Appoint woman to both the board and the executive team at St Kilda (there are some great woman in AFL that would put a stop to this lunacy in a second)

Enough is enough its time to fix the damn thing and put everything right. If St Kilda think they can win this through the courts they are self evidently the wrong people to lead St Kilda

The issue has to be bought to a close and it needs to be done quickly.

Mrs J said...

Thankyou Braid, So we agree on that.

I dont agree with photos being distributed about ones private albiet strange activities.

But when the AFL created this policy about a child deemed as being anyone under the age of 18. Im sure they were aware of what could eventuate between lovestruck teens and High profile players.

Doesnt take much of a brain to figure the potential consequences out.

Considering the relationship of a sexual nature occurred against AFL's own policy, that Im sure whilst being constructed took into account the emotional naivity of a teenager,

Is it of any surprise that this whole saga occured?

Braid said...


The difference between her and other 17 year olds, posting and tweeting about normal daily stuff, is that she chose to involve and engage with the "supporters" of hers. She chose to thrust her issue in to the public eye. While she may have the same daily dramas as a normal 17 year old, the fact that she is wallowing in the high levels of attention makes me question her motivations for posting in such a manner.

Braid said...

To add to that, I guess what I am saying is that you can't create a highly volatile situation in the adult world (even worse when it involves the media) but then dismiss it with "I'm just a kid" when the going gets tough.

Braid said...


Fuck off, you're an idiot.

MumOf4 said...

“Lets ask some more questions. Was Kim drunk when she had group sex with the players? “
Like Kim, you OBVIOUSLY have no idea of the term “group sex”.
It is not sleeping around with a group of guys at DIFFERENT times.
Kim has explained her sexual relations in the interview given by Amber Petty, link here.

Now, please note, in this interview she claims SHE TOOK THE photos herself.

She also claims she has a connection with 'famous people'...they always seem to find her', according to her. And she does not think she is a groupie. (yeah right. :snigger:)

“So the club met the young lady 20 times ? “
It was the AFL who has met with her 20 times. Not the club.

And here she is again

“Pay all her mental health and counselling bills for the next 3 years”
HA HA you have GOT to be KIDDING! She had mental health issues WELL BEFORE she got involved with St Kilda. Why should they be made to pay for something that already existed!?!?! That possibly is hard wired into her brain and untreatable?

And why does the world know about Kim and why has her reputation been ruined for life!?
Because SHE is the one who posted her name out there – she has her facebook, twitter, ustream and now blog linked to her actual name.

She could easily have done this anonymously – but then that wouldn't have been linked to her actual name. Sadly she probably thought she could make connections from this and made her money quickly, but little does she understand that no one in their right mind will be game enough to be involved with her – personally or employment wise.

This is how her fellow peer group think of her.
St Kilda Girl Parody

Mrs J said...

@Braid, No disrespect but ...Teens? what is "normal" in regards to Teens.
Attention seeking? My god ,that covers a fair amount of them. Head strong? what Teen isnt. Experimenting in drugs and alcohol? We all pray ours dont. Reckless, spontaneuos? Silly? Niave?
All pretty much typical teen stuff. Of course we all hope that our own are perfect, but what if they stuff up?
Teens always think they are mature. Put 3 years on there life and they will look back and think, wow I really knew nothing then.

I dont even think most Teens would fully comprehend "highly volatile situation in the adult world." Thats why they arnt classified as adults.
Courts view this theory, thats why they arnt tried as an adult till they are 18.

blackmask said...

@Mrs J

Your source for that is Hinch right? Have you read the policy? The <18 clause applies to child abuse policies, not sexual relationships. She wasn't kidnapped, she wasn't locked in a room, it was consensual.

The AFL respect and Responsibility policy states under the title "When is consent given freely?" - When she’s 16 years old or above

Kim was treated badly by an ex and quite likely others. Quite possibly she has a right feel scorned, quite understandable there's emotional baggage to work through. the whole situation is regrettable. To consider her a victim through all of it though, poor little Kim and the big bad men....from what I've seen she's not a "poor little kim", she need support, as anyone regardless of age would in this situation, but she just seems a lot stronger then a lot give her credit for.

matt said...

@ mumOF4
nail on the head

yep blame everyone else but yourself.

@Mrs J
Just like the girls supporters say... they made a mistake we have to support them.

Braid said...


That is no excuse. By all accounts, her parents told her not to continue with her online games. She ignored them, and it has come back to bite her on the arse. But then she posts a blog about how her heart was ripped out when her dad told her to get out, and we're all meant to sit back and feel sorry for her. I don't see her age being relevant at all, and I am certainly not going to feel sorry for her for the heat she is copping. Furthermore, I am not going to be an enabler for her to continue these games, like so many others are doing, under the guise of support and excuses, like her age or emotional state.
She has posted some pics, made some unproven and inconsistent allegations, and then sat back and watched while Hinch and others have fought the fight for her. Lots of people have been conned.

blackmask said...


You said...'but then dismiss it with "I'm just a kid" when the going gets tough.'

Maybe I missed it, but I don't think she is saying that. A lot of her supporters are, but I haven't seen her play the victim card too fact the opposite, it's fighting back that's getting her in trouble.

Zorro said...

I would add another recommendation

change the St Kilda club colours too pink and sew lace on their shorts...

matt said...

fighting back? all i see is alot of, look at me, look at me! twitter this twitter that. If she just went to ground and dealt with it in court, it would turn out better than posting "drinking vodka" while i'm seventeen!

Still though entertaining!

Braid said...

What is she "fighting back" on? Since the photos were posted, it seems she has been extremeley vague, and non responsive to specific questions.

Maree said...

Enough with the age crap - seriously. We've all been 16 before, you know what's going on. You're old enough to drive a car, you're old enough to take responsibility for yourself. She's a tart first, trouble maker second, attention seeker third. Actually, maybe attention seeker first given all the 'murder, kill, bleed, stab' she's banging on about now. I guess the attention died down...? She never has been a victim. I bet she's slept with and been dumped by average guys and we've never seen naked photos of them on her FB page. This isn't an AFL issue, this is all her.

blackmask said...


lol, I couldn't agree more that going to ground and just sorting it out in court will give the best solution.

matt said...

Ah Zorro.. entertain me some more!

Mrs J said...

@blackmask.....I read through the AFL's actual policy. It is on the internet in pdf format.

Note in the AFL policy a child is anyone under 18 and "encouraged" is the term used.

It is deemed "abuse" because under 18 years they are a deemed to be a child.

• Sexual abuse by adults or other children where a child is encouraged or forced to watch or engage in sexual activity or where a child is subject to any other inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature (e.g. sexual intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, pornography including child pornography or inappropriate touching or conversations).

when is consent given not in that policy.

blackmask said...


The photos were fighting back, revenge, humiliation. I'm not condoning it at all, I think it was misguided and wrong, but I can see why and what she was trying to achieve.

Everything since then, not sure. Seems to be a lot of external hype and influence and conspiracy theories. This is where age does come in, she's got no personal experience to filter what she's being told and many of the conspiracy theories are just utter rubbish.

Mrs J said...

@maree ...the AFL have admitted they had met with her on numerous occassions and provided counselling.
quote "Mr Demetriou said the AFL had provided the teen with counselling services"

I think that pretty much suggests that the AFL already consider it to be an AFL thing.

matt said...

@ Mrs J
Does it say in the code of conduct that breeching any of the code, disciplinary action MAY be taken or will be taken? Or something of the like?
Just curious, not being a smart arse…

blackmask said...

@ Mrs J

lmao, are you talking about the same Kim?

She's went to Sydney for a game and found the players after the game. She then caught up with them at a nightclub, which being under 18 she got into how? Then went back to their hotel room. One of them was her boyfriend for a period of time. She might have made some bad decisions but it's demeaning to her and the reckless strong will she has to consider her "forced or encouraged".

They met at a club, she has said everything was consensual, why wouldn't you believe her? her hindsight is telling her she made some bad calls, but they were her calls.

Mrs J said...

@blackmask..... Im purely pointing out the AFL's policy. The policy it requires its players to abide by.

matt said...

@ Mrs J

What happens if they don't abide by it?

Mrs J said...

@Matt it says

The AFL regards unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and abuse in any form
as intolerable and believes that all people have the right to work, play and socialise in an
environment which is safe, inclusive and respectful.
This policy has been designed to re-enforce the values the AFL places upon creating the best
environment for all people connected with Australian Football. It clearly defines expected
standards of behaviour for all people associated with our game and sets out the AFL’s
approach to addressing inappropriate behaviour.
Any reports of inappropriate behaviour as defined in this document will be treated seriously,
sympathetically and confidentially by the AFL or the Affiliated State Body and will be
investigated thoroughly. The AFL or Affiliated State Body will ensure that complainants and
witnesses are not victimised in any way.

Zorro said...

its not so funny maybe there is something it it

they could re-market themselves as the pink club

"The Pinks"

"the saints" is kinda old fashioned , the already have the lingerie footy league I reckon some nice satin hot pink shorts with some white frills or lace and hot pink lyrca tops

it would bring a whole new demographic to the game

Im sure they would be welcome at Mardi Gras up in Sydney

Maybe the float could have a male dancing review up the front to the lead them with a truck load of school girls in uniform at the rear

the new anthem would of course be the village people (YMCA) (imagine how spectacular that would be at a big game , the crowd would love it they could sing along and do all the movements)

and there would be heaps of new sponsors brou-zilian wax, Viagra , Durex, Laser Hair Removal

and it would fit right into the St Kilda area!

and after a game you dont go to the pub you go straight to the hot tub with your mates and compare manhood

and play game like "bobbing for apples" imagine the laughs when you miss an apple and run bang into your mates donga hahahaha

the club could even sponsor photo comps

and if they won the flag could you imagine the after party !, just line the club with plastic sheeting and provide lockers at the door to leave your gear. Club rules would require mandatory nakedness or you would be refused entry (better than the old days when you needed a collared shirt)

you could provide show bags with all the sponsors product, the Viagra would stop any further embarrassing shrinkage, the condoms you could fill with water and have after sex water fights (what else would you sue them for?)and Im sure Kodak would cough up

and you could bus in school girls from out west every hour. A few bongs , a couple of pills and bottle of champers each and they would be definitely ready to be responsible for everything they did !

Braid said...


I guess the revenge angle is understandable if she was treated poorly by the players, club and AFL. Personally, I don't believe that is the case. No doubt Gilbert was a complete prick to her, and while deplorable, that's not illegal, nor is it a club issue.
I think that after she was dumped, she began to follow the players around, with made-up stories of pregnancy, and thats when the players started to dismiss her. Maybe the club was alerted and the AFL stepped in, in order to avoid a repeat of the Greg Stafford incident.
Since then, she has decided to seek "revenge" for reasons only she can explain. She handled that side poorly, but conveniently found some allies in the media to add more to a half-baked story.
That's just my opinion, it's not based on any inside knowledge, or my opinion of her as a "groupie". I don't think she is a slut and I think Gilbert is a piece of shit but unfortunately things like this happen from time time in life.
The only reason I have been outspoken on this issue is because it annoys me when people like Random Audio Dude claim that everyone who disagrees with him works for the Saints, or other idiots like Zorro (who I suspect is just pulling the piss) claim that the photo "proves" all sorts of things, when it simply doesn't.

Mrs J said...

Here you go Matt its a bit of reading. It goes into breaches etc.

matt said...

@ Mrs J

I thought it might say players failing to comply "MAY" have disciplinary action taken... It sounds very vague and up to interpretation. It is a classic policy which says a lot and means a little. My interpretation of it is they can do what they want… so it means there is no cover up… they are dealing with it as they see fit as per the policy….. morally right? Maybe, maybe not!

matt said...

thanks for the link... i'll have a look

Braid said...

If a man is told by a girl that she is 18, what else is he to do, especially when meeting her at a nightclub?

matt said...

@ Zorro
Can’t resist, temptation to great….feed the troll….nom nom nom
I like your breast cancer theme…lol

blackmask said...

@Mrs J

The policy is applicable when working with children. Had they lured her away for some "special" practice after school and tricked into doing things she didn't want to, then yes it could apply.

She went to Sydney, she found them, she went to a nightclub, she went back to the hotel room. The policy that applies is age of consent, by law it's 16, by AFL policy it's 16. As I said earlier, I think it's disrespectful to take her power away in all of this, she made mistakes, that doesn't make her a victim.

@ Braid
Kim says they asked her age, she told them, they knew 16. Yes she could be lying, but really it's irrelevant given laws and policy on consent are 16.

I also have much the same view as you. I do believe she was pregnant, I haven't really seen any dispute on this. I think Gilbert was probably a prick to her, but as you say, not illegal. This is where her age does come into play, lack of life experience makes it harder to foresee consequences.

matt said...

@ Mrs J

“If an individual or organisation to which this policy applies breaches this policy, one or more forms of
discipline may be imposed. These may include making a verbal or written apology, paying a fine, being
suspended or de-registered or having a person’s appointment or employment terminated.”

So as you can see there is no cover up, there is a mediation date in place and I guess it will go from there….it does not state players HAVE to be sacked….

Have to admit, pretty ordinary policy but you have to work with what you have….

matt said...

What was also interesting is that the girl is also bound by the policy... i think she is going to get screwed!

matt said...

Game over?

Zorro said...

Ive seen these David and Goliath fights many times.She's got good representation and there is very little they can do to her that she would be afraid of....she gets screwed ? whats that really mean? shes subject to anymore taunts and put downs than shes already had.....anyone thats been involved in this kind of stuff know the threat of impoverishment for 15 years is nonsense.

In a legal fight someone who has no consequences they fear is the toughest foe, someone with a truck load of lawyers ready to defend her for free is hard to lay anything on.

Folks can get hairy chested all they want but there is very little the saints can do other than huff and puff and threaten. The fact they have needed to do this already is a sign they are weak

Mean while who knows how many copies of the photos exist, now the cats out of the bag its hard to put back in . thats why I suspect they Saints reacted so strongly, there is probably much worse photos that may or may not surface

all this slag the girl off morality, she had it coming doesnt acknowledge where the new media has taken us

there is no privacy anymore , whether its government secrets being exposed through wikileaks or personal secrets via the web, plenty of celebs have found themselves in the same position, if you dont protect your digital image, if you let people take pictures or filming of you in compromising positions then you risk having them distributed , Paris Hilton found out the hard way and so have the Saints

The same thing happened with the Cronulla Sharks gang banging that girl in New Zealand, there were not even pictures in that case but everything got exposed .

This culture of orgies and sexual adventure is fine as long as your willing to live with the consequences , if a team makes a habit of hanging out with children its eventually going to go pear shaped with one of them.

People can rant and rave all they want , reputation is an important career component as football skills these days, these guys have substantially damaged their own reputation by their own behaviour, they can blame someone else all they want, the facts is they left themselves open to this happening

Just like Julian Assange can hold the US empire to ransom, so can a little girl from St Kilda, right or wrong they are the facts. the only way you can ensure it wont happen is not put yourself in that position in the first place

MumOf4 said...

@zorro if Kim had got such good representation, why are they not explaining to her how she is doing only more damage to her case by posting online?!?!

Quote “Kim says they asked her age, she told them, they knew 16.”

Not according to the newspaper reports.
She has claimed they recognised her from the footy clinic – so that is how they knew she was 16. Her facebook (which said she was 19) and the newspapers say otherwise.

Quote I also have much the same view as you. I do believe she was pregnant,

Sadly, with all the other lies and the ways she has twisted things around, you have to wonder what the truth is here as well.

I have seen posts elsewhere on the net that claim that she was seen out the day after she supposedly gave birth to a still born. There are also photos floating around of when she was supposedly 7 months pregnant but she has a flat stomach.

Kim may not realise this, but for her to make a false claim that she delivered a stillborn around 30 weeks will come with consequences further down the track:

1)She would have been issued with a birth certificate, which would also be the death certificate.
2)Kim may not be aware of this – but any future children she has will probably have their sibling appear on their birth certificate.
Kim's future children will no doubt come across her colourful history online, and may start to question this sibling if it was indeed a false claim.
3)The accused 'father' may also seek to apply for a copy of this birth certificate – and could thus prove that no birth certificate in fact clears him and proves another false claim made.

Kim may not also be aware that if she did indeed give birth to a child, alive or stillborn, she would have received the baby bonus, may also be entitled to the bereavement payment and FTB.
Kim would also be classified as an independent under Centrelink's Youth Allowance, so should have a reliable , regular source of income at the moment, so if she managed her finances (ie not waste on drugs and alcohol) then she should not be begging twitters for money to pay for her accommodation.

matt said...

I can’t believe you linked her to Julian Assange… you sir are an idiot! Further if she was going to release said photos, she would of already liked she promised…I think she is scared of the consequences… As for her legal team… you are kidding yourself! She is nothing but a liar as are you. lol

matt said...


You really do your homework… always a good read

Braid said...

As Nixon says, the phone records prove that the players did not meet the girl until the nightclub, not at the school clinic as is often theorised here.

Good work, Mumof4. She could very easily back up her claims by showing some medical records of the pregnancy but she has failed to do so.

Braid said...

Her latest tweet says her new blog re: hospital will be up tomorrow. I am predicting it will somehow be linked to the Saints drama (possibly talking about suicide) in order to gain more support from Hinch and others.

matt said...

The interesting thing is the AFL would hired private investigators to dig up the past whilst concurrently keeping tabs on her current antics to bolster the already large amount of evidence they have.

matt said...

Wow I have wasted some time on this rubbish... time to head off i think...

matt said...

last comment, I promise.

@Braid... I agree, poor little girl tries to neck herself... good to see the media chose not to publish that rubbish!

brenda said...

You fools who keep harping on about footy players who had sex with a 16 year old so therefore should be sacked by the footy club seem to forget something very important here.

Kim has admitted she had fake id saying she was 19 so she could get into clubs.

she lied she got hurt now she needs to get the hell over it and get help and all you bleeding heart do gooders blaming ALL footy players are twisted sick individuals.

blackmask said...

@Braid & @Mumof4

She may have medical records. I expect she's got certificates or medals from athletics. She probably has at least one, possibly more certificates from school. She might have won a spelling bee when she was 8 and have certificate for that.

Point is, there is absolutely no reason you, I or anyone else in the cybersphere need to sight those documents. If she "proves" it to you beyond all reasonable doubt what difference will it make?

"Some things are true whether you believe in them or not."

Zorro said...


She's got lawyers offering their service on this blog see Chris Murphy above :)

and St Kilda seemed to have wound up Pace Legal a tad, one of the Pace team has a very active twitter account

What has she got to be scared of ? they going to take her job, her car, her house ? lol

Matt your kidding there are not consequence legally, they really believe they can ruin the next 15 years of her life?

Mum 4 ? what case is she damaging? what case have they got against her ? St Kilda really want to test the evidence in a hearing ? geeze that would make interesting theater for all side.

shes not got anything to lose she has nothing? as for all this false claim stuff its immaterial. You sound like you have enough background to know that this will never undergo any kind hearing. It would be a waste of the courts time. We all know all the clubs doing is trying to bully her into submission, there will be the carrot and the stick, all the threats amount to the stick, the carrot $ will come during mediation.

I suspect the truth of these matters will never be fully known or fully tested in court. Something got them interested enough to meet with her 20 times ? :)

The era of digital privacy is over

MumOf4 said...

@matt "@mum0f4 You really do your homework… always a good read"

Thanks, but a lot of it is just common knowledge for myself.

I have been posting to an online parenting forum for a long time, so have picked some of these things up. ;)
It's very sad reading the other member's sad stories about the loss of their much wanted babies. :( They really do open our eyes to what could go wrong in life.

Slightly off topic, but this parenting forum regularly attracts it's fair share of trolls.

Strangely enough, most of the more disturbed ones almost always involves a multiple pregnancy - with the miscarriage of the first twin, then later the second twin is either still born, or born prematurely and thus suffers from many disabilities.
The father of these children also have a tragic story to tell- often they are deceased, or have left the mum for another woman.

Of course, these posters are always given the benefit of the doubt, many members offer emotional support - sometimes financial support as well.

These posters also steal photos of other babies – it's quite disturbing when one had a picture of a 'stillborn' in their sig and claimed it was her baby angel. Someone eventually came across the original photo – that was taken years before, and the baby wasn't actually still born, but was born quite early. Fortunately this little one managed to live and is now somewhat older.

Who knows what goes through the minds of these people. Obviously they post for attention seeking and other reasons.

It's sad how the internet is an easy tool for them to manipulate us all.

Braid said...


So it's ok to make claims in a public forum, have all sort of people jump on her side, believing whatever runs from her mouth, but she has no need to prove anything?
I don't want to know if she was pregnant or not - I want her to actually provide some back up for something she has alleged.

blackmask said...


I guess I don't need to know the truth.

Something clearly happened. The AFL doesn't waste it's time on an imaginative 16 year old by providing many meetings and counselling sessions. Maybe it wasn't illegal, but something happened that they thought was serious enough to support her through. Also, she had at least 2 photos, of St Kilda players they'd have rather didn't get posted on FB. She had to get them somehow which means she was close enough to the players to do that.

Something happened, I like my life to be simple, I just don't need to know more than that.

MumOf4 said...

Of course something happened - she had photos that she was threatening to make public unless she was paid.
No photos, no need for them to have meetings or offer her counselling.

She had something they didn't want to go public.

Has she other photos? I highly doubt it. Why else was she asking for others to send some in.

She thinks she is above the law. She would have posted them by now, or is she still hoping to get a payout from all this?

Zorro said...


Im sure you know that if she did that it would extortion and she would have been arrested and charged if she demanded money for photos. Shes obviously not done that and so its a pretty implausible claim to make without any evidence.

blackmask said... I know, I'll just go with I like her. :)

Mrs J said...

@mumof4 so you think the offer of counselling from the AFL were due to the threat of posting photo's?

Really? you honestly think that? thats why they offer counselling these days?

too funny.

Mrs J said...

I saw the Chris Murphy post on this site, If it is actually Chris Murphy, the respected Sydney high profile lawyer, he wouldnt be offering support unless he felt there was a case to be answered for. He is pretty much as high profile as they come.
That would be a very interesting development.

MumOf4 said...


"Nixon, in his affidavit, alleges the girl told him during a meeting at his office at Etihad Stadium on September 6 that she ''stole'' the Riewoldt picture from Gilbert's laptop, sending them from Gilbert's girlfriend's email account to her own.

Three days later, he said, she returned ''and appeared to be intoxicated''. ''She told me with words to the effect of, 'I will give you the photo of Nick Riewoldt if you give me $20,000'.''"

Perhaps they aren't all animals all the time - when they have chosen not to have her charged over this.

It wouldn't have come off well if they had pursued action then - but perhaps it could have saved all this embarrassment they are have now experienced.

MumOf4 said...

"It was alleged that ** took the victim to a nightclub where he bought her the drinks, having told her that she needed to ''do something to put your mind off things'' after she had a miscarriage. The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday that **** had unprotected sex with the victim on four occasions between September 30 and October 24 this year."

The above was found online, it came from The Age.

In another Age article:
"The teenager said her baby was stillborn on October 5"

Now I have actually given birth to 4 children, so do have some experience in this area:
What I would like know is
apparently she was out having sex with this policeman just before and just after giving birth.
My questions are:
1) Having lost one of the twins already, surely she would have been given medical advice to take it easy?
2) How could the nightclub employees allow someone (who was almost 30 weeks) be 'plyed' with alcohol on their premises?
3) How was she even capable of having sex so soon after having childbirth - did she not experience postpartum bleeding? (aka Lochia)

I also question the first quote above -
" where he bought her the drinks, having told her that she needed to ''do something to put your mind off things'' after she had a miscarriage."
these 2 articles seem to imply that she only miscarried just before the fist incident? (ie September 30?) then gave birth to the other twin on October 5th.

When I join the dots, unlike Derryn Hinch, I get a very questionable story full of holes.

blackmask said...

@MumOf4 You're really just starting to sound vindictive.

Anna said...

Kim has stated that the reason she posted the photos was out of revenge...Spoken like the 17 year old she is. Now, with the encouragement of anyone who has ANY sort of issues past or present with AFL footballers, this has suddenly evolved into a "fight until I can no longer stand". I don't believe Kim knows what the hell she's even fighting yet these adults who keep reminding everyone that she is just a child, are egging her on to continue this "fight". Irresponsible stuff

brenda said...

@Mumof4. it is so nice to read your comments which are clearl well thought out and look at the bigger truer picture.

there are more holes in kims stories than there are in a sieve.

blackmask said...

@Anna YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! *Looking for the "like" button*

Mrs J said...

@Mumof4..I do question your agenda on have gone to such lengths to quote from the media to try and assert your case.

To a disturbing level.

Its very bizaar for a "mum of 4" to be so dogmatic in trying to discredit a teenager.

Zorro said...

So why was Nixon talking to her anyway and is a players managers affidavit much use in the situation post the release of the photos.....its called a verbal, allege that the opponent completely confessed their sins, put it in an affidavit and its his word against hers and there is no chance of a conviction because its not admissible . According to report he is a coke snorting drunk anyway

then we have the story of

"Senior Constable Luke Donaghue, aged 34. He faces 14 charges including using his position to procure sex with a child, sexual penetration of a child, and supplying alcohol to an underage person. Donaghue will reappear in court in February."

So the Police thought enough of what happened to charge on of their own with 14 charges....hardly a story full of holes

Mrs J said...

@Anna , Agreed

Zorro said...


So she has to be witness against the a policemen in early Feb hmmmm that sounds like something she has to fight on about

then shes got St Kilda to deal with next week

What I can believe is the complete and utter lack of empathy from woman

Here is a girl on the face of it was gang banged by 2 adult men after a coaching clinic

got knocked to to one of them with twins and lost them both in what any woman would call a very late miscarriage

then there was the incident with the investigating cop mentioned above (who has been charged)

then has to deal with the shoddy treatment of the guy that was apparently the likely father

and now we have a state government scandal where secret agreements were in place between the cops and the club

maybe Anna you want her to role over so another couple of blokes can have a go at her?

and the school girls to blame?

You people (especially the woman) should hang your head in shame.

Mrs J said...

quote "You people (especially the woman) should hang your head in shame"

bit of an overzealous generalization

Zorro said...

yeah probably its late Ive like 95% of your comments :)

Mrs J said...

@zorro lol, tis late.

Zorro said...

No one can deny St Kilda is out of control

1st we have a very long term coach Mick Malthouse call Milne a "fucking rapist" ..........I wonder what he was so upset about?

anyway the detective said he was pressured into dropping the case in 2004 against Milne and another St Kilda player (we only found out recently that the AFL and the police we in bed together (so to speak)

then you have another rapist Lovett going to trial because he raped a girl on a team night out

then you have the other two child molesters knocking up a 16 year old girl

then you have gay sex parties led by the captain

are St Kilda the scum of Australian men? (let alone footballers)

There seems to be ample evidence that they are bunch of low life rapists, swingers and sex addicts who like to take porno pictures to each other during their gay sex parties

and Levin wants to protect their reputations ?

Levin you and your club are a joke. Your nothing better than a pimp.

There are a number of investigate reporters crawling all over this and with luck and the cooperation of a few more girls your team of scum bags will be exposed

Anna said...

I think it is you who is acually out of control

Braid said...

Which one of the two players is supposed to be the father? Both of them?

Maree said...


More importantly, was there ever REALLY a pregnancy???

MumOf4 said...

well... going by this logic!/pages/Kim-Isabella-Duthie/179027518783725?v=app_2373072738

how could it have been possible??????

MumOf4 said...

sorry, this is a more direct link

Maree said...

I'm sure most of us knew that all along...

Zorro said...


Fraternal Heteropaternal superfecundation is where two men create one twin each by having sex slightly after each other with the same woman

So they could have been both dads too one twin each:)....

her and her doctor probably are the only ones who know the truth but it will come out in court when the cop goes on trial in February (unless the court suppresses the information)

Circumstantially it the likelihood she was pregnant seems much more more probable. its unlikely she would have got so much attention form the AFL or the cops if it was simply a case of sex. Further the club hasn't pushed back on any of that part of the story, it seems clear that she had consenting sex with two players and got pregnant

No one expect

Mrs J said...

A very Interesting read from Pacelegal. Well worth the time.

quote from page

"As previously stated, her actions bear a strong resemblance to the actions of Brendan Fevola towards his girlfriend Lara Bingle, a successful models when she was having a shower. In fact Fevola’s actions were far more egregious as she didn’t consent to even being photographed, let alone to the publication. The hypocrisy of the differential response to these two incidents is most telling of all I think. The AFL and Clubs didn’t condemn Fevola at all".

Braid said...


How is the Fevola incident comparable to this? He distributed a photo to his friends that he shouldnt have done, Bingle then tried to make money from New Idea. Kim published a photo that she shouldn't have done as an act of revenge, the Saints asked her not to, she threatened to post more, the Saints threatened to sue. What exactly should they have done in that situation? Let her post more as some sort of payback for Fevola being a dickhead?

Braid said...


As you said several times yesterday, the photos prove that the players have group sex with girls. I really don't think you are in a position to be making any sort of comments of the likelihood of anything occuring.

Mrs J said...

@ Braid - read the article its interesting, thats merely an excerpt.

Braid said...

I did read the article. It trys to make links to stuff that just isn't there.

Can I ask, this police interview in which Kim supposedly kept leaving the room to talk to the Saints manager on the phone. Is that standard police practice to allow someone to leave an interview to talk to an unknown person? Apart from seeming like something which isn't standard practice, isn't that just a complete waste of police time? What did the cops who were interviewing her have to say about her constant leaving of the room? And considering she was under 18, what did her parents (who I assume were present) have to say about her taking advice from the footy club?
In fact, why does anyone even think she would allow the footy club to coach her through an interview??

MumOf4 said...

It's quite obvious @zorro has no idea about sex, conception and pregnancy, oh and let's not forget 'group sex'.

Kim has gone on radio recently, clearly stating that the first 2 players were about 2 weeks apart, then the 3rd was a few months later.
take note of around 3.20 into the interview.

She has had these 2 photos since March.

“In his affidavit, Gilbert said: ''When I returned from Miami, I uploaded them onto my laptop and put them in a private folder.'' He said that in about March this year, the teenager and a friend were at his house. “

Zorro said...


The photos prove they do homo shit with each other when they are away...not much else

the rumor is thats not the target of the court action, there is a video about 8 minutes long that would blow the thing sky high....apparently it leaves nothing to the imagination

apparently it makes makes a St Kilda tour away look like an episode of Down and Out in Las Vegas and casts Riewoldt a later day Paris Hilton........

celebrities have had this kind of thing happen to them all the time.......a triple brownlow made the point last week "what the f were they think filming and photographing such things".......and why were they doing it anyway?

Lots of people have weird sexual preferences most people though dont pursue them with their work mates.

your point about the police interview is a good one, its admitted that the police and the AFL had secret understanding at the time that allowed them to collaborate..... no its not normal to be able to consult over mobile phones during an interview....but then again its not usual for police to get a teenager drunk and have sex with them either (maybe it was the same cop in the interview ?)

Zorro said...


well its pretty obvious you dont have much idea about morality, ethics, young woman or much else other than blindly supporting the antics of misogynistic men with homo tendencies just because they play professional football.

you seem to have great access to the affidavit material how did you get hold of it?

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