Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest St.Kilda Scandal.

WOW, It's HOT!
And with this new scandal, it seems you are all jumping to get your hands on more dirt that St.Kilda are quite obviously throwing at us all!

It feels like forever since I've written a blog publicly, and to be honest the reason I haven't lately is because everything that's happened recently hasn't really been blog worthy.

Anyway! So, I assume that you have all been watching the news, and it seems that St.Kilda have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble - Again.

See, if I was a nasty, malicious, vindictive teenager like most of St.Kilda has named me, (including their lawyer- Ross Levin) - I would be attacking them straight up. And even I have surprised myself in saying that I believe I am at peace with St.Kilda football club.

Of course, I still have my problems with the club and the AFL.
But in a way, it's like how I stained my carpet with hair dye the other day!
The stains will slowly fade, but in reality, they will be there forever.

BUT  -I don't really feel the need to bring those issues up, as I think both St.Kilda and myself need to be getting our lives and reputations back on track.

In saying that - I honestly wish those 4 football players all the best.

But, take a step back for a minute, and take a deep breath.

Is what they have done really THAT bad?
Let's get real -  I don't understand how Ben Cousins can be doing cocaine, ice, etc and sometimes not even get suspended, but yet these young boys who have been caught up in a drug scandal for the first time, have to go through the following below:

- A suspension from the Club for a period of six weeks during which time they will be training with VFLSandringham
- Maximum fine payable under the AFL Player’s Code of Conduct ($5,000)
- Specified counselling procedures
- Players will be required to find full time employment for the duration of their suspension
- Participate in relevant community programs in the City of Frankston area

Seems a bit harsh?
They are young, and I for one know that young people do stupid and irresponsible things!

Regardless, I think my message to St.Kilda football club would be:
Truth be known, you may be normal adults, with families, friends and careers.
But in reality, you boys have to realise that you're not really normal people, once you hit that day that you play for your club for the first time, there is no going back from there - No matter what you do, you will be in the spotlight.

And when the day comes, when you're embroiled in a scandal.. You have to think back - And realise, this IS my fault; And I have to take responsibility for this.

Not having a go at anyone here - I just feel like AFL players, or any elite athlete needs to take precautions in what they do, because you WILL be judged, you WILL ruin your reputation and you WILL put your career at risk.

Wise up boys, so you can make your supporters proud.
Get back on track, and hold the premiership flag up high this year.

K x


Veronica said...

I think it is definitely interesting to compare how Cousins was treated, vs these boys. Star players get different treatment obviously.

Hope you're doing okay Kim. You know where I am.

Veronica said...

Also, hot? Hahahaha. Tassie hasn't even seen a proper summer so far this year. It feels like early spring still.

Nathan.Paul.Wynn said...

what is happening is they are being used as examples. so basicly like club acting tough so others dont do it. or thats how it looks to me.

MGB said...

Pssst, BEN Cousins NEVER returned a positive drugs test!

Vaughan said...

These boys never returned a failed drug test either. Saints new they were abusing prescription meds as did the Eagles with Ben and Coke. At least the Saints did something. West Coast let that drug culture go own way too long

Bianca xx said...

Well said :) They knew the rules that there was no drinking until the last night, why not just follow them, it's not that hard.

Kevin said...

You could take some of your own advice.. "I just feel like AFL players, or any elite athlete needs to take precautions in what they do, because you WILL be judged, you WILL ruin your reputation and you WILL put your career at risk. "

Just replace "AFL Players, or any elite athlete" with "EVERYONE"

sooty said...

ok, im a bit confused,reading your blogs to this lastest blog, i have to ask, since when did you start acting maturely?

funny how a settlement changes ones tune.

Duthiesucks said...

Duthie you are such a stain on society. There is a minority out there who know the truth and sooner or later it will be your reputation shot to hell. You have destroyed innocent reputations due to a pathetic cry for fame. You are not a strong powerful woman giving females a voice, I never want to be represented by someone like you. Why don't you blog the truth for once in your messed up life.

I hope you wake up in ten years time mature enough to realize the pain your lies have caused good decent and hard working people, and karma gets you. If I were you I'd run and hide...if I meet you you'll have a hell of a time