Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hi all.

I don't like to harp on about the St.Kilda scandal anymore, for the simple reason being: I am not that same girl, I have learnt from my mistakes and for the first time in a LONG time - I am happy with who I am.

But let's be honest: Whether I think about it, someone approaches me on the street or if I am used as an example in current media outlets -
This will remain a part of me for the rest of my life.

In saying that,
I would like to take this oppportunity to say: "Thank-You".

Thank-you to my family for supporting me through absoloutely everything.

Thank-you to my friends for defending me and listening to the truth behind every lie.

Thank-you to the people online whom have never met me for being there when I was down.

Thank-you to the haters for making me stronger.

Thank-you to the media for making me come to my senses.

Thank-you to the AFL for showing me that no matter how hard I tried, what angle I came from or how I presented it to the world..
Sadly your disgraceful culture will never change..

You are the ones that have made me who I am today.
So, from my whole heart & soul: Thank-you.

Kimberley Duthie. x


Theodore rebuilds said...

Stay strong and believe in yourself. Your destiny is in your own hands @Hooter_millward

Adele Pace said...

For those of us who stood behind you and you never met online your grace and strength made us feel privileged to be behind you. It reminds us not to expect our 'heroes' not to be perfect, and how real greatness can always shines through our own mistakes and mistreatment by others.

Casey Hribar said...

Dear KD, I wish you all the best. We kept trying to argue with the haters and we tried to get them to see you are a human being. I can't believe how rabid AFL fans can be. The death threats drew my attention and I just couldn't ignore it. I'm so glad to hear you are coming out of the other end of this situation alright. All the best.


T-Dogg & Stinga said...

All u did was make Afl players choose their one nights stands more wisely!!!!!!! Thats it.

LynneC said...

Having read that, it's obvious that you haven't changed. You're still busy blaming others for your appalling behaviour and fluttering your eyelashes in a bid to garner support.

I cannot stand the AFL, and yet your antics left me feeling sorry for the people whose lives you irreparably damaged - even those whose own behaviour may have been a little lacking.

I'm over reading your peurile bleatings now. Goodbye.

woolfmother said...

the AFL is nothing but a Bunch of windbags.It is Tribal I suppose and it thinks it has mysterious powers,but really it is all Piss & Wind.The sonner Cricket is on teh Better.How can you have or call it the AFL when it doesn't even have the second Oldest discovered State in Australia playing (Tasmania)It is the Mainland Football League.Full of shite.

believing in the voice. said...

KD, I have known you since I was very young. From
The start I thought it all was a joke, I have now come to believe that you are the strongest girl I have ever met. Having your life tramped on by some people who I use to look up to has made me realize they are not everything they seem to be. Your strong, your amazing & I love you to death. No matter what people say. You are a real woman who has a big voice. You deserve to be listened too and I will always listen. Love always zo x

T-Dogg & Stinga said...

If compulsive liars, drug addicts & people who have sex & use it as a barganing tool are people u look up too then u have some real issues. I've had someone lie to me about being pregnant & it effected me greatly. It's a terrible feeling. If someone who compulsively lies to gain attention is someone who "deserves to be listened to" u need to rethink ur role models. Kim u deserve everything & more for wat u have done to people & should be locked up for some of the lives uve ruined. Stop pretending u have a voice!!!