Monday, December 27, 2010

Is it worth it?

Throughout everything, I've been a very strong woman, I have never backed down from anything in my life before.
But just recently, I have realised and listened to what a lot of people have said.. And, I don't think I can be that strong woman anymore. I've tried so hard to keep it going, even to the point of denying sleep and food to prove to myself how strong I was.

Today, after having a big night in the city, I sat at Flinders Street station for 3 hours, crying and reassuring everyone who asked me if "I was okay?" that "I was fine, I'm always fine, thanks."

I eventually jumped on the train and headed back towards Frankston, in hope that my parents would let me back into their lives, that they could see what state I was in, and realise that I finally agreed to getting help.
After walking the whole way from Frankston station to their house, (about 16kms), I arrived at their house and walked in, I ran to my mum and hugged her, not just hugged her, I mean almost suffocated her - That's how much I wanted her to love me again. I don't know if many people have been in a situation like that before, but I can tell you that just thinking about it now breaks my heart.

After pouring my heart out to my mother apologising for everything that I'd done this year, she cried with me and comforted me, it felt good just to have her arms around me for the first time in a week. That moment was quickly destroyed when my father told me to leave and get out - To which I was speechless, I thought they were going to say yes to me coming back into their home, so my heart was shattered into a million pieces when I heard those two words "GET OUT", although I'm sure they could relate because that's how they probably felt when I released the photo's.

I had one place I could go to stay tonight, and that was my best friends parents house. They're great people, and have supported me from the start - They have never judged me. I respect them immensely for that.

So, now I sit here on the computer, after reading Derryn Hinch's latest blog (Read Here), and I definitely respect that man, Ive never met him, but after reading his last few blog posts, it quite easy to see that he is catching onto what the real truth is. He is raising alot of questions that haven't been answered before, and more to the point - Has made the connection that original story is the real problem.

A lot of you thought this was all over in mid May-June, but I can tell you, when you hold on to so many lies, there really is no ending until you crack one day and release them.

My point being, there was something illegal that occurred, in fact many things; But unfortunately at the time, I was a 16 year old girl, who was very vulnerable and could be intimidated by anyone.

I'll leave it at that, I'm just trying to say that I have been perceived very horribly in the media, and I think I would be judged differently when I tell my side of the story, but in the meantime, I think I'll leave those deceptive lies from St.Kilda in the Victorian Police's hands.

Thank-you to all of the supporters, and I hope that all of the haters haven't completely made their minds up yet.
-Kim, x x


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Torkona said...

love your work!
follow me on blogspot :-)

Nick said...

Hey tell me - why were the Saints staying at a Melbourne Hotel when they live locally?

Dettie & Mick said...

Firstly, I think it's important that you do get your story out... maybe get someone to help you with that part. Secondly, I am so sorry to read that your father is showing signs of rejection... he is obviously having trouble dealing with the situation. You've clearly been through a lot of turmoil over the past few months.

I really hope that you continue to write your blog as you reveal your story and also as you deal with your intense hurt and your recovery.


Bundynelle said...

Fingers crossed that someone like a Derryn Hinch can 'assist' you in voicing your side of the story. As strong as you are, the 'bully boys' will wear you down. Derryn is trying to show people there is another side and I hope like hell you two can meet up because I believe you have a hell of a story that shouldn't be swept under a dodgy carpet. Stay strong.

Dr_Rudi said...


Wishing you all the best of luck with everything. But you can't do this on your own. You need legal and medical help. I hope you get it.

Bec said...

I don't know you. But honestly? I'm worried about your state of mind. Ignoring the whole situation, you need to start taking care of yourself. I feel like at some level you have enjoyed the attention that has been given to you, and pursued things to the point where things have gotten out of your control, and you have ended up second best.
You are young, and you don't want this to be something you carry with you for your whole life.
As I said above - take care of yourself. I suggest perhaps some counselling and sitting down to be honest with yourself about what exactly did and did not happen, and how you want things to progres from here. Nothing can change what has happened in the past, but you can change the future.

Enough babble - hope you don't mind what I've said, I'm not trying to be critical of you - quite the opposite in fact.

Gags said...

Hey Kim, I read your blog and had a mix of emotions. You can only be true to yourself and know that if you believe in something or someone then you owe it to yourself to strive to achieve it. I am sorry to hear about your dads reaction, however consider that he to his experiencing many emotions, with time I am sure he will come around. I have to be honest that I dont agree with everything you have or have supposed to have done, I will reserve my judgement (not that that matters anyway) when you get the opportunity to tell your full story. Stay strong.

surferbabe89 said...

WOW, just bloody WOW! How you can ever be so strong after all of this? It is something that I am so greatly amazed by! Your a strong young lady and I respect you for everything that you have done! You literally have left me speechless, I cant get over the fact that you have been thrown so many curve balls and you continue to somehow keep living on!! This has actually brought tears to my eyes, just reading the pain and suffering that you are going through!

You are truly an inspirational person and I have told you that from the start. Don't worry showing emotion is just apart of everyday life and you are somebody that should be entitled to show it.

Keep living on to fight another day because you will make it! Take care and look after yourself. You are a very unique and special young lady that deserves so much out of life!

Thankyou so much for sharing this

Bec xx

ADR said...

hey Kim,

get the necessary rest and sound support and fight a healthy, constructive way, bringing to light what should have been rightly exposed all along.
like i kept saying, Derryn is your best chance.
blessings Dakota

aussie sportsfan said...

Hi, Kim. When I told my wife what had happened, she was in disgust.
Don't give up, don't let them beat you, have faith with those on your side.

Craig Eyles

LynneC said...

One day, when you've grown up a little, you'll see that you're not being "strong", you're being stubborn and headstrong.

Sadly, that lesson may be learned too late, little girl. I just hope your lesson is learned by some other little girl who thinks it's cool to play with the big boys.

ADR said...

full articles appears at
abbreviated versions are at 3AW

as mentioned,
:) Dakota

surferbabe89 said...

Nice heartfelt message there Lynne! Just make the poor girl feel even worse! She doesnt need people like you continually giving her grief and hell! How about you sit on the fence in this situation and look at the black and white of this situation instead of looking at the grey! AFL footballers are not the Gods that they are potrayed as!

As I said to you before gorgeous girl, keep your head up high and don't worry about the negativity and crap that is being thrown your way!!

ADR said...

to LynneC

you're assuming you know the full story.
clearly you think the 'big boys' are a)in the right b) not to be reckoned with.

sadly, your post reads like all females are whores and all females should be silenced.

and it's derogatory to call her 'little girl' - she's not the first teenager to fall in love/fall pregnant/have sex etc.

There's been so many casts of the first stone. like all the rest of us are without sin.

up against an entity like the AFL, the biggest boys club around, is it any wonder she sought to express herself in the language she nows how, and give voice where they desperately tried to silence her.

Kim, you will recover from this. You have walked the walk and can, like many others who have faced adversity, become an advocate for great change.


kitkat2507 said...

Don't let them beat you hun, there are a lot of people out here that are sick and tired of the old boys school garbage these footy guys go on with.

Your father? hmmm! way to go Dad! seems like a lot of your self esteem comes from way back hey, with a dad like that.

brenda said...
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thsadmin said...

@surferbabe89- well said, I hate these people that kick a person when they're down, what do they get off on?

Kim- turn on your comment moderation and filter through the comments, delete the shit and the spam... we are with you... and I know the feeling you are talking about- unfortunately I didn't get that hug.

thesportingpundit said...

Sorry to hear your story. Reading the Hinch article you linked to, if you called one of the players, it should show up on your phone bill. One of your own bills, online could seriously get these guys in trouble, as Hinch points out.

Axel said...

Sad to hear that you are experiencing rejection from the very people whose love (as parents) should be unconditional. When love is used as a weapon only to reward "good" behaviour it is not love - it is blackmail. No matter what you have done you deserve the full love and support of those close to you. I hope you have friends who can give you their unconditional support and love in this very difficult time you are facing.

You parents should be ashamed of themselves for their pathetic behaviour. They seem to have more concern for what their friends or neighbours may think about them than for the well-being of their own flesh and blood.

Dettie & Mick said...

ADR (Dakota) has expressed it so well. Kim, you will recover from all you've been through including this and when you're ready, you'll find some way to help get through this ordeal.

My guess is that LynnC might actually be one of the... "Big boys".

And yes, I agree that Derryn Hinch's article today is a good, responsible report.


Whitie said...

Very sad to hear this .........your old man needs to wisen up.Has he never blown anything before?

rambo said...

Great post. Keep fighting, but look after yourself first.

DeanCorp said...

Tha was beautiful Kim! If you ever need help or support through this journey please know we are here for you.

surferbabe89 said...
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Anonymous said...

hey kim, how come you don't talk about the luke donaghue experience?
stay strong. you've had a heinous year. xx

Shane 'Butsy' Donoghue said...
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Darren said...


Despite all you have done, rightly or wrongly, it has ended up in being a real release for you emotionally to what happened leading up to your posting of those pictures.

Now you have admitted that mistakes were made and you are ready to face things in a more adult manner you have taken a really BIG first step, and that step is the longest stride you need to take.

From here the steps get shorter but no less important.

The next one is to get some professional help to get yourself into a better headspace. Go see your doctor and lay it all out. If your GP is worth their salt they will refer you onto the right people. If you don't get the guidance you need from approaching one professional then go and seek another. They are not all the same and "one size don't fit all" so find one that you are comfortable with.

And yes, Derryn is a good guy. As you can see by his blogs there are more questions that need answering and they are all in relation of how people that should know and do better have behaved (and are behaving) in protecting their own when they should be held more accountable. Derryn won't do the wrong thing by you. Make contact with him and be honest with what you have to say.

Above all else: Remember that your life is worth more than this little blip. Do not let this swallow you up and do something silly. Please. Take it from someone who has been down that road and luckily got the help I needed to pull through. Since then not only have I gotten better, but I have addressed a lot of issues that limited me from years previous. You CAN do it.

Be strong, and don't give up.

Dettie & Mick said...

Jetomber are you referring to this? If so, this poor girl has been through even more than any decent human being can bare to imagine!

Anonymous said...

@dettie&mick - hinch connects the two in an early article on it all.
"But why hasn’t the media reported that this girl is the same one at the centre of the Nick Riewoldt stolen photo saga? It is."

Dettie & Mick said...

Jetomber, thanks for filling in the blanks! This is now painting a truly horrifying picture...

The banter that has been circulating the net about this girl and the way the AFL are clearly trying to bully her is beyond my comprehension. I can see now, why these AFL players are vehemently denying meeting her back in February given the timing. Giving birth to a stillborn baby alone would push me (and any other sane woman) over the edge without all of the other abuse she's obviously suffered from AFL and then a police officer on top. Without solid support from her parents to boot. Ugh!

Kim, taking some positive from your blog, that is wonderful that your best friends parents are supporting you right now. Totally agree with Darren... this will end up being a blip on the map. You will be ok.


Frangie said...

I think you have doen the right thing, it may not seem like it at the moment but things will get better... i cant believe your father has treated you like this he does not deserve you in his life and i hope he regrets his decision for the rest of his life. he may not have to agree with you but suppoert should be unconditional..your mum should have left with you as well, you are lucky to have the support of your friends parents. i thinkt hat derryn has hit the nail on the head, i usually dont agree with a lot he has to say but he has really made sense on this issue, i wish you the best of luck in the near future and i hope that 2011 is a better year for you..

cheers Angie

python googler said...

You can stay at my place whilst your dad lets off steam and gets over it.

Shaunagh said...

yeah, I agree with Python.... you dad will get over it..

drlukeyboy said...
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Amy Andrews said...

It must be hard reading the negative feedback and comments but that is because the media has been totally hijacked with AFL press releases. You need someone to write press releases for you to counter that and get your story out.

I wonder after all the court cases will a movie be made about this whole saga and hopefully it will end well for you and not so well for the AFL and Victorian police.

drlukeyboy said...

To take on the AFL in this town shows incredible courage. You have torn away the veil of lies that has hidden the uncomfortable truth that these players revered as heroes are really cowards and liars, willing to trample over young lives just for the buzz of power and ego. If you stay brave the truth will come out. Good luck. And don't forget, you're not alone.

Rob James said...
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Rob James said...

It's going to take your dad a little while Kim.

People can often be suspicious when (to them, suddenly) you change. And then, sometimes we can be just a little 'over-expectant' with our expectations - everyone does the best they can, given the pressure of the circumstances they find themselves in. Though yes, it is right that people be held accountable for the way their behavior can harm the feelings of others - the healthiest aspects of your self-identity deserve respect.

Big nights in the city are fun. But sounds like you could do with some sand and surf for another week or so for some quality 'you time' and introspection.

Keep warm, stay cool.

ThaFresh said...

Do what you can. I imagine theres 100s of girls who have been treated the same and gave up long ago.

Look after yourself first and only if youre ready take em on with everything you've got. Theres lots of people that will help. You've done an amazing job already!

Drew said...

Its nice to see all these people blowing smoke up your arse Kim but there is a couple of things behind your post.

Firstly, your dad knew what this media circus would do to you and your life. You went against his best judgement and released the photos anyway. He MAY get over it, but it will take a LONG time for this to happen. You have not just taken your name into the media spotlight, you have stuck your parents right in it. People judge them, say they raised your wrong and its their fault. It is as much pressure on them as it is on you.

If you want to have a hope of your father forgiving you, i would suggest a heartfelt letter explaining how it has all made you feel and why you did it, perhaps if you feel you would do it different again to save the relationship with your father? Dunno just a suggestion.

I have been following this story ever day Kim.
A girl in your state of mind should not be out partying all night. It does not surprise me that you would be crying thinking about stuff coming off such a high, that is the drugs doing it. I do that alot in my life, drink myself stupid to forget the stupid mistakes i have made, we all make them, i am 24 and make them on a daily basis. It is all learning curves.

I hope you learn from your mistakes and embrace who you are and who you can really be in this life. From the sounds of it, you had a promosing career in running, might be worth considering going back to training as a way to put your mind at ease.

Anonymous said...

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How much press does this SKANK want. Why are all you arselickers crawlling to this highly over sexed under aged spoilt brat. Do you guys want to get between IT's legs as well. (uuuuh HIV). IT has even posted IT is almost 20 years old and is a journalist for channel 7. SEE Just one lie after another.
This blog should be named The small girl, with her legs wide apart.

Wogboy said...

After seeing you today i was shocked, i was speckless i know what your like you were my bestfriend n seeing u down in frankston i didnt know what to do u need help im not being mean about this but u do kim cos you taken the worst turn in life time to get ur head out of the hole n get back to normal life be the kim who ran like a freak not the kim whos on every news papers headlines cos this isnt you kim wake up cos you not living the life u want to live.

K said...

I can see both sides of the situation after getting counselling for my own situation no longer a victim. Took time but it really does help esp the anger & blame & u slowly gain strength again although it will never leave you completely & u have a right to be angry, humiliated, upset etc it does help to become stronger, no longer in silence nor a victim but a survivor who encourages others to stand up in a legal non threatening manner to do what you can to help prevent rape/sexual assault/abuse. Remember that no matter if you use revenge, get $ compensation or the alleged perpertrator gets a sentence, you will still have the scars sadly it's lifelong but as said earlier they can be turned into a positive hard but it's possible if done legally. Write your feelings down regularly better out than screamed out but keep them about how you feel not defamtry or vile language anger = angry result whereas calm collected = possiblity to change 1 person if not more! At the end of the day a guilty person will be plagued with a guilty conscious the most powerful sentence no judge could ever hand down! You can only hope they live to be 100+! A half decent humane person will feel this, any1 who doesn't is not worth the time of day! Same goes for anyone who lies. Truth always finds a way of being found out. If your genuine & stay true to your cause then I wish u luck.

parent said...

Long post in sections due to word limit


Stay strong.

You’re having a tough time, but you’re a tough girl.

You didn’t get to be a champion athlete by lacking the determination to keep going in the face of adversity. And pain.

Given the fight you’ve taken on, some days will be a lot worse than others. Take comfort from the fact that Hinch and an increasing number of others are questioning the AFL and St Kilda's conduct and versions of events.

The truth may come out because until now the AFL etc have been making the running through their media and legal power and feeding docile journalists their version while slagging you. Your use of the internet is challenging that power, and they’re having trouble coping with not controlling everything. You were making the running for a while, and they can’t handle it.

As for all the negative comments about you, remember that it's often the people with the strongest negative opinions, who often are the least informed and least rational people, who are most inclined to offer their idiotic opinions and to criticise others. Ignore their opinions. You know what happened. You were there. They weren’t. Hold the truth to your heart, and make your desire for the truth to come out your strength.

I have a seventeen year old daughter who was exploited for his sexual gratification by a local footballer when she was fifteen. The details don’t matter here, but it got her a reputation much like yours in the eyes of people who like to look down on others. It forced her out of several schools; left her friendless; and pushed her to the brink of suicide because of the way he misrepresented what happened. Not unlike Riewodlt with his bullshit about how his picture was taken when he just happened to get out of bed after sleeping naked. Yeah, right!

Unlike you, my daughter had nothing to fight back with. She wasn’t as tough as you when she started, and still isn’t, but she’s survived two and a half years of pretty much unremitting shit. And so will you.

As for your recent conflict with your father, I’ve been in your father’s position for the past two and a half years with a daughter who went off the rails in every respect, including shameless promiscuity and wiping herself out with alcohol and hanging around with no-hopers and drug-fucked morons while thinking she was grown up and cool.

parent said...

You have no idea how much pain that causes a father, and mother. Much as I Iove my daughter beyond anything words can describe and much as I was, and am and will always be, determined to get her back on track, there come points when it is asking too much of parents or anyone else to tolerate outrageous conduct by a child you love to bits who seems determined to destroy herself.

I expect that for most of this year your parents have been living in a pressure cooker you created for them and which they don’t fully understand and are struggling to cope with, as happened with my daughter’s impact on her family, and that they’re struggling with their own issues, most of which arise from concern for you and fears about the harm they think you are doing to yourself and your future.

Whatever you may think from your perspective, parents generally want the best for their children. That’s not the same as giving children, of any age, what they want or approving of everything they do.

There may be things your father is struggling with which you can’t begin to understand. For example, although now it’s only something that occurs to me fairly briefly a few times on most days and which I have learned to control, I spent a lot of time in the first few months after we learned what had happened to our daughter, after being alerted by her private school, debating internally whether I should sort out the bastard who fucked her over and just do five to ten years in gaol. Because if I did what I think he deserves, which would leave him about one level above a vegetable so that he knows what it’s like to have his life destroyed by the act he imposed upon my daughter after he set out to destroy her life, that’s about how long I’ll be gone, even as a first offender who’s led a blameless life to date.

But I can’t do that, because my daughter doesn’t want him hurt because she still has some feeling for him, which I can’t comprehend and which in itself causes a struggle in me, and because she’s scared of retribution against her if I do to this piece of shit what he richly deserves. Plus I’m no good to my daughter in gaol, and helping her is more important than imposing effective justice on the turd who fucked her over.

There are other things which anger me, such as police failure to prosecute the piece of shit for breaching an intervention order my daughter got against him, and various other things which just let this bastard waltz around the area and the internet boasting to his mates and everyone else how he fucked my daughter over and what a slut she is and how he set out to destroy her life and how he has pretty much succeeded. So there’s a huge amount of frustration and anger bubbling away under my surface which nobody knows about, but it lowers my threshold of anger.

Along with several other things arising from my daughter’s conduct and experiences which also lower my threshold of anger, this has resulted at times in me over-reacting to things she has done, which I regretted when I had calmed down.

Fortunately, my daughter and I have been increasingly understanding of and forgiving towards each other over the past year, but at times she has shamed me by her forgiveness for things I have said in the heat of the moment when I knew at the time I should have held my tongue. There is no shortage of times when she should have held her tongue but didn’t, and hurt me greatly, but she’s a child and I’m supposed to be the adult.

parent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parent said...

2. The photos I have to try to remember that if you want to change someone else’s behaviour, often the first step is to change your own.

Which, Kim, you have done by apologising for your conduct. Stay on that course and things should improve, but at times it may be a case of one step forward and two steps back, on either side.

If your parents are anything like my wife and me in a very difficult and pressured situation which has similarities with theirs, albeit at a less widely publicised level, they may do and say things in the heat of the moment or under sustained pressure which they will later regret. That doesn’t mean things won’t change in future when they or you calm down.

You’ve taken the first step towards changing your father’s attitude, which is apologising for everything you’ve done this year. In our case our daughter’s heartfelt apology was the first step towards her reclaiming herself and repairing her relationship with her family, because up to that point she had been so obsessed with the hurt she had experienced and her reactions to it that she rode roughshod over everyone else and had no concern for anyone but herself. And no apparent concern for herself. It hasn’t by any means been a consistently smooth road since my daughter first apologised, which was Xmas Eve 2009, but overall there’s been a steady improvement all around since then and we’re getting pretty much back where we were when we were a happy family before my daughter fell for the footballer.

If my experience is anything to go by, you and your dad can probably sort things out, once you’re both able to recognise how you have hurt each other; make amends to each other; and move on. But you might need to wait a while for him to cool off.

On a different aspect of your situation, there are many forms of sexual abuse, and much older AFL footballers exploiting starry-eyed sixteen year olds is one of them. You might find it useful to speak a counsellor here If any of this applies to you, it would definitely be a good idea to contact SECASA.

For all of Kim’s critics, let’s get a few things in perspective.

1. There would not be an issue about Kim publishing the photos if:
(a) She had not been sexually exploited by football players, and
(b) The player(s), the club(s) and the AFL had effectively addressed her grievances.

Because without any of that she would not have published the photos.

For those who want to respond that it would not be an issue if Kim had not fucked the players, tell me who you’d blame if your sixteen year old daughter was being fucked by a bloke half as old again as her?

But even if they’re the same age, why just focus on the female? Doesn’t the bloke exist? Isn’t he responsible for his part in the liaison?

Where are the feminists and child protection advocates complaining about a mature man fucking a sixteen year old child? What, exactly, did Kim do that relieves the players of all responsibility for, or according to the news media it seems even there presence at, sexual activity with her?

This is another example of the appalling double standard that a female who chooses to have casual sex is a slut, but a man who is happily on the other side of the activity is a stud. We’re long overdue for identifying men as sluts, or coming up with an equivalent term to describe men who want casual sex with no further contact. Why is it that this is alright for males, but not females?

And why is it that the feminist lobby hasn’t come out in support of Kim as a victim of male sexual exploitation?

parent said...

2. The photos would not have been published if:
(a) Kim had not been sexually exploited by St Kilda players.
(b) The player(s), St Kilda and the AFL had effectively addressed her grievances.
(c) Riewodlt had not posed for a nude picture with a dopey mate with a stupid grin holding a franger packet near his knob, which clearly has nothing to do with Riewoldt’s bullshit explanation that he had just got up naked.
(d) Dal Santo had not allowed himself to be photographed holding, or stropping, his little knob.
(e) Gilbert had not taken the photos.
(f) Gilbert had deleted them as instructed by his captain, being the bloke with the stupid expression holding his shaved genitals in front of a franger packet held by a stupidly grinning team mate.
(g) Gilbert had not stored them on his computer.
(h) Gilbert, according to him, had not given Kim and a friend access to his computer.

Where did all this go wrong so that the photos became public? Ah, the last bit, about Kim being given access to Gilbert’s computer, according to Gilbert. Without that, there would be nothing. Well, apart from Gilbert taking the photos. And storing them on his computer. For personal use, apparently.

In a very long life I’ve never taken a photo of another bloke naked. Or having a strop. Or wanted to. Let alone stored it on my computer or anywhere else, ‘for personal use’ or any other use. I guess that makes me abnormal, by Gilbert standards. Thank Christ I’m abnormal.

So why isn’t Gilbert being hung out to dry by his club, the AFL and the media? And why isn’t the media asking exactly why Gilbert gave Kim and ‘a friend’ access to his computer? Did they just stumble in off the street begging for internet access because they really badly needed to acquire some nudie photos of Riewoldt etc, or was there some other reason they had access to his computer in his home while he was doing something else?

Interestingly, Gilbert is the plaintiff in the Federal Court proceedings against Kim. This presents us with the laughable spectacle of a bloke who took, according to Riewoldt, an unwanted and unauthorised photo of his boss which Gilbert then failed to delete in accordance with his boss’s order and to which Gilbert later gave access to Kim in as yet unexplained circumstances. So it’s all Kim’s fault?

Maybe we should put St Kilda and the AFL in charge of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they would ignore the people who make the IEDs and just concentrate on the ones who detonate them. Sounds like a good way to run a war against insurgents. At least as intelligent as the AFL’s and St Kilda’s decision to gang up on Kim and create the impression that all the power they have is being used to beat up a kid who got out her depth with some horny adult football players who used a starry-eyed child for their sexual gratification.

3. The real issue is: Why are St Kilda, the AFL and Ricky Nixon bringing all their legal and media might to bear on Kim?

As Hinch points out in his latest editorial, what have they to fear from Kim when Victoria Police investigated the matter and exonerated the players?

parent said...

Why is the AFL offering her counselling if whatever her problems are were not caused by AFL players?

Can you or I pop down to the AFL for a bit of free counselling for something that doesn’t involve the AFL or one of its clubs or their players?

This looks very much like a case of: Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. The AFL and St Kilda seem to know where the fire is, but they’re making the mistake of trying to put out the smoke, being Kim.

The traditional Australian support for the underdog says that Kim deserves everyone’s support in an unequal battle with powerful forces which are trying to discredit her to protect their own commercial interests.

In the meantime, Kim, if you haven’t already got it, you could download “I’m Still Standing” by Monica and make it your anthem for a while. It worked for my daughter.

As for people offering harsh comments to Kim, wake up to yourselves! She’s been through hell and she’s still a kid. Any decent person who understood what she had been through would offer her support or, if they can’t do that, at least shut the fuck up and let the poor girl cope with a shitload of problems which wouldn’t have occurred if the big men of the AFL had had the decency not to sexually exploit a kid in the first place. Just because you’re of the age of consent at sixteen doesn’t mean you know how to use it wisely, any more than the prevalence of blokes in their early to mid twenties killing themselves on the roads means that getting a driver’s licence at eighteen means you know how to drive wisely.

parent said...

Due to lags in posting times and other faults on the blog site and who knows what else, the last few posts have got jumbled up and, from recent experience, it will take far too long to try to sort it out, so I'll just leave this confusion and hope that you can work it out,

Papa Don't Preach said...

Dear Kim,

What a horrible year you have had. You can get through this, Miss. Just take it minute by minute and know that soon things will be easier. I guess it does not seem like that now. But as they say 'This too shall pass'...

I think it's a really good idea to write all this stuff down to help you put it all into perspective. Maybe start a private blog and write your story each day. It will give you a big head start on the book you want to write. And then you will get the chance to talk about this calmly and in your own way, without the huge pressure that is on you right now. A good editor will be able to help you shuffle your writing into a proper manuscript later. And it's really good to feel a bit purposeful and Carrie Bradshaw-esque when the going gets tough. Focus your energy on writing about what happened, in your own time, from the heart. Don't feel that you have to tell-all right now, to explain yourself constantly in the face of all this. Good people can see that you are not a bad person, Kim. So don't worry about the rest of them.

Do not listen to those people who are trying to bring you down, or are calling you names or trying to scare you or shut you up. (Look how Cricket Australia and the AFL combined forces to crush Lara Bingle.) This is not the first time the (so-called) Big Boys have tried to silence someone and certainly won't be the last...

The best thing you can do is steady yourself, try and be calm and answer their bullying with your truth. But do that in your OWN time. Don't let them bait you.

Remember that your friends and family care about you. And lots of people who don't know you care about you. And above all that you are really important. It's also important that you eventually get to tell your story so that this issue of players-as-predators is not swept under the carpet once more.

Hang in there, Kim. I can't imagine how hard this is for you, but know that sometimes the toughest things are the things that transform our lives into something even better. xx

Anonymous said...

I have very little sympathy for you.

How many mediums do you wish to use to prolong your 15 minutes of fame?
You cannot have it both ways. The Courts(rightfully) shut down your attempt to blackmail and humiliate people with photos that you stole. You have lied and lied and lied on end...and now you want to run with the "Pity me I am only 17" angle in one breath..and announce to the World that you are having a big night on the town in the next.

Can't have it both ways.

What happened to you may very well be traumatic..but your response(s) have been equally immature and downright manipulative and self-serving.

The sensible approach would be to get some serious assistance - and give the Tweets, blogs and vids a rest- as they simply hold no credibility.

Kranzartist said...

Hi Kim
I am a 60 year old woman,
I feel your situation, its absolutely disgusting, you need to stay strong throughout this terrible ordeal.
You are now the voice for many woman who have found themselves in a similar situation as yourself.
Remember history has many brave men and women who stand up for truth and honesty.
As for your sad situation with your parents Im sure time will heal,be patient things will improve in time.
I wish you all the best.
Sandra Kranz

kitkat2507 said...

Has anyone actually seen those pics? we couldn't stop laughing!
What a bunch of tools!!! seriously!! who does that! Dogs one minute, gay scenes the next.
Go the footy dudes, wankers the lot of them.

lol lol lol lol!

Veronica said...

Stay strong, okay? The media have been victimising you something shocking and it's horrible to watch. Blogging is a great outlet, and a good way to tell your story. Keep your chin up and don't let them get to you too much, okay? A lot of people support you.

Ken said...

You admitted that the sex was consensual, that you pursued it for fun because they were hot and sexy. You admit to manipulating people for fun. You lied about the photos and how you got them. It's all in the public record. Whatever wrongs have been done to you, do us all a favour and get some help before you completely stuff your life up even more - or maybe you need to suffer some more?

Lungy said...

Good on your Dad he sounds like a good self respecting man.

ADR said...

To "Parent" what an incredible post. Consider publishing it somewhere as I think it provides great insight into the dilemna for both the parent, and of course the unfortunate path the child can take when victim to bullying (as your daughter experienced).
So many people forget how they beahved when they were teenagers...'acting out', feeling invincable, narcissistic, drinking, smoking, sleeping around...Self destruction is often the course when the damage is done, and done repeatedly.

If we were to believe all the naysayers in this case it could be perceived that they are without sin. Golden angels. As if!

"Parent" your analogy to the young driver is so astute and your reflections on what can happen to a child or anyone really, if they have a genuine grievance and it goes unheard, and is diminished, is razor sharp.
On smaller scales this sort of stuff happens in workplaces ALL the time and, depending on the org, gets swept under the carpet with women generally coming off the worse. Unlss they go global, and really speak up.
David Jones case is classic example.
The board, all blokes, did nothing, over and over again. Shame, shame, shame.

Getting back to Kim, how amazing that in the same year, still only 17, she can stand up and write such a heartfelt apology of her behaviour and share it with us...and want to get to the truth.
Most people, much older than her, stand behind their pride and hold on so tight until it crystalises their personalities and we get 'bitter and twisted'.
I tip my hat.

Julie said...

Hey Kim

Here's a thought. You are not allowed to post the images. Fine. That appears to be all that is required of you.

Why don't you just DESCRIBE them to Derryn. [name of player] stands on bed naked masturbating over naked [name of player] who is checking himself out in the mirror with an erection, while [name of player] wearing only a singlet does a line of coke on the coffee table.

No defamation if the description of the shots are accurate!! You can only defame if it's not true. The judge, your lawyer, all AFL legals and admin have seen all 19 shots by now.

This could be really good. Give it to Derryn. Let it be his big scoop!


Julie said...

Actually what you would write is "while [name of player] wearing only a singlet appears to snort a white substance from a rolled up note on the coffee table.

The more it sounds like the scene of a crime, the better. Use cop speak.

Get those bastards. We can't wait for them to burn in hell.

frog ponds rock... said...

I completely second what Veronica said. You do have a lot of support out there. Stay strong :)

Scott said...

You're in deep water and you always will be because of what you've done to this date. You shouldn't lay down though. You need to confide in a few close to you, people who are--no offence--a bit more streetwise and smarter than you. Then this issue won't disappear like the Saints, lawyers et all want it to. Then you can gain the strength to continue on. Can you imagine you sitting on national television telling your story? The 'real' story. Or talking to Hinch in an exclusive? It could happen... that's if the right people were around you helping you manage what has been a total train wreck so far. People want to help you but you haven't made it easy on yourself. It's not your fault but you are a child. You still appear like a child in everything you do and can't foresee how to manage your public image to give this issue any real ongoing weight. That's my opinion of course. I want you to know I've followed this story along with everyone else and my personal view is I'm silently hoping you get something together so this issue never, ever goes away. And ultimately I feel sorry for you. Whether you can cope with the craziness and continue is the big question. Lastly, you may not have got my email but I'm bert.ritto at gmail dot com. If you email me regarding happy snaps I've got some good advice about staying anonymous on the internet, nudge nudge wink wink. Happy to help. I won't send you photos of my cock either. You must be over that.

RV said...

Kim, as young as you are you're not as immature as people think you are. You understand that what was done to you was not only wrong but not your fault. You should be proud that you've challenged and championed a woman-hating corporation.

You have done what no woman before you has had the daring to do. And you really were successful, just by raising awareness for an issue that won't go away as easily as those haters seem to think it will.
AFL have made themselves into fools and now every woman that is attacked WILL come forward. You have given those women your strength.
Your parents will forgive you, just move on for now into the person you want to be..
you have your whole life ahead of you, and you will certainly move on from this.
Advice? Stick to your guns, be proud of what you did and don't look back.
Good luck in the mediation.
thank you for a glimmer of hope in what has been a notoriously ugly year for women assaulted by AFL players.

Andrew Watt said...

Hi Kim, I have followed your story with interest and I'd like to offer my assistance if you need it. I am a media consultant and a former lawyer. I have a lot of experience dealing with the media profile and management of celebrities (not that you are a "celebrity" but you are a person currently in the public eye).
I am also a youth mentor with a well known youth support organisation.
I am based in Seaford, with an office in the city.
I support what you have done so far, but I sense that you could use some more assistance in getting your thoughts straight as far as media, legal issues and your next steps in this challenging situation.
Feel free to contact me on 0419 110062.

dnarmstr said...

Personally I think you still feel like an angry, jilted young girl who doesn't know where to direct her anger.

You said that you hoped that your parents would be able to see what state you're in and let you back into their lives - are you completely incapable of being able to conceptualise how YOUR actions have effected THEIR lives.

The world does not revolve around you. It's time to start caring for your mum and dad the way you expect them to care for you - until then you're a naive little girl with a body that a few footballers were unable to resist for a while.

brenda said...

well you just never learn do you?

now tamsyn lewis is in talks with her solicitor for you using her name as your email alias.

get away from the computer and grow up.

your just like the boy who cried wolf. one day you will be in deep trouble with how you behave but no one will listen.

Nicole said...

Kim be careful about how much you say and do herein, and get legal advice before you do anything recommended by others... see:
esp. re: defamation as described in the article linked above: "... They could sue whoever publishes them and, although their reputation may not be lowered, defamation also applies to ‘holding someone up to ridicule’ which was an important element of the Ettingshausen case.”

Just be careful who you trust, and stay true to yourself - if you don't know who that is at the moment (understandable given the year you've had) then talking with a psychologist/counsellor could really help you to work out what you want out of all of this. Above all, look after yourself. Good luck!

Graeme S Baker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...

Hi Kim,
I am sorry about whatever has happened to hurt you so badly. It does appear that you have some issues. Footballers should never take advantage of a 16yr old girl, it appears that one or two may have been unwise. But I don't know what really happened so I won't commment on that.
However, I do think you have been untruthful about the Nick Reiwoldt pictures. You didn't take them yourself. I don't understand why you targeted him when I doubt he is the source of your problem. Maybe he was rude to you I don't know but it seems a little unfair and spiteful.
If an unjustice has occured you should fight for your rights but you need to do it the right way. I think you lost a lot of face by publishing those photos and claiming you took them yourself.
Good luck with everything. I hope you get your life back on track

Random Audio Dude said...

Stay cool, if you can. I hope enough outrage comes out of this so that we see an end to predator footballers grooming naive young women for group sex in order to satisfy their homoerotic urges.

Random Audio Dude said...

To "Parent", thank you for sharing that. I think you understand this better than anybody so far, but yes you have been there as a parent and know the anger. I know you made a wise decision, but in the same situation, as a father, I would have been tempted to ruin the guy's life as well.

I cannot believe the double standard we are seeing. The names Kim has been called by both women and men I find truly upsetting and suggests that there is something rotten in modern Australia. The double standards continue to exist. Men love it it when they meet women who love sex, but when things go wrong the guy is just a guy and the woman is a slut. Not right. Not good. Disgusting.

In the case of the culture of AFL and other codes it becomes even worse. They deliberately seek out naive young women and groom them for group sex; having done this, the women is then labelled a slut. The men who have done this are labelled what? Simply guys having fun. I think they should be labelled sickos.

Random Audio Dude said...

Hi LynneC, which of the homoerotic scumbag boy wonders are you? C'mon fess up. People have pretty much got your number.

deborah_w88 said...

stop blaming the stkilda footy club because you had sex with one player,sam gilbert .Is collingwood footy club to blame because you had sex with dane beams.

Random Audio Dude said...

Hi deborah_w88, which of the footballers are you?

All you guys are to blame and I really hope if there is justice in the world, you don't get out of it this time.

Amy Andrews said...

Based on a quick google search, abuse of women by footballers is rife and covered up by the police but your case is different because it really shows just how sick and corrupt footballers and police have become and because you were 16 when it happened, it makes them look doubly bad.

"Former senior detective Scott Gladman told Nine News that St Kilda Saints player, Stephen Milne, escaped prosecution in a 2004 rape case because he could afford top lawyers...that other officers had tried to derail their investigation."

A sordid tale of the usual good night out with footballers.
Explains why footballers like to use drugs to rape women and lots of other well referenced articles on footballers and their sordid antics. is a case of a woman who says she was offered hush money by Victoria police to drop rape charges against Carlton football players and not surprisingly the case was bungled and never went to court

It's frightening the information that can be found online from even reputable news sites. There is a lot at stake for the police and AFL to ensure that your experience with the AFL and police is never told.

There is no good being a victim. Get these guys were it hurts and expose them for what they are.

It does make you wonder what sort of corrupt State we live in when footballers can rape women, drug or get them drunk to rape them and then be protected by the police, evidence lost, media silenced.

MumOf4 said...

Kim, as a mother of 3 young daughters myself, I can understand why you parents would be hurt by your actions.

Why you are constantly putting your actual name out there, leads to questions. Why you could not have dealt with this privately with the police speaks volumes of what type of person you are, and about your motives.

You say in your blog that you went to your parents, yet here you are again, putting too much personal information out there, bringing more scandal and gossip to your family.

You are a very young, immature girl and seem to love the spotlight. There are laws there in place, to protect young children, especially from having their identity – names and photos exposed to the entire public. Young children fail to think about the consequences of their actions, which is obvious in your case.

What you fail to realise is that you are causing a lot of damage to many innocent people.

I find it hard to believe that a 16 year old female was completely innocent in all this.

I have seen many photographs circulating the net, that you have posed in. Surely you would be aware that these too will be out there for the entire world to view? They will never disappear completely, having been saved to many mobiles and computers.

Have you thought about your future? About your future partners? About any children you may have? Who will you blame for these such photos? Will there be a time that you grow up and realise that you are actually responsible for some of this?

Would you have thrown yourself at the ugliest oldest football player if he were the richest and most famous? Probably, because you are consumed with the power of the spotlight.

Time to grow up, and to start deleting all references to yourself online. You don't want your children's friends all gossiping about them in the playground because they were able to google about your colourful history.

Random Audio Dude said...

MomOf4 appears to be another football player or at least someone from the club is a bit more articulate than the average bogan.

C'mon MoOf4, fess up who you you are. I don't know Kim, and don't need to know her, but I can tell a bogus email or bogus post any day of the week. You are completely bogus, MomOf4. You need to tell St Kilda that its shit just isn't working.

amari71 said...

Re: Lynne C's comment - "I just hope your lesson is learned by some other little girl who thinks it's cool to play with the big boys".

Perhaps 'the big boys' should learn that it's not cool to play with little girls?

Kim, I think you should step back from the computer and the media, get some counselling and support and let the legal process take it's course if it goes further. You're obviously smart and have a lot of inner strength and spirit. You could channel that energy into something worthwhile in the future, maybe helping girls who've experienced neglect, homelessness, sexual abuse or assault? But you need to get through this first and I think the best way to do that at this point is with some good legal and moral support and guidance, not through a media and Internet circus. All the best to you. You deserve much better than all of this.

brenda said...

im guessing random audio dude is actually kim because it appears everyone whose heart isnt bleeding for this trainreck is one of the footy players.

wake up moron Kim said herself she had no relationship with Riewolt other than he was rude and told one of the players to get her out of there (the hotel lobby in sydney at the sydney st kilda match) when she shouldnt have been there. so because Nick was acting like a responsible adult he is thrown through the mud by this girl.

this harlot has been proven a liar time and time again.

maybe more people will start to feel sorry for her when she starts to tell the truth. She wanted to act like an adult and chase around after stupid boofhead footballers then time she start acting like an adult now

Zombee said...

Heard a rumour from a very reliable source you weren’t really pregnant.

Do you have the medical records to prove it?

Axel said...

@Parent; @Amy Andrews; @Random Audio Dude: Good posts!

MumOf4 said...

Actually Random Audio Dude , I really am a mother of four children.

I am not a fan of the AFL myself.

I just don't understand why Kim would post such personal information about her family's 'reunion' on the WWW. Why drag them into all this?

Some things are better left private. The mature action would be to seek family counseling with her parents and try to resolve any conflict her actions have caused.

Creating a blog just screams of attention seeking. Posting the link to here, via her twitter, just screams of 'look at moi,', I want more attention AND I WANT IT NOW.

Poor Kim.

Poor Kim, who craves attention and thinks it's smart to post her mobile number online.

Poor Kim, piles on the makeup so that she looks older than 18, and complains that she is innocent because they should have known she was 16, because her ego is so large, that she believes they must have recognised her weeks after the football clinic. What she fails to realise is that they would meet hundreds of new people each week, and she certainly isn't someone who stands out. To an ALF player, girls like Kim are just a dime a dozen.

Poor Kim, who breaks the law by going to a nightclub UNDERAGE. Did she break the law again with her recent “big night in the city”? Did she also break the law by UNDERAGE drinking?

Poor Kim is apparently too young to know that what she did was actually breaking the law herself. But let's not have Kim take responsibility for that, after all, she was under 18 so can't know any better. ;)

Poor Kim, who thinks that an AFL player should be held high on a pedestal, to be chased after, to be lusted after, to be worshiped. I feel sorry for any girl who thinks like this. Remove their AFL status, and you would be ashamed to be involved with some of these guys under normal circumstances.

Poor Kim is rejected by her father. Instead of seeking professional help, or venting it anonymously on the WWW, she has to publicly tell the world this.

Poor Kim, posts on her very PUBLIC twitter about her father, and then gets told to GET OUT when she does eventually return home.

Poor Kim.
Perhaps her problems in fact lie with the relationship she has with her Father. Perhaps she felt like he didn't pay her enough attention, so has had to seek it elsewhere? Who knows.

Posting it all out on the internet – via facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs - all under her ACTUAL name is not a smart move, unless of course she is out try and make some fast money from all of this?

I hope Kim's parents are able to convince her to seek professional help and that some of her reputation can be salvaged and she quickly realises that having her name and her own personal photos out there was a massive mistake.

Random Audio Dude said...

MomOf4, if you are genuine and not from the St Kilda club, then I'm laughing. Look at what you write in your posts. It's pure PR full of stuff that a genuine mom of four would even know about.

MomOf4 you have just been outed. The PR stunt you guys are pulling is going nowhere. Give it up, losers.

Random Audio Dude said...

Some bizarre idiot on this list suggested I was Kim. I'm asking myself how low can these people go. I am posting under my own google account and it should take you to my blog which is about stereo equipment and nothing else.

How low are you guys going to go to support your footy heroes that are obviously sickos? Why on earth would a normal person support these sick dudes?

MumOf4 said...

Random Audio Dude, please don't insult me by accusing me of being involved in either PR or the AFL.

Are you too ignorant to realise that someone with an actual education and life experience cannot have a formed an opinion on all this? So many people have commented here that Kim comes across as smart. She actually appears extremely naïve and immature. I suggest you google her name and you will see many forums discussing her and sharing lewd pictures of her they have found online, and see what the majority of Australians really think of her.

Oh, by the way – it may come as a shock to you Random Audio Dude, but you do realise that there are some people in PR who are also mums, don't you? Idiot. Your ego must almost be as huge as Kims.

brenda said...

i dont support the footy players.

i just hate compulsive liars which kimmy dear is so obviously.

if ppl really wanna see the truth check out her history on FS or Twitter. and theres plenty still around that she tried to delete cached in google.

if your bored and want to see a real psycho at work google it

Random Audio Dude said...

People, please read, and read again what Mum0f4 has written. And ask yourselves how does she know so much. It's PR spin; sadly I know because I have worked in a similar business myself.

Random Audio Dude said...

To MumOf4

I have seen many forums full of St Kilda supporters calling Kim a slut, and how she deserves to be treated badly. The comments have been gross.

And it looks like you have just admitted you are in PR, and doing the spin. If you have the lewd pictures then show them.

You are a fake. I know the PR spin, and you haven't even got it right.

A genuine mum of four would even have suggested she could show you lewd pictures of Kim.

Yeah, I caught you out and now you are pissed off. I'm laughing. The biggest question is why you are doing this. Oh sure you get paid money. Okay I guess that's fair enough. A job is a job, I guess. But what I don't get is why St Kilda wants to crucify this woman?

Back to you fake MomOf4.

MumOf4 said...

Random Audio Dude , how do I know so much about what?

1)Life? – well I have had 4 kids, so they have taught me a lot about everything. ;)

2)How to post intelligently? – again that comes with my life experience. Oh I guess I should mention that I have a couple of degrees gathering dust at the moment. AND no, they are not related to public relations. Far from it.

3)About Kim? Sheesh, any half intelligent person can google and find out all they need to know about Kim.

4)About posting things on the internet? Should I mention I have been posting on the WWW since early 1990's? Back in the day when only computer students at Uni ruled the net and your average John Smith didn't know it existed? I have seen how posts can remain out in cyberspace forever.

Surely I come across as more intelligent than a PR person? I did get an A for my HSC, but it was some time ago. ;)

Random Audio Dude said...

Hi, Brenda, can you send me the links. I'm bored.

MumOf4 said...

Actually Random Audio Dude, the first I heard of Kim was via an online parenting forum. It's not just football or sports forums that like to discuss current affairs.:O

I only felt compelled to post here because Kim is now dragging her own parents through the mud she has created. Who will be her next target?

Random Audio Dude said...

MumoF4 you come across as a complete PR stunt by St Kilda. If you know that lewd photos exist as you have said then post the links.

You are a complete sham. You don't come across as being intelligent at all. No educated person would sprout the rubbish you have. Get the spin right next time. You know if you did get the spin right you could destroy this young woman. Is that what you want to do?

Get the spin right and hide the truth?

I don't know how much they are paying you guys, but when it comes to spin St Kilda has wasted its money. It's not working. It's full of holes.

Random Audio Dude said...

MumOf4 said...

Actually Random Audio Dude, the first I heard of Kim was via an online parenting forum. It's not just football or sports forums that like to discuss current affairs.:O

I only felt compelled to post here because Kim is now dragging her own parents through the mud she has created. Who will be her next target?

Look at that last sentence "Who will be her next target?' Sounds like paranoid footballer to me.

MumOf4 said...

Do you not know how to google for the pics yourself Random Audio Dude?

I am currently not employed at the moment as I have a child with a disability. Feel free to pay me, though I have no pictures to try and blackmail you with, but any money you are willing to donate I will happily use towards my child's medical costs.

Wow. Kim was asking for someone to write her book for her!? AND she is offering $250 for the privilege! pmsl

She certainly needs to seek some sort of professional help, she is showing many red flags for Narcissistic personality disorder

Rene said...

KIm, take care, as the old saying goes, it's difficult to remember when you're up to your backside in alligator infested water you're only there to drain the swamp.
All the creepy crawlies are coming out of the woodwork.
Remain strong, there are more and more people on your side, people that believe and are sympathetic to your position.
In time. you will be able to look back and judge that you did do the right thing.

Kind regards

Random Audio Dude said...

Now we have the the standard appeal to "I have a child with a disabilty". Let's see, are you down to number "9" or "10" in the standard PR manual for how to gain sympathy?

You are a complete fake and you are not even doing it well. Shit, guys, you really should get me to spin for you. What will you pay?

Okay, why is this fake. Read the posts. A genuine person would have not come back with the lowest possible card to play, and then post links trying to damn Kim when they first came along as being concerned.

You have been outed. Give it up. I can go back through every post and point out what you have been doing. No sympathy from me. How's your ego feeling now?

Sure give us another post that convinces us you are genuine.

I'm too lazy to search the net so post the links if you have them.

But you don't have them, do you? I picked you as a fraud right from the start. The name Mum Of Four was a warning sign, Immediate appeal to the masses. And then the slightly friendly but vindictive tone.

C'mon just admit that you have been outed, and bugger off.

parent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parent said...


You say that Kim is an immature young girl but, illogically, blame her for acting immaturely. Then you tell her to grow up.

Of course she’s behaving like an immature young girl. What else do you expect? She can’t put an old head on her young shoulders.

You criticise her use of the internet. She is a child of the internet age. Almost all of them, and plenty of adults, have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and blogs and all the rest. They put everything about their lives into cyberspace. She’s no different to millions of other kids her age.

What you ignore is that St Kilda and the AFL have been assassinating Kim’s character for months by using their considerable influence and access to the news media in a state where the AFL has undue influence. Why don’t you get upset about them as adults and big businesses ganging up on a child to protect their interests and using their carefully managed publicity to do it?

All Kim has done, as an immature young girl, is respond with her own immature form of publicity.

And she’s to be congratulated on doing an excellent job of causing questions to be raised about St Kilda’s, the AFL’s and Victoria Police’s conduct. Read Hinch’s articles on 23, 24, 27 and 28 December 2010 and it becomes increasingly clear that, regardless of whatever lies Kim may have told (which are no more absurd but more forgiveable than 28 year old Riewoldt’s lies about how his photo was taken), there are more important questions to be answered about the cosy relationship between the police and the AFL and AFL clubs in Victoria and their conduct in this matter.

parent said...

Off topic, but this site is seriously stuffed at some technical level.

I can't post in Mozilla tonight and had a lot of trouble with it last night.

But I can post in IE at times and see it as posted, but when viewed in Mozilla it's not there. Then if I log out of IE and return it's gone.

After the hours I've spent tonight trying to sort out this problem, if this post appears it'll be a bloody miracle!

parent said...

And my last post to MumOf 4 has just disappeared for the second time.

brenda said...

no audio dude........... im not your secretary.

you want the truth go look for it. its out there for the world to see if they want to see it. I wanted an open view, i wanted the bigger picture, i wanted more of the truth..... i went looking and this trainwreck is just full of lies.

problem is. there are lots of people in this world who dont want to see the truth ( and im actually not saying you are one of these)

some ppl want to see the bad in footy players because they have a pre conceived perception.

some ppl want to see the bad in a teenage girl exploiting herself and the guys she has sex with.

im just looking for the truth cos im on holidays and bored.

kim has been proven to lie time and time and time and time again.

the guys who's pics she posted she has since admited they didnt do anything to her accept be rude.

so if i walk down the street and say hi to someone, if they ignore me and i perceive that to be rude i can try ruin there lives and post private pics of them on the net?

nope it doesnt work that way

this trainwreck decided to play in the big league and lie about her age. followed boof heads around. and when things didnt go her way she calls foul?

thats a disgrace and a slap in the face to true and honest sexual abuse victims.

how many real victims wont come forward now? go thru her history and if you honestly cant see how she has been begging for this to happen, if you honestly cant see how desperately this trainwreck needs help, if you honestly cant see her for the liar she is, then perhaps it is you who needs the psycho help.

i dont wish her ill. but i wish she would get away from the internet, away from adult lives and away from her delusions and get the help she so clearly needs.

whilst ppl keep applauding her, whilst ppl keep telling her to "go on kim keep up the fight" she will never seek help. so in the end it is you supporters, you enabelers that are in fact the demise of this young life.

parent said...

Zombee said...

Heard a rumour from a very reliable source you weren’t really pregnant.

Do you have the medical records to prove it?


Do you have any medical records to prove that you're the living dead, and not just brain dead?

Now that you've mentioned your very reliable source, please
(a) name him or her
(b) describe his or her relationship with Kim
(c) link us to him or her so that we can verify that information for ourselves.

Also, could you explain how a rumour from a very reliable source is more convincing than fact from a very reliable source.

Assuming that you, as the living dead with a brain to match, understand the difference between a rumour and a fact.

People who put this shit up without being prepared to back it up with facts and sources deserve much more contempt than they heap on Kim.

So surprise me and cynics like me by providing your facts and sources to show us that you're not worthy of more contempt than you and your ilk heap on Kim.

brenda said...

well parent.

the perfect example of rumour versus fact is

It comes from kims mouth = rumour / blatant lies
it comes from elsewhere = rumour / possible credible source

brenda said...

4 months ago kim posted on FS that she hadnt even met a st kilda player before.

lies lies lies lies lies

brenda said...

hahaha parent.
i think i just got a bite

they didnt fuck her stupid, she was already stupid.

the footy guys she posted pics of didnt show her there knobs, they stupidly showed there team mates and she found them somehow.

and as for the instance of proof for her lying. shit there are too many to list

if you want the TRUTH goodle it. research it. you will find it.

"kim" is a liar..... she wasnt even pregnant.

she admitted she wasnt raped.

she admitted she chased players

she admitted she lied about her age

she admitted the sex was consensual. she admitted there was never any gang bang with her

stop trying to vilify these players just to suit your own agenda

brenda said...

lol. funny how parents comments dissapear all the time

kim its not funny to delete your posts

parent said...

brenda said "thats a disgrace and a slap in the face to true and honest sexual abuse victims.

how many real victims wont come forward now?"

I've been dealing professionally with "true and honest sexual abuse victims" for over 30 years.

How much experience do you have with them?

What practical professional experience or peer reviewed publications can you point to that say Kim is not a "true and honest sexual abuse victim"?

By your attitude, I assume that you'd think it was alright for a senior secondary girl to have consensual sex with a teacher twice her age. The last case I had like that sent the teacher to gaol. I suppose you think that's unfair, what with the girl being a moll, slut, and generally exploiting the teacher sexually.

brenda said "go thru her history and if you honestly cant see how she has been begging for this to happen"

Ah, yes, the tired old "she was begging to be raped because she wore a short skirt and revealing top" line of judgmental people who don't see anything unusual in thousands of women in bikinis and thongs not being raped on beaches, but a girl in a short skirt and low top who has a few drinks with a bloke in a bar deserves to be raped.

brenda said " i wish she would get away ... from adult lives and away from her delusions and get the help she so clearly needs."

You mean get away from the adult lives like the adult footballers who sexually exploited her?

She's trying to do that, but people like you won't let her move on.

parent said...

brenda saide

"well parent.

the perfect example of rumour versus fact is

It comes from kims mouth = rumour / blatant lies
it comes from elsewhere = rumour / possible credible source"

Evidence please, not your assertions.

parent said...

brenda said:

"4 months ago kim posted on FS that she hadnt even met a st kilda player before.

lies lies lies lies lies"

Evidence please, not your assertions.

Zombee said...

You're funny Parent.

parent said...

brenda said "hahaha parent.
i think i just got a bite

they didnt fuck her stupid, she was already stupid."

Do you get some special pleasure from looking down on Kim? Or do you just shit on everyone who's not you?

brenda said "the footy guys she posted pics of didnt show her there knobs, they stupidly showed there team mates and she found them somehow."

Yes, according to Gilbert's affidavit filed in the Federal Court, he gave Kim and a friend access to his computer. But his team mates certainly stupidly showed their knobs to a supposed mate who photographed them; ignored his captain's alleged instruction to delete them; and stored them on his own computer for his own use. So Kim is to be blamed for all of that, without which she could not have obtained the photos? And what was she doing at Gilbert's place when he gave her access to his computer?

brenda said "and as for the instance of proof for her lying. shit there are too many to list"

You haven't listed any yet.

Evidence please.

brenda said "if you want the TRUTH goodle it. research it. you will find it."

No, you're the one making the accusations. You prove your case.

brenda said " "kim" is a liar..... she wasnt even pregnant."

Evidence please.

brenda said "she admitted she wasnt raped"

Evidence please. Evidence also of her ever alleging she was raped.

brenda said...

you want the evidence then do what i did and go find it

check her FS

im not a secreatry and

"what practical professional experience or peer reviewed publications can you point to"

well for legal reasons you should well know being the all high and mighty that you are that i couldnt point to a professional experience.

as for peer reviewed publications, nope i would rather base my findings on actual fact and proof of real life experience, which again you know i cant give / point to a professional experience.

as for my evidence of her posting on FS that she hadnt even met a skfc member before on her FS. im not a copy and past secretary. go look for yourself. its all there

Zombee said...

Kim is a very good example why smart men use prostitutes for casual sex.

brenda said...

see the one thing you got real wrong here PARENT, is that im not making allegations, hence i do not need to provide evidence. you are however defaming people with no evidence to proove your defamation.

careful now.

dont wanna see you in court.

and by god i hope you are not actually a parent or we could well see us another kim dummie on our hands

parent said...

brenda "see the one thing you got real wrong here PARENT, is that im not making allegations, hence i do not need to provide evidence."

As I expected, you can't back up anything you say.

So, your opinions are worthless and should be disregarded.

brenda said " you are however defaming people with no evidence to proove your defamation."

Whatever you're smoking, can I have some it? It is clearly potent, mind-altering stuff.

brenda said "careful now.

dont wanna see you in court."

No, you don't.

That's where I make my living.

I'd destroy you in the witness box like you can't believe.

The only defamation that's been going on here is your unsabstantiated allegations against Kim.

brenda said "and by god i hope you are not actually a parent or we could well see us another kim dummie on our hands"

Well, I am actually a parent and if you scroll back you'll find that I've had my own problems in that area.

Which, perhaps, is why I'm not a sour and judgmental person like you when dealing with a child who has been sexually exploited and who needs the understanding and tolerance of reasonable adults, of whom you are not one.

Zombee said...

You just keep getting funnier.

brenda said...

well i guess you should have protected your kid

none of my "allegations" are opinions. they come straight from kims keyboard on her FS

if you think im gonna copy and paste it all go to hell

anyone who wants the truth will go check it out

brenda said...

me thinks parent, you have been smoking enough for both of us.

for the record i am a good upstanding citizen and dont smoke anything, not even legal stuff.

but now i have you in a tizzy i must say i am in a better mood for it

parent said...

Zombee said "You just keep getting funnier.'

Yeah, and like brenda you have carefully avoided producing the evidence I asked for to support your claims.

What you said wasn't funny.

You said you had evidence Kim wasn't pregnant.

Produce your evidence, or retract your claim.

If you don't produce your evidence, everyone can see you're as full of shit as brenda is with her unsubstantiated claims.

Zombee said...

What wasn't funny? That I said you were funny, or that you keep getting funnier? Which you manage to do with each post.

brenda said...

ok parent

why dont you produce your evidence that kim was pregnant? you cant

why dont you produce your evidence kim is telling the truth?

thats right you cant

for the last time i will give you the link which proves most of what i say

im not a copy and paste secretary, you want it? go to that link and get it.

you keep calling me a liar parent but you have no proof yourself

parent said...

brenda said "you keep calling me a liar parent but you have no proof yourself"

I never called you a liar.

I just asked you for proof of your allegations.

I'm not trying to prove anything.

I just want you to prove every one of your allegations, point by point.

Which you have consistently failed to do.

Which suggests that you can't prove your allegations.

parent said...

brenda said "why dont you produce your evidence that kim was pregnant? you cant"

You're the one saying she wasn't pregnant.

You produce your evidence.

Which is about as likely as you producing evidence to support the many other statements you have made with unbounded confidence about Kim's situation, conduct and experience.

Is there a new religion where the articles of faith require the believers to adhere to unproved beliefs about Kim the Evil Destroyer of AFL Footballers?

Because it looks like you're its proponent.

parent said...

Zombee said

What wasn't funny? That I said you were funny, or that you keep getting funnier? Which you manage to do with each post."

I do like the way there are people with nothing original to contribute to a discussion which accuses Kim of being an attention seeker.

At least Kim has something worthwhile to say.

Unlike trolls like Zombee.

parent said...

Having bored myself rigid jousting with brenda and the not quite dead, I'll now get onto what I was distracted from some hours ago by their diverting, if unoriginal but enticing, posts.

ADR You understand the gulf between what we as parents did in our teens and our blindness to our children doing similar things.

But it seems to me now that what I did was so much more innocent, yet if I think about it clearly it was, in its day, at least as bad as what a lot of sound average kids are doing now.

Drug weren't around in my day (unless you include an Aspro in a bottle of Coke - Aspro? What's that?). Every parent hopes their kid isn't using and fears that they might be, but if your kid is going into the city at night the odds are that they're using bikkies, at least.

Maybe I've been fortunate to have children who are open with me, although usually long after the event, or maybe as the all-knowing brenda said I should have protected my kids, but the fact is that the average middle class kid from a private or supposedly middle class government school gets plenty of weed by Year 11 and eccy's and other stuff if they want it. And rather more in many cases than they get in supposedly lower order government schools.

As parents we need to adapt to and try to guide our children through a world which is vastly different to the one we grew up in, and which at times we struggle to understand.

In the end, all that matters, at least in my view, is that we give our children unconditional love without condoning things they do with which we disagree, but at the same time not disowning them no matter how badly they behave.

A child can't love a parent or begin to understand the love of a parent for a child until the child has his or her own child. But even then the child can't love his or her own parent to the extent that a parent loves his or her child. Or understand the pain his or her parents went through in the new parent's adolescence.

parent said...

Random Audio Dude

I share your mystification about the primitive attitudes of football players and others towards women.

I don't know any bloke who thinks it's alright to use women as piece of meat at the end of queue, or who would even contemplate group sex.

But if there are genuinely consenting men and women who want to do that, I don't mind.

However, when it comes to AFL players in their 20s fucking 16 year old girls, I have a big problem. Anyone who needs my problem explained, which should rule out most fathers of 16 year old girls, is part of that problem.

Hinch's latest article points out failure by the AFL to discipline players for breaching AFL policy prohibiting sex with minors, i.e. girls - or boys - under 18 as in Kim's case.

Hinch has been making a lot of progress on this over the last few days. I hope his informants provide him with the evidence to explain what happened to Kim.

sunmaster14 said...

I don't know who is advising you but you still don't seem to have a clue about how to deal with this. Posting pictures - writing blogs where you intimate something but "say no more" is a ridiculous strategy. If you believe that justice hasn't been served and you have evidence that will prove your accusations, take civil action in a court of law. Promoting it yourself in the way you are doing it is certainly not doing you any favours. Get legal representation - put the evidence in front of a lawyer and get proper advice. Blogging about how smart and tough you are - it's not really coming out in the wash, is it?

Chico said...

You don't need help Kim...... You need a plastic surgeon....

Align said...

Dear Child in crisis,

I understand something serious happened to YOU and YOU have been greatly impacted. To deny you of emotion and confusion is not acceptable. I feel for you greatly and you need understanding, moral and emotional support.

From where I sit and reading back over the articles from early this year, it appears
1) Some MEN (professional adults) entered your school as mentors, you were to look up to and admire these professional adults…..And it would appear that you did just that….
2) These professional adults coerced you (as an admiring child) into group sexual activities……Lets stay here for a moment…Unless I am a total fool I would find it difficult to believe that a 16 year old girl is at home watching porn and having group sex, ready for this situation. However, I do believe these adult men are hanging around watching porn and partaking in this behaviour (clearly)…..
3) now you are caught in their sick porno world….”not yours” this is not your fault and this is what we call preying on a child….I am very sorry for you because sex is not abuse and much healing needs to come….
4) You have fallen pregnant with twins and loose them both……I can imagine how sad that must be to loose two babies and at an age where so many hormones are surging through your body, emotions out of control, great body changes, fear and mental confusion as you have been tossed aside like a sex aid for these adults
5) Where was the respect and responsibility from these adults?
6)Another adult very powerful one came out publicly and cleared these adults of any wrong doing? Where are the adults supporting a child that has gone through this?
7) Then it is reported that your photo was circulated via email St Kilda players, the AFL Players Association, Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, other government agencies, law firms, Victoria police, the courts, former footballers and stockbroking firms.
8) The same very powerful adult (man) who has most of these people working for him came out publicly said “Quote” anyone passing on the distasteful emails was “stupid” and risked retribution from their workplace….. From their “WORKPLACE?” did they? “Workplace not the courts?”
9) We are now of the understanding that a Police officer is under scrutiny for being involve with you, a child in crisis who has lost two babies, been dismissed as a sex aid and up against these ADULT MEN.
10) You are angry, frustrated, confused and lost so, you sort retribution…..I would do the same…….

Child you need everyone’s support, I do not understand your parents? But I do understand you are not “Mentally ill” You have sort one of the most primal human things “retribution” for gross humiliation and dismissal of you as a human being. You can not fight a narcissistic Company of adult men, who have the most powerful law makers working for them and who do not recognise you as a child in pain, as a human being, real, feeling, emotional human being whose life and any respect or self worth was torn away and dismissed as a sex aid….

This Company of adult men have such a disgusting culture of abuse that they need a respect and responsibility policy? The most powerful law makers working for them.

“Child you need everyone’s support”

Every woman who has ever been abused, lost a child, suffered humiliation at the hands of a man sexual fantasy feels for you. Go to the woman’s associations get there support, get them to help you, they must step forward… You are human and you have a right to feel great pain, fear and anger.

Dear Adults
Pull yourselves together and help this child

Sci said...

your comments and thoughts have no meaning my advice to you deary is get a life

Pete said...

I hope they take you for everything you have you little gold digger. Its great that now the tables have turned and youve lost your "power" that your signing a different song. If I had a kid like you i'd kick your arse and kick you out and be ashamed that I could produce something as nasty and tacky as you are. Youre not sorry, youre just sorry things havent gone your way. Enjoy being broke and having a bad rep for the rest of your life, youve earned it. If i see you in the street I'll be sure to spit in your face.

Veronica said...

Reading this comment thread and how it's been derailed from the original discussion by Brenda and company, it reminds me of a post I read a few days ago. It's HERE and it's about the organised derailment of intelligent discussion - people posing as regular commenters are paid to go and comment on things, to turn the whole thing into a shitfest.

At the end of the day, I think Kim has been very badly treated by the AFL and we can't disagree with that.

kitkat2507 said...

It's a bit like rent-a-crowd. Fake women (clever that) posting bad against this poor girl.

Suck it up St Kilda, we're onto you!
Too many stories like Kim's one over the years, way too many. The public is over it.

chloe said...

question - whats a "sweet inncodent' 16 year old head strong girl doing out in a nightclub with 20+ year old footy players?
Was it love kim, did they tell you they loved you and you believed it because you are 'so mature for your age'? Poor baby.
grow up, you deserve what you get for all the shitstorm you have caused so don't try come on here seekign sympathy now your being sued and have finally realised your in big trouble.

I laugh at you. sucker

LynneC said...

@Random Audio Dude: Actually I'm a 50 year old sport hating female who is sickened by the way this petulant child has tried to get sympathy for being a spoilt brat.

By "big boys" I meant the law, not the sportocracy. People who have a little more experience of the world than Princess here.

I have no idea how the fat head footballers are supposed to have "used and abused" the poor little princess, but the way she has behaved is no better. If they did anything illegal/immoral then I have just as big a problem with the overpaid neanderthals she threw herself at.
Whatever happened to "two wrongs don't make a right"?

My sympathy and support go to her family.

BlackEye Pete said...

Hey there Kim, as a man , a father of two girls and a human being, i am disgusted and angry at how you have been treated by these so called men at St Kilda, your family and the media......its a disgrace that you have been treated the way you have.....I forgive your bad life choice.....who amoungst us hasnt made a poor decision in our lives and regretted did that and i'm sure you regret it......but you dont deserve to be treated like this, you deserve our respect and dignity.....if there is anything i can do to help Kim, please let me know, i would only be more than happy to help you , be a friend and stand by you though all of this,,,,,,a wise man once said to me.....Stand Your Ground or lose your you do that Kim, you fight for what is right!!!!! have my support and respect......God Bless You !!

LynneC said...

@Veronica - and it is a well known battle ploy to discredit anyone who disagrees with you by accusing them of being "stooges". I'm more than happy to meet with you in person and discuss your view of my un-reality.

LynneC said...

"You're the one saying she wasn't pregnant. You produce your evidence."

Actually, the onus is on someone to prove something IS true, that it exists. You cannot prove a negative.

I could quite easily say I was the Queen's secret love child. Prove it isn't true. You have 24 hours. Go.

MumOf4 said...

Have you seen this video she shot of herself?

How can you not see the attention she craves?
She asks on the video "How cool am I?" along with constant swearing. Oh what class she has - NOT.

Why did she not turn off her mobile phone? Why did she even post her mobile number on the net?
Answer: Because she has many issues and NEEDS our attention.

Google Narcissistic personality disorder.

Who is going to want to have a relationship with her, when this is how she gets her 'revenge' because they didn't pay her $20,000?

She seriously needs to seek legal advice asap about what damage she is doing to herself by posting all over the net.

Anonymous said...

i love how everyone is fighting over this - Kim doesnt deserve any sort of sympathy form anyone (even though she is craving it so bad now she has no friends/family).
She ruined those footy players lives by posting up those photos, all for a bit of attention.
She isnt even attractive, she needs braces not sympathy. God she is ugly, those footy players must have been seriously desperate

Anonymous said...

blackeyedpete = total idiot father of the year, i bet his two daughters are absolute slut bags who have sex with foty players ...but he forgives them for the 'bad life choices' they make. Because realy, who hasnt made a silly little mistake they regret? haha pete simple minded fool.

Braid said...

Random Audio Dude, I'm not sure exactly when you failed to achieve your desires of making the police force, but I can see your short-comings have lead you to become a keyboard warrior in the most pathetic manner. I don't know how anyone can think that "oh, which Saints player are you?" is any sort of rebuttal to any point being made. It's nothing more than a convenient deflection from you because you can't handle someone having a different opinion than yours, and you clearly don't have the intellect to engage in a sensible discussion without attempting (and failing) to discredit your opponent.
In following this story for the last week or so, I am still confused about a couple of things. Firstly, what exactly happened to Kim that she feels so victimised? The specifics of the situation are danced around too much - just saying "I am a victim" over and over again does not make you one, except of your own fantasy land.
Secondly, why did Kim lie about the provenance of the photo? If Hinch can claim that every person on the planet has some questions to answer, why does he not demand that Kim answer this question? After all, she is the one making the allegations, and I think it's obvious that her version of events is questionable.
Personally, I don't think Kim is a slut - she was a young girl who fell for a "hero" and it didn't end well for her. Sorry, but that is life. It doesn't give her the right to discredit a whole bunch of innocent people. Perhaps that is why her parents did shun her? Maybe she should have listened to them when they advised her to not prolong the issue, because the issue is more than likely a figment of her imagination.

degruch said...

Too late, you can't play dirty games against the big boys and back out when the going gets tough - you better hope the Saints are more saintly than you.

parent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
parent said...


The only person you have really hurt by your venomous comments is yourself. They degrade and shame you, and reveal you as a nasty and bitter person.

parent said...

LynneC said

"You're the one saying she wasn't pregnant. You produce your evidence."

Actually, the onus is on someone to prove something IS true, that it exists."

Exactly. brenda made a statement. She's the one who has to prove it.

So far, like everybody else who peddles rumours about Kim, brenda hasn't been able to provide any evidence to support her cherished hostile beliefs about Kim.

All this reminds me of the Azaria Chamberlain case, where people who weren't there and knew nothing about what happened rushed to judgment based on personal prejudices agains Azaria's parents. As with Kim, those hostile people never let facts, reason or compassion get in the way of condemning another human being in abysmal circumstances.

Braid said...

"As with Kim, those hostile people never let facts, reason or compassion get in the way of condemning another human being in abysmal circumstances."

Yet it's ok to say all AFL players are scum and dogs, and they groom girls for group sex to feed their sick ego's etc etc based on one girl's allegations.

So parent, how do you know she was pregnant? Because she said so?

Anonymous said...

parent AKA unintelligent fool, you clearly havent watched her video blogs on youtube and seen first hand evidence that you say 'cant be provided!' . Maybe watch some her that filth and you will understand why she deserves what she gets now when she is 'crying for hours on park benches and realising she made a regretable mistake'

MumOf4 said...

Of course that is how @parent knows Kim was pregnant - because she has told the WWW!!!

Just like she told the WWW that SHE took the photo.

Just like she told the WWW the photo was taken in Melbourne.

Interesting article:

Braid said...

"One clear that she implores people to support her. But support her in what?"


brenda said...

parent wont go looking for the truth because parent doesnt want to know the truth

why let the truth get in the way of a good story hey parent?

me thinks ppl like parent just enjoy playing cyber parent to these wayward trainwrecks and seeing the truth would ruin that

Phuckae said...

Awaiting this girl's suicide. Really.

info said...

Seriously get over yourself Kim, what I cannot accept is that you accept no responsibility for anything which is so typical of your generation, it is always somebody elses fault. Why were you out till all hours in the city last night anyway, u were seriously heading for more trouble. If you were that young and impressionable 6 months ago what makes you think you are any cleverer now?

Get some counselling, reconcile with your parents and mark this down as an adventure you never should have gone on and stop sutffing people around

brenda said...

"Every sign that Kim Duthie has given leads to a simple conclusion - she wants payback and attention. That's it. Her actions are a reflection of her immaturity. If she feels that it is her duty to get revenge on the players in question instead of being rational and contacting the right people, instead of throwing everything in the air and acting out like a spoiled brat, then best of luck to her. She is only digging her own hole deeper. Not many people out there are interested in hiring someone so deceptive, so her modelling career might be on the skids. What company will want to have a model that gives a negative impression everytime they are viewed advertising their product?"

matt said...

Lies, lies and more lies. She is nothing more than a sociopath. She obviously has received advice from her manager/agent on what to write in her over emotional blogs to make people feel sorry for her… Hilarious! Back with parents… she never left them! She just angry because the players discarded her when they were done with her! Grow up, it happens every day to girls in all walks of life. Sick of hearing that she child… She is a child when it suits her! Half these comments written here are from her and her friends who bombard sites like this with comments to try and sway public opinion away from the fact she stole photos and lied to everyone. Very sad indeed! SMALL GIRL BIG LIES

MumOf4 said...

Nah matt, should be
small minded girl

brenda said...

and here Parent is another lie.

shes been telling ppl she makes a fortune with her modelling. told one person on FS that she makes over $390,000.00 a year.

then why does she post this on twitter needing ahandout?

On Wednesday 29th December 2010, @its_k_isabella said:

Has never asked for helped before, but this is my time of need.. I'm stranded for a place to stay tonight, and have a $79 room booked at a local motel.. I'm asking for anyone that can help me cover the cost.
If you can help, please email me at, for account details.
I'm embarrassed for asking, but I am in need, and have no-where else to turn..

Braid said...

Between the asking for the money to cover the motel room, and the previous tweet about "waiting at ER", I'd be surprised if anyone still needs convincing she is nothing but an attention seeker.

MumOf4 said...

Just more attention seeking.

What's the bet this is her dad's email account and she is wanting him to receive these emails?

What happened to this older 27 year old friend she lived with? Has she been kicked out?

brenda said...

im sure there will still be a few bleeding hearts that believe her Braid.

i was reading earlier on FS about her claiming to be in police protection housing.

as if she would be allowed access to FS and Twitter and Fb whilst in protective housing.

brenda said...


well if you read her FS and you believe her (rollseyes) one minute she lived with her friend , the 27 yr old but then she accused kim of sleeping with her boyfriend but according to kim she only had a smoke with him but her friend kicked her out on the spot.

but that was a few weeks ago.

it changes every few hours so its hard to keep up

matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phuckae said...

DVDA all the way. Kim show us those videos. They've been circulating between AFL community for weeks. And you loved it. Ha ha ha.

Braid said...

I don't know if the suckholes following her on twitter realise this but if just five people come through with an offer to help her with the "motel room fee", then she has got herself a nice little earner for the weekend.

And look at that, she says thanks and her phone and twitter get turned off. Why would she wan't to communicate any more when she has got what she wanted?

Phuckae said...

Fuck me you need a bullet. Actually why waste a bullet when a steel bar would work just as good.

blackmask said...

I expect I'm about to grouped with MumOf4and accused of being a St Kilda/AFL insider, but so be it.

I read Kim's entry soon after it was posted, touching, sad, and on the path of a train wreck. I didn't bother to post, there were going to be plenty of others to do that...and they did.

The number of people saying stay strong, keep up the fight, is concerning. Fight for what? If you're going to be in a fight then there has to be something to win that's bigger than the potential loss. So what is it?

Someone said she's fighting for many other women. I'm mor than capable of, and have taken on my on fights, but I'm 25 years older than Kim. Let other women take on their own fight, she's 17 years old, don't put that kind of responsibility on her.

I wonder how many of those saying fight on have actually taken on such a fight before themselves. Discrimination? Sexism? Abuse? Or just any kind of battle with a corporate entity? Never mind such a public fight? These fights are tough. They are tough for adults with much more life experience. For a 17 year old, it's just not her job to change the culture of St Kilda, the AFL, and for people to expect her to do what the media, corporate sponsors, and society in general have tolerated is very unfair.

These fights are easy to do from the sidelines. It's easy to egg her on, give a word byte of support, then log off and get on with life. And if it all goes bad, well there's no consequences for you anyway.

Kim's going to have enough to work through personally with what's happened and with her family. Legally the court has ordered mediation, that will be legally binding.

Legally, the court's ordered mediation. That will be legally binding. Then she can get on with her life. Be 17 and work through what's happened.

If others want to fight the AFL then do so. Cancel your membership, don't go to games, send your messages of disgust to the AFL, to St Kilda, to the other clubs, but don't expect a 17 year old to fight a battle no one else has been willing/able to take on.

Phuckae said...

blackmask says... Then she can get on with her life.

Don't think so. Not in this country. Can't see this fame-whore getting anywhere professionally at all. Funny thing though is she does.

This whole dickileaks thing is like a bad car accident: people always slow down to see what's happening.

brenda said...

hahahaha another lie from kim on twitter that she was turning her phone off and staying away from twitter and just relaxing tonight to think about her future.

then why oh why is she posting up a storm?

blackmask said...

lol Phuckae How many people have you been involved in employing?

Her names not in mainstream media, and most employers actually don't Google candidates. That's changing, but I'm not so positive that having the tenacity to take on the AFL shows a weakness. Maybe some naivety but at 17 that's to be expected.

In a few years, probably even months, this will buried. She'll be fine.

bigbadboblovesterry said...

Stay strong, best of luck taking on the establishment...

parent said...

Phuckae said

"DVDA all the way. Kim show us those videos. They've been circulating between AFL community for weeks. And you loved it. Ha ha ha. "

I don't understand that comment.

Have you seen these videos?

What's in them that reflects adversely on Kim?

How do you know they've been circulating in the AFL community for weeks?

brenda said...

so whats your take on the latest lies from your fave trainwrecl Parent?

blackmask said...'s derogatory rubbish

parent said...

blackmask said "I expect I'm about to grouped with MumOf4and accused of being a St Kilda/AFL insider, but so be it."


Because your comment was intelligent and reasoned, and offered an original view on an aspect of this issue which has not been touched on in previous comments.

A distinction should be made between people who are encouraging Kim to stay strong when she's down and not buckle under the pressure applied to her to date and the smaller group of people who want to see her continue to take on her opposition at the AFL etc.

parent said...

@ brenda

What lies would they be?

blackmask said...


Yes, absolutely I agree with the distinction. Kim needs to stay strong personally through this and I think she can and will do that. :)

I guess I was also thinking of the twitter chat. A lot of hype around the idea of bringing "them" down etc that just adds unnecessary pressure. I think she's done enough and more than most.

shelldrake said...

Wish there was some way I could help. Even if it was a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to. You have my support. Drop me a line if you want to talk.

parent said...


I agree that Kim shouldn't be encouraged to take on fights that aren't hers. She was after revenge. If she still wants to pursue that, then good luck to her.

She shouldn't be encouraged to become the vicarious champion of women's rights against the AFL etc. There is no shortage of people and organisations better able to take up those fights, using her situation in their cause.

Kim would be out of her depth doing that. As she is anyway, but she's done a bloody good job of treading water so far.

What disturbs me most about this episode at present is the viciousness of people who want to criticise and condemn her. You don't have to be Sigmund Freud to work out that she's probably in an unstable and fragile state at the moment, as evidenced by her conduct, and that it would be prudent to exercise restraint in comments she might see.

Instead, some people seem to be using the hunt for Piggy in The Lord of the Flies as their instruction manual for joining the pack trying to drag Kim down. It reflects no credit on them.

parent said...

For those who delight in referring to Kim as a trainwreck, what would you do if in real life you came upon a wrecked train with injured crew and passengers?

Call an ambulance, or just stand there and loudly deride the injured for being stupid enough to allow themselves to get into a situation where they got hurt?

Because the latter is exactly what you're doing to Kim. And you're delighting in it.

blackmask said...


I've realised that viciousness and pack attacks are part of the internet "socialising". With the benefit of anonymity and no accountability some people find a freedom to say things they otherwise wouldn't have the courage to say in real life.

parent said...


Last night you said "well i guess you should have protected your kid".

Given that's your position on fathers whose daughters stray, why haven't you asked that question about Kim's father?

Or do you just reserve low blows for people who dare to have a different opinion to yours?

parent said...


Yes, and there are no better, or more accurately worse, exponents of it than teenage girls.

But it's not just anonymity, it's detachment that allows it.

Kids who wouldn't say something to another kid's face at school will say it later that night on MSN, Facebook etc. And then the pack mentality comes in as they all attack the wounded animal.

They're usually all equally guilty, at different times. They're acutely aware of when they're the prey but generally oblivious to what they're doing when they're the hunters.

When it's someone they don't know, like Kim, there is even less restraint, if that's possible.

brenda said...


your assuming that her father has actually ditched her.

please provide evidence of this.

and for the record, from the get go on this i have been questioning the parents. kim didnt just click her fingers and become a trollop over night. they are also responsible.

parent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

maybe the parents on this thread should get off forums about other kids and go hang out with their own?

parent said...


I'm not assuming anything about her father.

I'm not even comfortable talking about him as he's got to be in a terrible place, but didn't much care for your smartarse comment about me protecting my daughter when you haven't applied the same standard to him.

Whether he's 'ditched' her recently or not is irrelevant to whether or not he should have protected her from what happened months ago.

What, exactly, do you think any father, or mother, should do to 'protect' a child from things the parents don't know are happening and would disagree with if they knew?

P.S. If you're going to ask me for evidence to support my statements, at least do it on a statement I made. I didn't say anything about her father ditching her.

blackmask said...


What do you get out of vilifying and ridiculing Kim online?

How are you contributing in any positive way with your attacks and name calling?

brenda said...


im not about to get started on a parenting debate with you.

and i appologise for my comment about you not protecting yours. it was harsh and i admit that

i was very frustrated that you wouldnt listen to reason and instead of you offering me proof of your allegations/comments you simply argued the onus was soley on me to prove my allegations/comments.

parent said...


Maybe people who know SFA about the vast amount of time parents have spent with their children shouldn't offer such pointless advice.

brenda said...


hahaha see you remove your posts simply cos you changed your mind.


what does kim get out of vilifying and ridiculing innocent men online? men she has clearly stated are innocent of any wrong doing but she wants to hurt anyway. how is she contributing in any positive way

parent said...


Apology accepted. Thank you.

We can debate the other stuff with that behind us.

parent said...


hahaha see you remove your posts simply cos you changed your mind.

Yes. Because there is no edit function I had to delete it to add the P.S.

Don't make too much of things that don't matter.

brenda said...

parent said...

Maybe people who know SFA about the vast amount of time parents have spent with their children shouldn't offer such pointless advice.

December 29, 2010 5:20 AM


do you have proof and can you provide evidence that jetbomber knows SFA?

brenda said...


no thats not fair because then ppl see my responce to your first post and then when they see only your new post it could look like im being nasty

what you should do is post a new post saying oh and i forgot to add

parent said...


jetbomber's statement is sufficient evidence of his complete ignorance of the time I've spent with my children.

Don't become tedious with requests for evidence when you still haven't supported your assertions.

brenda said...

@ parent.

im 17. I dont have to support my assertions. or anything else for that matter ;-)

parent said...


I accept what you say about deleting posts. I'm new to this system, which isn't like the forums I'm used to.

But there is a great degree of irony in you complaining about posts not being fair when you haven't been fair to Kim.

parent said...


im 17.

Then, if your parents were doing their job, you'd be in bed by now instead of annoying the grown ups. :)

brenda said...


but who cares about fair if we are talking about ki?

she hasnt been fair to nick has she? she hasnt been fair to any of those 3 guys in the pics

and she certainly hasnt been fair to the wives/girlfriends and families of those 3 guys who she openly admits didnt do anything to her?

so why do i have to be fair?

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